Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preview: Misa Fall/Winter 2009 Only Human Collection

Fabulous, Flawed, Feminine, “I’m Only Human”

July 2009 – Philadelphia, PA. Knock me down, I’ll pick myself up. Ask me about my alluring, bedroom eyes, I’ll coyly wink but won’t give away my secret. Spoil me, today is my birthday—I deserve it! I am fabulous, flawed but most of all, intoxicatingly feminine—forgive me for I’m Only Human.

Introducing “I’m Only Human,” the new sexy and vibrant nail collection for Fall/Winter by Misa Cosmetics. This collection celebrates the power and ambition of women who recognize and embrace their own humanity. It offers a rich palette of colors that signify key elements of being human.

Fall/Winter 2009: I’m Only Human Collection
Can’t Nobody Take Me Down: For centuries women have been praised for their mighty resolve in the face of adversity. Today’s modern woman can exude this same level of confidence and power by wearing this inspiring, brick brown colored hue designed to spice up any look year round.

Forgive, Forget, For Me I Will: Versatility, honesty and authenticity, describe the meaning behind this vibrant red-orange shade. Women possess the ability to relate to others in an honest, real way. This color celebrates the humanity and femininity of women.

That’s My Little Secret: A crush no one knows about, the black dress that accentuates just the right curves, a beauty product that seemingly produces magic results. Women love the thought of keeping those little treasures to themselves—however that last little secret? Apply this salacious cherry shade to accent your favorite little dress and your secret just might escape you!

Sorry, Just Can’t Help It: Okay, we admit it. There are certain things in life we just can’t help. Our chocolate addiction, our love of gossip, our fascination with window shopping. This rich violet purple color signifies those things which women love to apologize for.

Today is my Birthday!: Presents, party time and pizzazz! We may not like turning another year older but we love the attention…even when we say we don’t. Today is my Birthday. Cue the gorgeous pink hue and the celebration!

I’m Going to Love Myself: Brilliantly magenta, this color creates a luster that puts the world on notice, that as women we may devote much of our time to work, family and friends, but above all we are committed to loving ourselves for the fabulous, flawed, and ferociously feminine beings that we are—for after all, We Are Only Human.

Release date is August 1st!


  1. Wow. This reminds me of the old sexist revlon ads from the 40s and 50s. I like the colors fine...but the copywriting? seriously...

  2. Marely, yep, totally going to have to agree with you there. I thought it was rather, uh, suggestive... for a NAIL POLISH ad. Does the image of being teabagged by tiny apples really make women want to go out and buy nail polish?

  3. I love the colors of the leaves etc. in that promo picture, but the colors in the actual collection look dull.

    And, yeah, not even going to get started on the ad copy!

  4. Pass.

    Lordy, what is that model doing?

  5. I think Can't Nobody Take Me Down looks really pretty. Not sure how I feel about the others. They didn't really excite me much. Maybed I'd feel differently seeing them swatched or in person. The COLORS in the ad made me get more excited then the actual picture of the bottles.

  6. I *think* the model is Eve and she's ummm, eating the forbidden fruit. Which kind of explains 'only human' and that she can't help sinning.

    Sigh. My parents will be happy to know that my 15 years of church school has me analyzing nail polish ads and copy. Geesh.

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  8. What a bad ad. I hope they don't put that in magazines. It's like bad bad porn. She looks all ecstatic about having balls in her mouth.

  9. Shannon, yeah, very interesting choices!

    Mazoo, she's going, "mmm, man I love balls!"

    Jennifer, yeah, I definitely have to reserve judgement until I see them in person, my mind always changes when I try them on!

    Cidell, yeah, that's what I think too, but did they have to make it so... suggestive? I'm just glad they didn't include the serpent! LOL

    Kaybee, I didn't think anyone could top China Glaze's low-budget porn ads, but this takes the cake!

    Callie, do not spam my blog. I don't appreciate spam!

  10. This ad takes women many steps back like a slap in the face for all the years that women fought to move ahead.

    For that reason alone, I'm not going to buy any of those colours because I can't bring myself to promote such blatant gender stereotypes.

  11. Whoa. Misa is really taking us back with this one, huh? The image is just so off-putting, to say the least. As far as the polishes go, I'm kind of meh. The purple in the ad really throws me off. I like things that match, or at least correspond. The purple just isn't quite right for it, in my opinion. :/

  12. Tea baggin your face! With Misa! What a strange ad. I dont know about this. Seriously; didnt anyone for misa's marketing think this was a bad idea?!!!
    I can't wait for the polish. It's been far too long since the Life in the Fast Lane collection was released. I hope it's beautiful!

    (pssst! When you release the polish, use a new ad, Misa!)

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  14. Love the colors but I don't know if I can buy polishes with such stupid names! Why, Misa?

  15. Nice colours, but they don't scream fall. I agree with you about the copywriting...geesh! It sounds like they are trying to empower the women of Mad Men.

    And, yes, the picture tops some of the China Glaze ads. You know, if you could see her teeth, it wouldn't be half as bad, but perhaps the male ad execs would be squeezing their legs shut at the thought of teeth and teabagging.

  16. I'm completely turned off. :P Pass.

  17. Yeah, definitely more or less insulting. I'm addicted to chocolate, and I can relate to people on some deep, interpersonal level in a way that men just can't, agiggle, and a teehee!

    Just show me some nail polish, Misa. I'll even accept your PG-13, sanitized "risque and sexy" ad if it means the colors look good, but I'm not going to be very happy to be told that a nice brick red is going to somehow imbue me with enough confidence to wear that little black dress, gigglegiggletitter.

  18. "It sounds like they are trying to empower the women of Mad Men."

    Dead on!

    And I really, really hope they're reading these comments...

  19. Please Misa, I love Mad Men but I don't want to live it. Oh, I'm so excited by the apple and all the suggestive writing that I'm so hot I want to paint my nails. Please, please Misa!


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