Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jessica Daydream Collection Spring 2010 and Bonus! Jessica Burlesque Beauty Fall 2009

You know... I never hear much about Jessica. Never see many people talk about Jessica... Never actually see Jessica polishes. My local Target got rid of their Jessica display, even. And I only recently discovered the brand. That's strange. They have a lot of good colors! Midnight Moonlight rocks my world!

So... I was totally surprised when Jessica's Spring collection showed up on my doorstep. Didn't hear a thing about this collection until it was in my hands. Same thing with their Summer collection, too, but I haven't swatched that one yet. So, thanks Jessica PR people! I appreciate you keeping me in the loop! I think if I would have blinked, I may have missed this collection entirely.

Cloud Mine. This is the one I mentioned on Twitter being similar to Creme De Menthe. It's more similar in the bottle than on the nail. Too light, too blue but same overall theme. It's a pastel mint green with gold frost. The gold is almost like a flash on the top of the polish, I only notice it at certain angles. I kinda like this one except it gives me major lobster hands.

Enchante. Hot pink with subtle blue/violet shimmer. Almost metallic looking.

Eyes Wide Open. Ooh, this one I like. I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it's like a jelly shimmer, if such a thing exists. It's translucent and each coat deepens the shimmer effect. It's a little bit iridescent. Oh, and it's orange. I like orange. This one is a bit corally.

Flight of Fancy. Light cool pink with silvery shimmer. Pretty, but not a color I could see myself wearing. I love the chunky shimmer in this. But, this one gave me the hardest time application-wise. Kinda gooey and thick.

Perchance To Dream. Light pink champagne frost. Again, not a color I think I'd ever wear, but I like the way it looks on my nails. It gives the illusion that my nails are really white underneath. It has a brightening effect. But... yeah.... frost... eek.

Starry Eyed. This one is hard to describe- foil frost shimmer pink? It has reflective foil-like qualities, visible chunky shimmer but also an overall frosty appearance. I think I'll just go with metallic pink.

Formula wasn't too bad. The one pink was very thick, but the others were the average Jessica formula. Which is a little thick to begin with, but flows easily. Dry time is on the long side, which I've found to be the case for most Jessicas as well.

And, how about a two for one? Jessica's fall collection from last year!

I never got around to posting this for two reasons. One, I don't think my pictures turned out all that well. Two, it bored me to death. But I have it swatched so I might as well post it.

This collection was called Burlesque Beauty and had a bunch of naked people on the box.

Feather Boa. Berry-purple creme.

Fishnets and Fringe. Dark smoky teal-peacock creme. This one has a little hidden shimmer too.

For Your Eyes Only. Dark indigo creme. A little bit like OPI Sapphire in the Snow.

Gorgeous Garter Belt. Berry creme.

Ruffled Bottoms. Okay, I like this one a lot. They're not all berry! This one is more red-toned in real life, but it's a medium purple creme.

Sexy Siren. Surprise! More berry creme.

And this is a comparison between Divine Pine and Fishnets and Fringe, because they're very very similar to each other.
Index and ring are Divine Pine.
Middle and pinkie are Fishnets and Fringe.

Wow, it feels good to finally get that posted. Now I can move on.


  1. that orange is super duper prettyyyy

  2. LOVE Gorgeous Garter...I need more berries in my collection.

  3. Must have Flight of Fancy! Thank you so much for posting! I only have a few Jessicas, but they're all pretty good to me!

  4. I like the Burlesque set better. The orange is nice though. I'd prefer it a little more on the orange side though.

  5. God that fall collection is the tits! I had no idea...

  6. love cloud mine! i've never heard of this brand.

  7. Love the Burlesque Beauty Colors!

  8. i actually like those last 5 or so colours a lot. Really!

    too bad there's no jessica in my neighbourhood.. ah well!

  9. Lovely swatches as usual! Can you tell me how similar Ruffled Bottoms (the medium purple creme) is to any of the other recent purples, like ChG Grape Pop or OPI Funky Dunkey or RBL Mismas? Thanks!

  10. Holy crap, I ADORE all those Burlesque Beauty shades.

  11. I have trouble finding Jessica polishes. I like Cloud Mine though. The Fall collection looks very similar to other fall collections I've seen.

    Ruffled Bottoms looks similar to Misa Sorry I Just Can't Help It and China Glaze Grape Pop.
    Sexy Siren is close to Misa That's My Little Secret.
    For Your Eyes Only reminds me of Diamond Crushed Velvet only more blue.

  12. Any change you might remember how many coats these need for opacity? Pretty please! Especially the pinks and the mint green.

  13. Yey! Jessica polishes are a close second favourite of mine after OPI. I always thought the brand was bigger in America than over here too! A lot of Salon's use it over here. You can get it form or i tend to check on ebay! Venus was her name and Casablanca are my favourite Jessica's along with their '09 summer collection.
    Laura x

  14. Love Fishnets and Fringe. Gorgeous!


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