Friday, April 30, 2010

BB Couture Ladybug Collection 2010

I apologize in advance because this is going to be a quick review. I'm feelin' pretty queasy and I probably shouldn't even be online, but I really want to post these before I get too far behind again. They are super pretty and I like them a whole lot.

Beetle Bailey. Soft slightly red-toned light purple creme. These shades usually look bluer to me, this one seems a little redder on my skin.

Daisy Dweller. Amazing delicate yellow with lots of little microglitter particles.

Love Bug. Light pink with microglitter. No large pieces of glitter in these, only tiny sparkles but still glitter! Total princess polish.

Man Bug. Excuse the two day old manicure. This picture seems more blue to me than it should be... this color is really more of an aqua or a light blue-green, not a straight blue. It's almost a jelly finish and it has lots of little microglitter sparkles flashing in a few different colors.

Ode To A Ladybug. Coral-red with microglitter and pink flash. I did not notice the pink flash at all in the bottle, it completely took my by surprise when I went outdoors to take this picture! Pretty sweet. Secret flash. That sounds naughty.

Signs of Spring. Soft light blue bordering on baby blue or periwinkle with iridescent shimmer. This is still a bit glittery like the others but the glitter seems smaller in this one... or my eyes are going bad.

Formula was good. Right on par with the rest of the BB Coutures I've used. Maybe a little on the thick side. Three coats of all. Drying time was slightly longer than I'd like but nothing major- I'd call it a half hour with Seche Vite.

Love the sparkles in these! BB does awesome sparkles. It's also nice to see these soft unoffensive traditional spring colors updated with iridescent glitter. As much as I loved them six months ago, I'm now starting to get a little bored with pastel cremes. I'm on to pastel glitters now, haha!

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I love Man Bug!
    Thanks for showing them :)

  2. Ooh I'm totally loving the looks of Daisy Dweller and Man Bug. I'm not sure though if the sparkles (although incredibly delicate and lovely) kind of take away from the brightness of the yellow. Gorgeous just the same though :)

  3. Those are the cutest names :) I like love bug

  4. BB couture makes me smile...I love their colours, the formula, everything. I just took off Frosty Meadow...ah, no buy is now over!

  5. I love this collex. Would snap all of the colours up in a second if they were available here. BB Couture, please launch in the UK!

  6. Love the Daisy Deweller. Hot looking yellow. Oh, my Mom's name is Daisy. :-)

    Rest up and feel better.

  7. You definitely do the best swatches out there in bloggerland! I was meh about this collection and now I've seen your swatches and now I want them all. Love love love man bug.

    Hope you feel better.

  8. I like Beetle Bailey the best! I don't know, I just can't get enough of cremes :)

  9. hello scrangie!

    do you mind doing some swatches for Essie St lucia lilac and St barths blue?

    these two colors extinct already =(
    i cant find hope to see the nice swatches in your blog!



  10. Wow! These are all the best colors I have seen in awhile! i want every single one!

  11. those are all pretty colors & as always, your swatches are amazing!! can u tell me where I can get some BB coutures here in the US?? thanks in advance!! =)

  12. I always prefer the sparking one than the common color. This collection is really smart on choosing the names.

  13. I actually like the short and sweet review posts. If it makes it easier for you to post it, then I'm all for it. I'd think it would also help make more time for you to post the things that excite you and feel less like a chore.
    Oh, also, I really appreciate that you tell us how many coats you used, even in the random swatch posts.
    Thanks for being awesome!


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