Friday, January 28, 2011

Peace and Love Nail Kit from TJ Maxx!

Back in December, while I was out Christmas shopping, I stumbled across this little set at TJ Maxx:

Yeah... it looks pretty dorky. That's why I initially didn't grab it off the shelf. But then the light hit it just right and I noticed something sparkly inside...

Oooooh! A light purple toned holo glitter!

There's a few really nice colors in the set, and it was only $7, so not a bad deal.

All of the best colors are in the top row. A sheer green/gold/red duochrome that's the most amazing thing ever, a fine silver glitter, a sheer glass fleck blue/purple/grey duochrome sparkle and a black/silver sparkly color.

The bottom row has a sorta ugly warm brown shimmer, a purple holo glitter, a hot pink shimmer and a purple shimmer. There's also some purple press-on nails, purple toe separators with peace signs and some little stick on nail gems.

Man, look at these, they're so hot:

It's a little hard to tell in this picture, but it's a bit like OPI Fireflies. It's very sheer and it looks white, but at one angle it's a crazy strong green and gold and at another angle it's red and orange. I can't get over this. I love it SO MUCH.

Here's the periwinkle-slate-lavender-purple-grey whatever duochrome shimmer. Again, hard to tell how sparkly and pretty it is in the picture, but it's gorgeous in real life.

Plus, they're made in China and smell like crazy awesome chemicals, hooray!

I love stumbling across random unexpected inexpensive gems like this.


  1. How about swatching those colors!
    What fun!
    Who put this out, Scrangie!
    I love when you post stuff like this!

  2. That's a really nice set. Somehow I missed this one :)

  3. heh, gotta love those crazy awesome chinese chemicals!!

  4. this is a nice set love the glitter nail polish

  5. Hoping you will swatch these soon i'm curious!!

  6. Ah cool!! I found those at Kohls but had to return them cause half of them were broken :(

  7. Sorry for the thread hijack... I was walking through the mall tonight and one of the salons had out China Glaze Tronica holos!!! Eeeee!! I picked up a few but they were almost sold out, of course. I didn't think they were supposed to be out until March/April??? Any word on changing release dates???

  8. Swatches please! The colors look nice in the bottle, but it might be different once on your nails!

  9. Nothing is better than crazy chemicals :D

  10. I picked up something similar at a Walmart after Christmas. The polish bottles and caps were done to look like giant tootsie rolls. Wasn't an expensive find either so I was surprised at the colour payoff on these. Then I checked the box and bottles and found they were made by Markwins which also happens to make/distribute Color Workshop and Wet 'n Wild products.

  11. Interesting set. Love to see swatches also.


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