Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preview: Barielle Shades Fall/Winter 2009

I wanted to get these swatched today but I didn't get a chance! Here are the bottles until I can get some decent pictures taken:

(Click to enlarge)

Falling Star, Slate Of Affairs, U-Concrete-Me, Out-Grey-geous, Putt-e On Me, Get Mauve-ing

Pin Up, Glammed Out Garnet, Lava Rock, Make It A Latte, Blackened Bleu, Polished Princess

This Barielle collection is a collaboration between All Lacquered Up and celebrity manicurist Elle! Full review coming soon!


  1. I love Michelle's swatches. I can't wait for yours too! These all look amazing! Especially Falling Star, Slate of Affairs, Out-grey-geous, Make it a Lattke, Blackened Bleu... oh man

  2. Loves it! I like looking at swatches across different blogs, because everyone has different skin tones, lighting, etc. It really helps to make decisions!

    I love both sets and I am sure they will all look amazing on you, Scrangie!

    Barielle doesn't deliver outside the U.S., so I am going to try to find a supplier here. There is one place that carries the creams, etc., but not the polish...:(

  3. The colours in the first set look very interesting. Can't wait to see your swatches - they're always inspiring!

  4. This collection is great!

    I really like your blog, so I added it to my blogroll. :)

  5. I'm certainly awaiting your swatches and review with interest. Falling Star, Out-Grey-Geous, Slate of Affairs, and Polished Princess are the ones I'm expecting to be taken with. Some of the others like Pin Up and Glammed Out Garnet I am curious about. It's hard to tell if these reds/burgundies are stand outs. They look pretty nonetheless.

  6. Falling Star, Pin Up, Glammed Out Garnet, Lava Rock, Blackened Bleu and Polished Princess look AWESOME!

  7. They look pretty awesome! I have been dying to try Barielle, but can't find them at any of the CVS's around me!

  8. Wow these blogger collections are really catching fire!

    I need all the colors in the top picture. :D

  9. Hi Scrangie,

    Those shades look scrumptious!!


  10. I will be looking for these. I don't own any of this brand. Looking forward to seeing them swatched. I saw them on All Lacquered Up and I love Falling Star, Blackened Bleu and Polished Princess. Can't wait till there out.

  11. Ooooh exciting - this looks like a nice collection.


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