Friday, July 17, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Studio Artificial Nails

I'm really digging these Revlon Runway Collection press-on nails. They have a bunch of really cool designs that I would actually wear. One of the recent ones I tried were the 'Studio' style nails. Here's how they look on me:

The Studio style nails are a silver metallic french tip with a grid-stripe chevron design of black stripes laid on top of the silver. The base color is a semi-sheer milky neutral pink. Sort of futuristic-modern looking! Very cool.

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These press-on nails are really easy to apply. All you do is find a nail that matches closely to your natural nail, apply a little glue to your nail, press the fake nail onto the glue and you're done. The glue bonds and dries within seconds. Sometimes I do get glue on my fingers, but it comes off after a little hand lotion.

The Studio style nails are a really nice length. While they are still a little too short to be completely comfortable for me, they're more of a medium length than the super-short length of some of the other nails I've tried. They come up just past my fingertip. I still had to file my natural nails short so that they didn't hang over the edge of the artificial nails, but I was covering a broken nail so it worked out fine for me.

The Studio style in particular is an example of an inexpensive way to get a salon nail art look without paying an arm and a leg at a dirty nail salon. It would be very challenging to get this look at home- my shaky hands would never let me do lines that thin and straight. I don't have the patience to play with those little strips of nail art foils and stickers, either, so the Studio nail takes care of that. What would take at least an hour at a salon takes me five minutes at home.

The manufacturer recommends to replace the set of nails after ten days of wear. Removal is as easy as application- file them down and soak them in 100% acetone. It only takes me a few minutes to remove these, I've got it down to a science now, haha! Once they're off, there is virtually no damage to my natural nail. The only 'damage' to speak of is the dryness I experience after having my fingers in acetone. This is fixed instantly by applying a good cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil. The important thing to remember when removing these nails is not to pull, pry, pick or peel them off. Not even a little. Even if the nail is mostly dissolved in acetone already, any prying of the nail will take parts of your natural nail with it and leave you with rough, uneven nails. Resist the urge to peel. You can do it.

I still have more fun nail art styles of Revlon Runway Collection (and a few other brands I recently tested out) nails to review, plus a few plain french-manicured ones as well.


  1. Great review, do u know if they will be available in the UK?

  2. I'm not a big fan of artificial nails, but these looks great and easy to use. thanks for the review :-)

  3. These are gorgeous. I'm so amazed at the styles of these nails. They do look so natural. Very pretty.

  4. I've always wondered how those nails would look. It's hard to tell from the package what they look like in real life. Thanks for the review!

  5. I always thought these types of nails would hurt your natural nail, so I've avoided them. But I was bad a peeled them off! So I will surely try them again and resist picking at them haha.

  6. Wow-they look awesome! Nice lenght for you too:D

  7. These are really nice! Do you know where I can get some in Canada? I've been looking everywhere, but can't seem to find them.

  8. These artifical nails look quite natural. Lee press on's have come a long way.

    However, not every nail salon is "dirty" as you state. I (as well as other professionals in my network) follow state sanitation guideline and generally go above them.

    The "arm and a leg" you are paying is for your nailtech's skill and expereince level. Some of my collegues are international competition winners and they charge accordingly for thier skill.

    Yes, I'm a nailtech. A clean nailtech.

  9. Redz2486, thanks! I honestly have no idea- you could check with Revlon to see!

    Inbal, they're really easy and look cool!

    Lucy, I agree! Cool designs!

    Jennifer, you're welcome!

    Jessibean, nope, haha! NO PEELING FOR YOU! :D

    Sanna, awwe, thank you gorgeous!

    Megan1390, I have no idea, I'm sorry- try checking with Revlon to find which stores carry them

    -J, that's great! I have nothing against nail techs at *all*- you seem to be one of the good ones! The problem is, most people tend to choose the quick and dirty NSS type salons and have their nails ruined rather than going to a clean, safe salon like yours. Please keep up the good work!

  10. Those nails came out cool. They look like you got them done in a salon . You totally encouraged me to try some artifical nails , thanks.

    Another brand that looks pretty good is Kiss.


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