Friday, July 31, 2009

Sparitual Forbidden Collection Fall 2009

Here's SpaRitual's collection for fall: Forbidden.

Edit: Siobhan has really good swatches of these as well- we must be on the same wavelength lately!

Hush. Warm milk chocolate creme. I broke a nail in the middle of swatching this color and I didn't feel like taking off all the polish, fixing the nail and re-photographing it so... hehehe... sorry... Anyway... This is a very warm medium 'milk chocolate' creme shade. Outside the sunlight picks up more of the red tones, indoors it looks a little richer and darker.

Hypnotic. Warm charcoal frost. This is an odd color- it seems charcoal grey but it also has brown in it- brown-grey? In the bottle it looks more brown, on the nail it looks more grey. It's a shimmery frost, and for a frost it doesn't look so bad on my hands. I really like this.

Intrigue. Rich red-orange creme. This looks pretty red here, but it leans way orange in real life. Very orange-toned red. It seems to be nearly identical to Orly Poison Apple (I'll have the Orly fall collection posted soon so you can see the similarity).

Inner Sanctum. Warm peach creme. I say peach because I'm not sure how else to describe this.... It's warm, it's kinda red but kinda brown, natural and flesh-toned looking... I think it falls into the peach category. Again, the sunlight picks up the warm tones in it and in the shade it looks less warm/red.

Mystic. Neutral putty creme. My favorite from this collection. It's so normal but so strange! It's not a loud color, it's not green or purple or neon pink, yet still, I love it. It's sandy, creamy, mushroomy, putty-like. It has that same kind of 'edgy' look that Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge has.

Regal. Warm purple creme. This is a really pretty purple. Again, warmer in the sunlight than in the shade. It looks darker on my nails than it seems in the bottle.

The formula on these is decent. I did three coats on all the colors, some were more sheer than others. It wasn't particularly thick or particularly thin- in fact, it seemed just like Orly's formula to me. No problems with application- if you're used to Orly's formula you should have no trouble with these. Drying time is long, even with quick dry topcoat. Again, just like Orly. I also love the rubberized handle (noticing a trend? Haha!).

Overall, a very reserved, mature collection. Nothing wacky, nothing uber-fun, but not bad at all. I like all the colors except Inner Sanctum. I especially love Mystic, I'll be wearing this one often. They're calm earth tones. Very spa-like, and I think that's probably what this line goes for- a spa-like feel to the colors.

I believe the release date for these is September. I'm not sure which retail stores carry these, but I know you can get them from Sparkling*Nails on ebay.


  1. Thanks for the swatches. I agree--very "spa-like" colors!
    Censor boxes over your nail... lol


  2. Ooooooooh, Regal is gorgeous!

  3. lol @ the cover-up job
    If I'm not mistaken Orly and SpaRitual are by the same company so no coincidence they would have the same rubberized cap, formula, etc

  4. Love the censoring! lol

  5. Hahaha, the censoring was great! I love these, but I am positive I'm going to need Mystic in my life. It's gorgeous and I have nothing like it.

  6. Mystic reminds me of aluminum blocks before they've been turned into foil. It's more sparkly and not so polished. Very earthy.

    I need to get my hands on Regal.

    I about choked on my soda when I saw the censor job on your broken nail. Totally made my day.

  7. I've never heard of this brand but I really like these colors!

  8. That censored photo could be your album cover!

    I do wish companies wouldn't fall into the OPI Designer Series way of naming. I had to look back a couple times because I can't relate the names of the polish to the colors.

    Hypnotic interests me greatly! Mystic is a very cool color, but what is mystical about putty?

  9. hypnotic....yes it is...luv the lustre..yup there IS brown I do believe. Thanks for the swatch.
    Oh, loving the new "anti theft" water mark. B-E-utiful it has to come to that! Some FAKE submit (more than one) entry for my Konad B kit giveaway with stolen pictures from the net...I totally recognized the images (not yours for once!) but couldn't remember from I scoured the internet 'till I figured it out. Some people are just shits!

  10. Maybe they really are related to Orly--I'm wearing Orly's Plum Noir right now and it's a totaly dupe for Regal. PN is darker on the nail than in the bottle, too.

  11. Scrangie, if you like Spa Ritual, you should try 'It's Raining Men.' I think that it is an unusual color and I have never seen a duplicate.

  12. Love Regal and Mystic. They all look beautiful on you. Glad I had just swallowed my Dr Pepper before I saw your censored picture! I had a good laugh at that. Sorry you broke your nail.

  13. Is Hypnotic a dupe for Misa Earthward? *ponders* Lovely swatches as usual!


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