Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sinful Colors

Another drugstore brand that I really like is Sinful Colors. I used to have a lot of Sinful polishes in the 90's, so I have a soft spot for Sinful. Especially Sinful in the old bottle.

I haven't been able to swatch much of my Sinful collection yet, but I did take some bottle pictures which show the colors very accurately.

Before I post the pictures, I'd like to say one thing about Sinful...

The formula is TERRIBLE. It's not just that they're either too thick and globby or too thin and runny, they're all very sheer. It's very hard to apply these polishes. Sheer polishes with bad formula are especially difficult because you have to figure out a way to do enough coats to build opacity without making a gigantic clumpy streaky mess.

There are a few of them that don't give me any trouble- Dream On, Tucson, San Francisco. The rest are a pain in the rear.

However, the colors are so lovely and unique, the trouble is usually worth it.

I am missing a few bottles... They are in my house somewhere, but hell if I know where they are...

Please click the images to enlarge. These are much better in full size.

Sparkle, Heartache, Broadway Star, Treasure Island, Pearl Harbor, Kansas

Hottie, UFO, Pinky Glitter, Pink 4 Ever, Pink 4 Ever (version 2), Green Ocean

Pacific Ocean, Poison Ivy, Guam, Green Bean, San Francisco, Show Me The Way, Irish Green

Toxic Shine, Shausha, Dream On, Daddy's Girl, What's Your Name?, Pink Diamond, Tucson

Lagoon, Euro Trash, Old Gold, Morph Marie, China Gold, Canary Yellow, Serena & Chloe

And a couple that I swatched but can't find the bottles:

Swedish Blue

Greenland (five coats!)


  1. I did a Sinful Colors System Challenge on my blog where I used the Nail Hardener, Basecoat, one of their np colors, and Top Shine. Just to see how long they would last.
    Dream On got to 2 days with chipping on the 2nd day and Mama-San got to 3 days with some tip wear.
    I am surprised that you didn't have trouble with Dream On. When I applied it, it dragged a lot and had a matte finish to it, which was kinda strange.
    So, basically, I agree with you about the formula! And this was definitely a high school fav for me. I remember the old bottles, too. My fav back then was Pearl Harbor!

  2. Sparkle, Heartache, Hottie, Pink 4 Ever, Show me the WAy, Daddy's Girl, Pink Diamond, Morph Marie, all look gorgeous!

    I think I have courtney orange, Tapping Nails, Fiji (LOVE this color!), and Gorgeous.

  3. Sinful colors chips on me faster than any other nail polish. I use cnd sticky base coat and seche top coat and I get chips sometimes the same day smh. I know it's off topic, but what's up with head2toebeauty and OPI? The last collection they have up is france.

  4. Gorgeous colors but a shame about the formula. I have some but haven't gotten around to using them yet. That's the breaks when you are a nail polish freak!

  5. Pacific Ocean, Poison Ivy, & Guam look gorgeous. Shame they aren't on since I'm going to do a big SC haul there soon. Thanks for the pics.

  6. Hola!!
    Okay, so I am OBSESSED with sinful colors! These are all of the polishes I have of theirs:

    Midnight Blue

    Cream Pink

    Canary Yellow

    San Fransisco

    Out of this world

    Daddy's Girl

    Let me go

    The only ones I was dissapointed with were Daddy's Girl and Let me go. Daddy's Girl was EXTREMELY sheer on the first coat even though it looks like a dark color. Then for let me go I thought it would be a cool purple color but all it is is a sheer purple, almost clear coat! But other than those colors all of them are FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7. I just bought Pearl Harbor and put it over China Glaze Shower Together. It looks awesome!
    *Love your blog Scrangie!!!

  8. Nessa, ooh interesting. Dream On was a little sheer, but it's matte because it's neon, so that's normal :)

    Phyrra, I've picked up and put down Fiji so many times. I think I might have to get that next! It's the pearly purple, right?

    Sharon, the formula is not so great but the colors are worth it I think :) No idea about Head2Toe, I don't know the whole story but I heard OPI was giving them trouble!

    Lucy, exactly :)

    Katrina, if you have your heart set on the, they have them on Sinful's website (which is where I got mine) :) I've been filling and emptying my cart for a month at CherryCulture lol

    Callie, NICE!!! Daddy's Girl is a real pain to apply, but the color is *so* worth it. You should try it on top of a dark purple! It's so beautiful!

    Betty, YAY thank you!!! :)

  9. Yes, it's a pearly sort of purple. It's lighter than I normally go for, but it just looks pretty sometimes :)

  10. I am so glad to know I am not the only one. I like some of the colors but the formula is horrible. I can only think of a couple that apply nicely.

  11. Also, can I make a swatch request? I'd love to see Green Ocean. I just bought it from Walgreens but I don't think I am applying it well. I am trying it over W&W Fantasy Makers Black. I don't know how I feel about it.

  12. I tried to use Daddy's girl last night and got so annoyed with it that I took it back off before it even dried. I'll give it a second chance but man, what a pain in the butt.

    Show Me the Way requires like 10 coats but it's not as messy so I don't mind it.

    I do wish the formula was even just a LITTLE better because the colors are so great and they're cheap as heck. Sigh.

  13. The problem I had with Daddy's girl was that when I brushed on the polish one edge of the polish stroke was thick and the other thin and when I brushed it again the thick polish line moved with it but didn't spread evenly over the nail...I felt like i was pushing a glob of polish on my nail. I have a recommendation for a cool combination...pinky glitter over Thimbleberry. It has a strange cool glossy/sparkly coral look. Pinky glitter also looks good over pink forever or cream pink. Actually, cream pink + pinky glitter was awesome... and the glitter kept the polish on without chipping for like 7 days. I barely had tip wear.

  14. Yum! These look so intriguing, shame about the formula. I'll try a few anyway :)

  15. beautiful colors! i love Daddy's Girl.

  16. They're so sheer indeed! Thank god, or whoever you wanna thank:P, for layering. They have some really cool colors though. I think a lot of them have odd names. I mean, if I recall it right, starry night=pink??? And Swedish blue *lol* if they're thinkin' of the Swedish flag, that's not very close at all:P But it's pretty!

  17. I really don't get Swedish Blue at all... What is Swedish about it? :) Who knows. /Feline, Swedish

  18. Love your collection! I want to get Heartache it looks so cute.

  19. PLEASE help me Scrangie!
    I really lika how Show Me The Way looks on that picture.
    But, I don't know how to get Sinful Colors, here in Sweden.
    Do you know any polish of another brand that looks pretty alike?

    Love the blog, cheers!

  20. Do you know of a dupe for thimbleberry in a better formula? I'd like to upgrade the polish if I could.

  21. As a Halloween theme I put Pearl Harbor over Black on Black and got RAVE reviews from everyone who has seen my nails! In fact, I got soooo many compliments that I've kept doing it for the past year! It looks great and no one seems to care that I'm a 50 year old grandmother to 3!


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