Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nubar Risque Reds Spring 2010

Wow, everyone really wants to see Shrek!

However, I thought I should post the Nubar Reds today instead because it's the last day of the sale that I only heard about this morning. Oops.

Nubar reds. A whole collection of reds. No comment.

Cabaret Red. Light true red with shimmer.

Enchanting Red. My favorite of the collection! Deep burgundy-red shimmer. It has that vampy glowing-embers look- like the middle is glowing and the edges are dark. Very sexy.

Fiery Red. Medium warm red with shimmer. With a name like Fiery, I was expecting something with maybe an orange-gold shimmer, but the shimmer in this looks kinda silvery-red.

Lustful Red. Bright red creme. Classic, but a little less saturated than some red cremes.

Seductive Red. Lighter than Enchanting Red. Deep cool red shimmer.

Sensual Red. Bright cherry red creme! I like this one better than Lustful Red, it's more saturated- more ooomph!

Sultry Red. Light faded pink-red with shimmer. My least favorite. Nothing about this color catches my eye.

Torrid Red. This one I love too. It's a total vampire color. It's a little more brown toned than Enchanting Red, kind of an autumn wine shade? They're similar but the base colors are different. Still glowy.

Formula was really nice. Good dry time. No application problems... Some dried a little dull, but that's not really important if you use topcoat (which you should!).

Overall, not really an exciting collection for me, though it does have a few pretty hot colors. Maybe this is like the Fortress collection- they're just trying to fill in the gaps in the polish line? I can't remember how many reds Nubar had before this- I know they have two I liked before, Sexy Red and Burgundy Velvet, but I can't recall too many others. So, if you're a red fan, and I know a lot of you are, this rocks for you! Me? Meh. I'm just waiting to see what Nubar does next- they've had an amazing track record the past few years: all greens, all glitters, all purples, all holos... I'm dying to know what the next will be! I'm hoping for blues. Or... no... not blues... I want more holos!

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. Love 'Fiery Red'!

    That being said...
    those are pretty parvy names for nail polish.


  2. Thanks for posting this! I do like a good dark red, and I really appreciate the lovely swatches. Many of the mid tone reds are kind of boring. I have actually given away many of my reds, but am now starting to pick up a few to fulfill lemmings. Green and purple are still my faves!

  3. I am a huge red fan. I love most of these especially the darker vampier shades. It looks like a great collection!

  4. If I wanted more reds I would probably go for Enchanting Red,Seductive Red,and Torrid Red. Thanks for the swatches Scrangie!

  5. I don't really like reds, but Enchanting Red looks amazing.

    My guess is everyone wants Shrek because it's OPI!

  6. The only one speaking to me is Enchanting Red.I'll pass on the rest.

  7. Dont really dig reds.. but as always you make them all look so nice.. :)

  8. I love Lustful Red! They all look good on u!

  9. I actually love this collection. Unfortunately, for me, I gave Enchanting Red to my co-blogger so I guess I just have to buy it. Anyway, the shimmer is awsome in these. Totally gorgeous.


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