Monday, May 3, 2010

Color Club Pardon My French Collection Spring 2010

I am slightly confused by this collection- when I saw the name "Pardon My French" I immediately thought "oh, another sheer french manicure collection." But... when I tried the polishes on my nails I couldn't figure out how I would do a french manicure with these. The cremes are not really sheer enough to use as base colors, but you could definitely use them as tip colors. Perhaps the idea was to use one of the cremes as the tip color and one of the sheer glitters as the base? Or maybe this isn't a french manicure collection at all, it's just France themed. I don't know. Not even sure it matters! All that matters is... there's glitter.

I Believe In Amour. Pale creme pink.

Pardon My French. Pale pink-peach creme. I like this one... it has this nice delicate peachiness but it's still pretty stark-whitish so it really stands out on my hands. Sorta mod looking but also soft.

Take Me To Your Chateau. A pale blue creme. It's really not as bright as it looks here on my nails, but the bottle color is accurate. Also, see those streaks of darker color? My fault. It's unmixed pigment. It separated a little and I was too lazy to shake it before I swatched. D'oh.

Oh Naturale. Semi-sheer soft peach creme. This is a deeper, orangier peach- kinda like Crayola peach :) This was the only sheer one out of the cremes, but this is three coats and it's nearly opaque- only a little visible nail line.

Now onto the good part... the glitter.

I didn't take any pictures of the glitter alone because my nails were stained hot pink at the time I took these. >.<

Hot Couture over I Believe In Amour. NICE!!! As you can see, Hot Couture is a pastel multicolor/iridescent glitter in a sheer pink tinted base.

Hot Couture over Pardon My French. Also nice! I love how the paleness of the base accentuates the colors in the glitter.

Turn The Other Chic over Oh Naturale. This one is pastel iridescent glitter as well, but this is in an orange base. The orange base is not as sheer as Hot Couture so it's easier to wear alone. It's layered here but doesn't it look like it's alone?

Si Vous Please over Take Me To Your Chateau. This one is my favorite. A clear base with pastel iridescent glitter. Especially nice over this pale blue. It's so snowy and sparkly. I know it's almost summer but I'm really enamored with this wintery look right now. Not that I miss the snow yet...

Like I mentioned before, I thought these were going to be sheer but they really weren't. I did three coats of all and that was definitely enough. The glitters are sheer, though. Formula was basically Color Club standard- no surprises. The glitters are thick like the Color Club Japanese ones. You will want to wear a nice thick topcoat with the glitters because they are on the textured side. They're not that rough, but they do have a textured look after they dry instead of a glassy smooth look.

Can't wait to see what Color Club does next. I always look forward to their collections.

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. Nice swatches. The glitters look much better over matching base.

  2. Are you going to review 'Poptastic' by any chance?

  3. These are pretty, but I don't do French manicures...just a personal thing, more about my skills than a dislike. I do like the colours, and agree that the second one is surprisingly pretty! The glitters would be great over many colours, so I might pick those up.


  4. Great swatches, Scrangie. I wasn't super excited about this collection. I want to see more fun, vibrant colors in a spring collection, Color Club!

  5. Love the swatches! And if anyone's interested in this collection, I recently found it (in its entirety) at my local Ross, where it was $7.99 for the whole set.

  6. I like a couple of these. I guess I'll be stalking some Ross stores then...thanks for the tip Lindsey.

  7. Blah, not really sure I'm feeling this collection. Thanks fro the swatches!

  8. My fave is definitely that pale blue creme! Looks GREAT on you :)

  9. I love "I Believe in Amour", it's so pretty!

  10. the last combo is soo cute!

  11. Unlike a lot of people, I liked this collection.

  12. You are such a temptress... I was not interested in any of these and now I might just have to get at least a couple of them. :D

  13. What a wonderful, pretty Summer collection. I'm so digging those glitters. Is it OK for someone over 40 to 'glitter'...and NOT be a vampire. lol

  14. Love the swatches. I think that Pardon My French is a saying that people use when they say some sort of profanity? So I guess that's why the collection includes so many colors and isn't french-manicure-inspired. LOVEEE Hot Couture over Pardon my French!


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