Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick warning about Carolyn New York

EDIT: I'm bumping this to the top of the page because I think it's pretty important. Please read if you are thinking of ordering from Carolyn New York. Buyer beware!

Since the topic of Carolyn New York has come up recently, I thought it might be a good idea to address it here.

It appears that Carolyn New York is no longer in business. I personally called all of their listed phone numbers and they are out of service. There was no response via fax, and there has been no response via email (not that they ever answered my emails before).

There have been reports of people ordering from the website, having their credit card charged and the order never shipped. Since the company phone numbers no longer work, the fax goes to nowhere and no one is responding to emails, there is no way to have Carolyn New York either ship or cancel the order so it must be resolved through your credit card company.

Also, they do not have a new website. The Carolyn New York Colors dot com website is the old website- the last update in the news section is from 2008.

If I am ever able to contact the company and it turns out they were all on a (very) extended vacation and now they're back, I'll be sure to update. But, for now, even though it hasn't been confirmed by someone who works/worked there, it seems they're kaput. No phone, no fax, no email, no shipment of orders.... It doesn't bode well.


  1. Hmm, that's weird. They should have posted something on their website letting people know; just vanishing is unprofessional in my opinion. Thanks for the warning though!

  2. Jeebus. That's bizarre.

    Guess I'll never get Summer in the City now. *single tear*

  3. Thank you for posting

    I emailed them a while ago and never got an answer. I was very disapointed. They don't seem very professionnal...

  4. Holy cow!

    That's a real shame. I love everything about their polish (great brush, nice colors and terrific sheers, very durable). I'd heard customer service horror stories, but the few times I ordered I always had good experiences.


  5. Very disappointed to hear this as another nail polish blogger has been swatching the heck out of her Carolyn New York colors, and I was hoping that "new website" would be working. I'm very glad you addressed this before I placed an order! Thank you.

  6. Funny, I actually live in the town that is listed on their website and had no idea they were here. I think I will pay a visit to the address listed on their site over the weekend (it's about a mile from my home) and see what I find. Stay tuned :-)

  7. so sad, but very unprofessional! :( i really am lemming some of their colors *sigh*

  8. Thanks for the warning. . .I went to the site and some of those colors were so tempting and I loved the swatches you did on them. . .I ALMOST wanted to take a chance and hope they were merely swamped with orders. Of course, the rational side of my brain told me there was a reason behing the buyer beware. It is such a shame! However, the buyers should get their money back without hassles *crosses finger for them*

  9. Thank you for the heads up. I experienced the same sort of thing firsthand about 2 years ago, ordering from a T shirt company that was closing (Dirty Microbe, if anyone wants to Google it). They kept charging people's cards for MONTHS, and a lot of people were not able to get their money back.

    The worst part is, a lot of people got screwed out of a credit card chargeback because they kept answering customer service emails with lies! I literally beat my company's deadline by a few days.

    Yes, it is highly unprofessional for any company, big or small, to go out like this. The least they could have done was put up a notice, shut their cart down, and ship out the last orders.

  10. Thanks for posting! I have a bunch of CNY colors in my untrieds. I'm am going to go edit my recent entry. I wouldn't want to inadvertently cause a well intentioned person to place an order that goes nowhere! So sad because CNY made good polish! I hope they can regroup as a company.

  11. I e-mailed them and I got a response. I never heard anything after that so I e-mailed again and the adress was gone? Very weird.

    I'm curious what Reesa wil find when she get's to the HQ.

    Indeed it's a shame. They SHOULD have put up a notice that they were closing and either refund or ship orders. They at least could have the decency to play a tape when someone would call, and have an e-mail reply saying that the company has shut down.

    They're just ripping everybody off now. I hope for the people who ordered sake, that everything will be sorted out.

  12. Sprinkles, I agree!

    KarlaSugar, awwe, I'm sorry :( There will probably be another color like it sometime :)

    Willa, I agree. Same thing happened to me!

    Loungie, LOL!!!! :D

    Anonymous, yeah, I liked their brushes and bottles a whole lot. None of the colors were super exciting, but they were nice. :(

    Nicole, oh no! Yes, I don't want anyone to get ripped off by CNY :(

    Reesa, oh wow, yes, please update us if you find some information!

    Seventh_Moon, Totally agree :(

    Anonymous, yes, please be careful! They should shut it down if they're gone!

    Shattered, oh no, that's horrible! I'm sorry, I hope it doesn't end up like that with CNY!

    Paintedladyfingers, I'm surprised they went downhill so fast- I guess that $1 sale they had was really a going out of business sale instead :(

    Suzanne, agreed, they should at least let people know!

    Danica, I hope it works out for everyone as well, and that someone can get the full scoop!

  13. Well, I love CNY polish, but EVERY SINGE TIME I ordered from them it was a NIGHTMARE! Honest to God, I'm shocked they stayed in business as long as they did. They just could not get it together. I finally just stopped ordering; after all I'd experienced at their hands, even the $1 sale wasn't enough to lure me back!

  14. I stopped by the the address listed on their website today. It's a warehouse building, open to the public, with CNY signage on the outside -- so CNY indeed "lived" at this address. Unfortunately there is a For Sale sign on the bldg. Scrangie, I have pictures if you are interested. Too bad that I didn't know CNY was right here in town, I would have stopped by sooner. :-(

  15. Well that's too bad, I really wanted some of their colors. Thanks for saying though, sounds like they had bad customer service to begin with.


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