Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Carolyn New York sale!

Just got this email and thought it would be helpful:

Buy any of Carolyn New York's Original 20 "Classic CNY Colors" for only $1.25 each. Minimum order of 10 bottles. Valid Feb 14-Feb28th.

Carolyn's Classic shades are:

125th Street History
42th Street
Castle Hill
Columbus Circle
Fashion Week
Lincoln Center
Mulberry Street
Park Chix
Shopping on 5th
Snowing In The Park
Spanish Harlem
Spring Street
Sutton Place
Taking In A Show
The Bronx
Times Square
Tribeca Spirit
West 4th
Window Shopping

So, any of those shade are $1.25 each, minimum order of ten bottles. Pretty good deal.

Oh, though it's worth pointing out that in the last few emails I've gotten from CNY, they proudly advertise, "Free basecoat and topcoat with every order!" Yeah, that's a lie. You won't get them. And also, their cuticle oil is pretty bad, it's basically scented mineral oil. (Just sharing my experience.)

HOWEVER, the polishes are fantastic, the bottles and brushes and formula are perfect.

I'm pretty sure I only have one or two of those shades listed, but here's a picture of the one I have photographed:

Columbus Circle.


  1. hi scrangie - I also got the email from CNY and I tried ordering 14 bottles but the price is not reflecting the sale price?? What to do? Thanks@@

  2. Ack!
    That's so not cool for them to say 'free base coat and top coat' and then not provide them!

  3. I've nominated you for this award, read here:

  4. Scrangie -

    I just wanted to let you know that i ordered from CNY back when you talked about their last sale. I didn't get the base/top coat in my shipment, so I emailed them and was originally told that the base/top coats only came free with full-price orders. Since I had bought all sale items, I didn't qualify. I didn't respond to the email, but then a week later they emailed me a shipping notification and tracking number for the polishes, so apparently they changed their mind.

    Anyway, my point was to email them and ask what's up - they'll probably send them to you.

  5. I go to the page, and it says $5.99, not $1.99.

  6. you have to add at least 10 polishes to your basket, then enter the word SALE in the coupon code box then it will adjust your final price...

  7. Although I bought a few of the pales/sheers during the last sale, I have only tried one -- Columbus Circle. I liked it much more than I thought I would. And it held up for a week with no chips and no yellowing. From the list, Castle Hill has been a long-time fave of mine; definitely a nice "nude" shade (on me, at least).

  8. MissG, all you need to do is enter the word SALE in the coupon code box :)

    Phyrra, I know, I thought it was really lame and disappointing!

    Alexlyndra, awwwwe thank you :) <3

    Danielle, oh wow, thank you for that info! I have heard that their customer service was lacking so I was afraid to email and frustrate myself further, but after this I may give it a try :)

    SW, you need to enter coupon code SALE for the price to adjust

    MissG, yep, you got it!

    BlueMeanie, hehe I love your little smiley dude! I think I may pick up a few more shades, these apply so nicely...

  9. omg thanks Scrangie!! wow I'm so happy. woohoo! Talking about super cheap! wow!

  10. ten polishes is $12.50 PLUS $10.41 for ground shipping, so the final total is $22.91. $2.30/polish is still not bad, but most of the colors don't do much for me...

  11. Last time I ordered, in December, I got the base and top coat. In fact, I had trouble with the consistency of one of the polishes, and in addition to sending me a replacement, they also sent along another base & top coat.

    Not sure why others have had bad luck, but as Danielle suggested, mailing them to ask couldn't hurt.

  12. I didn't get my base and top coat either with the New Year's promo, so I called them and they explained that the promo email was incorrect, and that the free base and top coat was supposed to go only with regular orders. However, they said they would send it anyway since it was their mistake. I got it only a few days later. For best service, I would call instead of email. Whoever I spoke to was extremely nice - chatty even. As for the polishes - super nice quality. I was so impressed, I placed another order the following week. I am now a HUGE CNY fan.

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  14. Hi Scrangie,

    I love Carolyn NY but I have a strange aversion to buying things online and try to avoid it if at all possible. I know, it's weird! Do you know if these polishes are sold anywhere else or am I just out of luck?

  15. I have so many CNY polishes from my January order, plus I ordered the red and pink hearts Valentines collection. I literally have no idea what I own vs. what's on sale! I think what's confusing is the names don't always match the colors. I'm still going to get some more, just don't ask me what right now. ;)

  16. I ordered the pink/reds Valentine collection and also other colors so I can't really buy from the originals. Darn I wish that price was for all of the collection. I do love the polish. I like the brush and polish formula.

  17. The polishes really are great. I'm wearing Christmas in NY today, and can also recommend Hell's Kitchen, Shopping on 5th, and Park Chix. The sheers are terrific.

  18. I feel a CNY order coming on. I love the colors I have. I don't usually order creme polishes, but theirs are some of the best.

  19. hello scrangie!

    really need some advice on nail colours.
    im looking for a dark blue (but obvious one) colour from Essie, OPI, Orly or China Glaze. both creme and shimmer.

    any recommendations? thanks :D

  20. oh, and dark red, like maroon colours too. thanks so so much!

  21. Columbus Circle looks like the sheer I've been looking for! Was it streaky at all? How many coats was that?

    Too bad you need to get 10 bottles though, I probably won't need that many.

  22. I gave in and ordered 10 bottles on the 16th, they came today! The free top coat was in there too, but not the base coat... which is fine by me since I wasn't expecting either, and have more base coats than I will use over the next couple years anyway. But I digress. The point is that the order shipped and arrived very quickly, I'm super happy with the polishes, and the free top coat came too!

  23. Itzzzkimmm, I know, crazy cheap! :D

    Kate, pretty good for sure! I'm not crazy about any of those colors either, a little too plain for me!

    Anonymous, oh wow, that's great! Thanks for letting me know!

    Zeina, very cool thank you!

    Chantel, sure! Have you tried OPI Strawberry Fields or Zoya Sweet? Those are wonderful bubblegum pink shades :)

    Lola, I have never seen them in a retail store and I'm not even sure that they have a retail location... I'm sorry! I think you can only get them online! :(

    Tarotbydiana, hahahaha! :D Spoken like a true polish addict <3

    Lucy, I bet they'll have another good sale soon... Maybe if they do I'll pick up the rest of the colors I wanted!

    Samhainophobia, thanks! I might try those. I've really loved the application of the ones I've tried so far!

    HoneyHoneyNY, I wish they had more of a selection, but I can dream :)

    Anonymous, check out OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue for a shimmer and China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway or Calypso Blue for a creme :)

    Anonymous, I really like OPI Malaga Wine for a dark red color!

    Anonymous, I'm fairly sure that was three coats and I don't recall it being streaky, but I've only worn it for the swatch! Sorry!

    Kate, nice! Thanks for letting me know!

  24. The $1/bottle sale for the classics is going on until the end of April, so people still have time if you're interested.

    I have several CNY shades from the sale and I also like the application and wear, although it's just a few days for me (I'm really rough on my hands).

    Columbus Circle went on well (3 coats) and was a great neutral shade, but it definitely streakier looking than the perfection you photographed, Scrangie! Maybe my technique is off (I'm a polish newbie, just started doing my hands last month!). I used the Zoya color lock system w/the CNYs.


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