Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Mascara

Along with Revlon Grow Luscious, I have fallen for another mascara that claims to increase lash growth: Tarte MultiplEYE. It's more than twice the price of the Revlon so I'm only using a sample of it, but so far the mascara formula is impressive.

This was one of the samples I was most looking forward to from that Sephora deluxe sample set, but of course, they didn't include it in mine, waaah :( My mom, who ordered days after I ordered, got all the correct samples in her set, so she gave me her MultiplEYE sample. Thanks, mom :)

Here are all the lofty claims it makes on

MultiplEYE™ Clinically-Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Mascara
What it is:
A one-of-a-kind mascara that is clinically proven to immediately increase the appearance of lash volume by 638%, while also increasing the appearance of lash length with regular use.

What it does:
Fortify lashes by naturally increasing the appearance of lash volume by 638%, while also increasing the appearance of lash length and growth. Using a unique blend of high-performance natural™ botanical nutrients, tarte has engineered a nourishing onyx-black mascara base infused with their proprietary HydroPlant™ peptide (a soy-amino super protein) to help stimulate lashes for a 638% increase in the appearance of lash volume and increased appearance of length, growth, and strength. For even more volumized and lengthened lashes, use with multiplEYE™ clinically proven natural lash enhancing primer for an incredible 1102% increase in the appearance of lash volume! The towering spiral brush separates and envelops each lash in the nutrient-rich formula to help promote the appearance of sky-high lashes.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrance
- Synthetic Dye
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
To achieve maximum results use as a part of the multiplEYE™ 3-step regimen for naturally enhanced lashes without the prescription or the harmful side effects. This product is free from gluten, animal testing, formaldehyde donors, oil, talc, MEA/ DEA/ TEA.

Size: 0.31 oz

638%!! How can I resist a claim like that? It really does look nice, though:

That's the mascara by itself, no lash primer or Magic Lash or anything. I told you it was nice.

The eyeshadow is:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Pink Bronze pigment wet on lid
MAC Heritage Rouge pigment in crease and on lower lashline

I re-did the look the next day and added more eyeliner:

Everything is the same as before, except this time I used MAC Smoke Signals pigment wet as liner. A little less mascara, too. The sample was drying out already... It's only been used four times. Guess I'm pushing it a little.

I think I might have to splurge on a full sized tube. It looks great. Takes more coats than my favorite Lash Blast or Grow Luscious mascara, but the end result is so nice. The promises of lash growth might also be clouding my judgment... $24 mascara... Normally I'd be like, hell no! But... lash growth! 638% increase in appearance of volume!

638%. What a random number. But it's even better than that 500% effective voodoo curse removing spell that I keep getting ads for at the top of my email...


  1. Wow! Your lashes look amazing! They always do, but the Tarte really makes them look extra full.

  2. It really is a great mascara! I have tried them all from Tarte and have never been disappointed. I even like the mascara primer they have.

  3. I got this one from Sephora in the big sample bag too, and I totally agree, it's amazing!!

  4. I don't know... it's good to have a curse removing spell in the back of your pocket... ;)
    But seriously, I'd like to try this if it makes my lashes grow. :)

  5. Wow, your lashes actually look longer than usual. I'm going to have to try it, even though I'm highly opposed to paying over $9 for mascara--always been disappointed. Thanks for all your work and beautiful posts.

  6. That, that mascara is leaving me speechless. You're lashes look AMAZING!!! But, 24 bucks on a mascara? Yeah...not fitting in my budget any time soon. :( Why are the good ones always the expensive ones?

  7. Your eyes look beautiful as always, but don't believe those claims. They mean nothing. There is nothing on the market that can grow lashes except prescription Latisse. In fact, this mascara doesn't claim to if you pic apart the actual wording. "638% increase in the APPEARANCE of lashes", not in the lashes themselves. Any good mascara makes lashes look fuller and longer. I've been a cosmetic chemist for years and we are always laughing at the claims the marketing people come up with. So inaccurate and most of the time, impossible for a product to do. Spending $24 on this mascara won't do anything for your lashes that your $7 Lash Blast can't do.

    BTW, I always enjoy your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and you're very skilled with makeup.

  8. Wow. How do you make your lashes stand so straight? I love it. Is it just from the mascara?

  9. Your lashes always look so full. I don't need length. I just want fullness. I learned something from your readers comments about cosmetics. Good information from not only you but your readers.


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