Tuesday, February 24, 2009

China Glaze Summer Days Summer 2009 Collection

Still not feeling too good, so this post will be a short one. Just wanted to share a couple swatches of this new collection.

Cherry Pie. Orangey red with glass fleck shimmer.

Grape Juice. Medium soft purple with silvery glass fleck shimmer.

Orange Marmalade. Bright orange with golden glass fleck shimmer.

Raspberry Festival. Pinky-red with dark pink toned glass fleck shimmer.

Strawberry Fields. Medium pink with golden glass fleck shimmer.

Watermelon Rind. Green with hints of blue and silvery glass fleck shimmer.

These are all three coats. They're all pretty sheer. They look okay with two coats, but I'm not comfortable being able to see through them, so I need three. Three coats does tend to ruin the jelly-sparkle effect of these polishes by making them look a little too dense, but they're still pretty.

The formula on these isn't the easiest to work with- it has 3-free syndrome. Thick but runny at the same time. Not horrible, but a bit frustrating if you aren't expecting it. These take a little more patience to apply, that's all.

They're all really sparkly and contain China Glaze's signature glass fleck shimmer. Glass fleck shimmer is really lovely, it lights up and dances in the sunlight. For those of you who are not familiar with glass fleck, comparable collections would be China Glaze's Surf and Tequila Toes collections, just to name a couple.

Sorry about the short review.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs)) Thanks for the great swatches


  2. Feel better Scrangie! Thanks for the lovely swatches!

  3. Gah, so gorgeous!
    I just stared at your picture of Grape Juice for 5 minutes.
    I have Grape Juice, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry Festival, and Strawberry Fields coming.

    Wow, Strawberry Fields might be the one that stole my heart though. Your swatches are fantastic.

    I'm so anxious for these to get here!


    I hope you get to feeling better soon hon.

  4. Beautiful!! I love this collection. You've posted some awesome swatches. Thanks!

  5. Feel better!

    Your pics are fab [of course]! I bought Watermelon Rind, Grape Juice, and Raspberry Festival!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!I love this collection..very summer-y!!I want strawberry fields soooo much!!Great colour!

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Love your nails! I missed almost two weeks from being on the road for business. Thanks for carrying the torch even when you feel bad. You have been a busy girl. Love the length.


  8. I love the collection! I ordered it all. Sad to hear that it takes 3 coats. What a pain. Feel better Scrangie. Love your blog and pictures.

  9. Thanks for the review. I was all set to order these, but then many were saying how sheer they were. I don't like the tip line showing, but 3 coats is doable. Pretty, pretty colors, I'll take the plunge! Feel better :)

  10. Thanks for the beautiful swatches and please feel better soon!

    Marsha Smith

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  12. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you (and your gorgeous nails) for the Triple Award. Thank you for providing true-to-color nail polish swatches along with witty commentary!


  13. Hope you feel better soon, your swatches are so lovely :)

  14. I-hope-yeore-feeling-better-soon-hugs!!!
    They look so lovely, every single one! I want spring now, I'm so tired of snow. Awesome swatches<3

  15. Hi! How do I go about ordering from China Glaze??? Thanks! =]

  16. Strawberry Fields is so beautiful! Hope you feel better soon Scrangie!

  17. Thanks for slogging away even though you don't feel up to par. Get well soon!

  18. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the swatches!

  19. Aww, scrangie. Feel better soon!

  20. Vennie, thank you :)

    J, thank you and you're welcome :)

    Phyrra, thank you :)

    The Pretty Brown Girl, you're welcome :)

    Firepail, thanks :D

    Katie, that one's my favorite! :)

    Scott, awe thank you :)

    Lucy, thank you :)

    Body And Soul, thanks :)

    Marsha, thank you so much!

    A Gal On A Budget, awe how sweet! Thank you!

    Lina-Elvira, thank you :)

    Sanna, thank you *hugs* :)

    Wendy, most of us order from 8ty8beauty or head2toebeauty.com :)

    Charming Nails, thank you! That was my surprise favorite!

    HoneyHoneyNY, thank you <3

    Tanya, thanks :)

    Ladyslatternly, thank you :D

  21. Oh my god! I just painted my toes with Raspberry Festival! It's such a gorgeous raspberry red to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love it so much I had to put it on my tips, too! Grape Juice, Strawberry Fields and Orange Marmalade are lovely too, but I'm fixated on Raspberry Festival!

  22. ooh, these look great on you Scrangie! I hope you feel better soon! thanks for posting even when you're feeling under the weather :(

  23. Strawberry Fields is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for posting the swatches! Can hardly wait. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  24. Watermelon Rind is a must have for me and the others look really yummy too!
    I just want to thank you and the work that you do wiht your blog, it makes e-shopping so much easier when you cant see the colours ILR!

  25. Thanks for the beautiful swatches! I think your 3rd coat makes all the difference in the world to the colours because 2 coats as seen on some other swatches doesn't make the colour stand out much, and I thought I was gonna give it a miss till your post!

    And I wanted to post a question: I was just wondering, how does China Glaze Passion from the Spring collection compare to Essie's Shift Power from the Winter collection? Would love to hear your opinion on this!

  26. I want Watermelon Rind. The others... I'ot so sure. They look a bit like other polishes from ChG, don't they? Or maybe it is me not being all that of a pink or orange-loving girl...

  27. I hope you feel better soon.

  28. Love your blog. Raspberry and Cherry looked really nice although they were close in colour as well. I'll be "popping in" here on a daily basis. Love to watch all of your brilliant swatches.

  29. The Asian Girl, thank you :)

    Phyrra, awesome!! It's so weird that I like the pink in this collection more than the green O.o

    SJ, thank you :)

    Making Changes, thanks!! :)

    Heidi, thank you so much :D

    Penny, thanks! Passion is more of a soft, almost cool-toned gold with a reflective chrome finish, while Shifting Power is a sparkly, yellow-toned gold with more of a shimmer finish that's not as metallic :)

    Sminkan, they do look like older ones... Honestly, I wasn't impressed with this collection! Watermelon Rind is definitely worth having though!

    Asami, thank you so much! :)

    Veronica, welcome, and thank you! :D

  30. Amazing - no brush strokes on any of them!
    Watermelon Rind is truly "delicious"!

  31. Hi Scrangie,

    Thanks for taking the time to swatch the latest collections. I wondered if you had any thoughts on the new Chanel shades- Django & Vendetta?


  32. Ahh, kind of disapppointing... But I definitely need to get Strawberry Fields, if only for the name: I'm a big Beatles fan! It's the only reason I bought Revolution from a few ChG collections ago. XD
    Thank you for the swatches. They are really appreciated and enjoyed. You don't have to do them but you do, and I for one am very grateful. :)

    Hope you feel better soon!


  33. Your swatches are gorgerous!

  34. Jason, I'm so glad you like them :)

    Astrid, you're welcome! My thoughts on Django and Vendetta? Boring! They're not anything special and they cost too much! :D

    Nora, hahaha awesome! Thank you so much :) That means a lot to me!

    Lotta, thank you so much!


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