Monday, May 24, 2010

Nubar Night Sky Collection Spring 2010

The Nubar Night Sky collection is a set of three mattes and a bottle of Diamont Seal and Shine topcoat (which is pretty awesome topcoat, I'm a Diamont fan) so you can do a mixed-finish manicure like a matte french with shiny tips or whatever creative idea you can think of. Pics first, my thoughts second.

Midnight Matte. I'm not sure if the name is Midnight Matte or Midnight (matte). The label says Midnight Matte, but I wasn't sure if it was like Borghese's letters (like Espresso Brown F) or Sally Hansen's finish declarations (Trendy Creme!). Anyway. Charcoal matte with lots and lots of silver sparkle. Little bit like Orly Iron Butterfly, but lighter.

Sunset Matte. Medium orange-brown gold with lots of shimmer. Maybe it's just my skintone skewing it, but sometimes it looks like an antique brass shade on me, while in other lights it's definitely gold.

Twilight Matte. Medium silver-grey matte with lots of sparkles. Lighter than Zoya Loredana.

And of course, with topcoat:

Midnight Matte with Diamont

Sunset Matte with Diamont

Twilight Matte with Diamont

With topcoat they transform into super-sparkly foil like shades. Kind of a cross between OPI Suedes and Orly Matte Metals. Lots and lots of shimmer.

And since I had my bottle of 2010 (which is Nubar's 10th anniversary special polish- a flaky opal topcoat) next to me on the table, how about with 2010?

Midnight Matte with 2010

Sunset Matte with 2010

Twilight Matte with 2010

I must say, 2010 looks incredible over these. Instead of being super flashy and obvious like it is over cremes (especially dark ones), it lends a subtle yet fascinating iridescence on the top of the polish without changing the color. I actually wore each of these as a full manicure with 2010 over them and I couldn't stop looking at my nails. It's just really interesting, it looks magical and you just kinda want to look at it for a while to figure it all out.

The formula on these was awesome. These are the best formula mattes I've used. They don't dry while you're applying them so they are very forgiving. They're thin like normal polish, not super thick like some mattes. They dry very quickly and the matte finish is a true matte, none of that sorta-matte satiny rubbery halfway stuff. Opacity is good- I did two coats but if you're careful you can probably do only one coat with Midnight and Sunset.

My first impression of the set was, "More mattes? And not even unique colors. Gold, silver and black. You can already get a gold, silver and black matte from other brands!" And that's when it dawned on me. You can get them from other brands. Lots of people have been getting into the matte thing lately. It's only natural for brands to want to secure a place for themselves. While I would have liked to see more interesting and unique matte colors, I understand why they did these. The formula is at least better than average. And I'm not even sure why I complain about mattes not being unique shades when I have at least six different brands of matte topcoat to mattify any color I want.... I'm rambling now. Deep thoughts about matte polish.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. i know what you mean, sometimes you wonder if you really need the exact same colour from 8 different brand...but i always end up buying them anyway!!

    i really like these colours, but i'd probably buy them just for the bottle of diamont. i love that topcoat! (although i wish it wouldn't get so disgustingly thick 1/2 way through).

    i'm really loving nubar (not that i don't usually) but between this and the fortress collection...the secret goth emo girl in me is jumping up and down!


  2. While I do love Nubar, I have enough mattes right now, and use my Matte About You as well. I am surprised that the matte trend continues, as I seem to be one of the few people I know (with the exception of the lovely bloggers out there) who likes matte nails. At least there is a lot of choice!

  3. I hear you on the Matte thing and I get it too, doesn't make it any less tiring though. LOL
    Loving the look of 2010 over these.

  4. i am getting sick of mattes, i wanted so badly to be into them but i barely touched my matte about you bottle so i am not sure if i would buy anymore :(

  5. WOW! These are awesome! I need some flakes on my nails!

  6. I am not a big fan of mattes. But these are so amazing!

  7. I love Midnight Matte and the 2010 topcoat. Lovely!

  8. My fave combo is twilight + 2010. That made it really interesting/pretty/unique. The others were just eh to me. I have never seen Nubar in a local store and have not really had incentive to order it.

  9. I don't like matte at all. That craze hasn't hit me yet. BUT, with the topcoat, those colors looked amazing! I love the 2010 affect as well.

  10. I've liked the matte shimmers from the very beginning, though not the "really" matte shades, like OPIs matte collection. They're just blargh to me. But when Zoya and OPI came out with the matte shimmers or the Suede collection, I was very fond of them. Matte shimmers are just awesome. I especially like the fast drying time.
    But I would like some lighter colors, like a light blue, a light lilac or something like that.

  11. Can anyone advise where I can buy Nubar polishes in the UK at a sensible price. I've been pondering for a while (Fortress Collection and one or two others), but now I've been tipped over the edge... Sorry if this is a FAQ.

  12. Hey Andy, I'm sorry, I really don't know the answer to your question! :(

  13. Andy, I really would like to know the answer to your question.

  14. Andy, I'd really like to know the answer to your question.

  15. those are gorgeous and I was on the cusp of buying them. Tell them they got at least one customer from your blog ;~)

  16. Hey, I just love the Nubar colors and plan on ordering many! But please HELP! I REALLY love the 10th anniversary special polish but cant find it anywhere. Can i still get it? and if so, where. Also, i can find Midnight rendezous but not midnight matte? Please help, thanks, love the blog, keep up the great work!

  17. pretty. i actually prefer the first and last one with no top coat.


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