Thursday, February 5, 2009

Color Club Spring 2009 Collection: Femme Fatale

Part two of Color Club's spring collections for 2009! In case you missed the previous post, Catwalk Queen is part one.

(Also, be sure to check out The Nailphile's swatches of Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale and The Polish Addict's promo pictures for Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale. )

Femme Fatale is meant to be a racy, seductive and freakin' sweet collection of French manicure shades. Here's what they say about it:

"The French Manicure gets revolutionized with dark to light duo-tones from Color Club."

Now, if you know me at all or you've read this blog for five minutes, you'll know that I am not a fan of the French manicure. However, when it's done with fun colors or different finishes, I'm all for it. I've heard this referred to as a "Funky French."

This collection would be perfect for that. It's also perfect to wear each color alone, which is what I did.

Femme Fatale. This is really nice. A sheer polish with pink/red crystals. It's different than just a plain shimmer, and while it looks similar to Ready To Wear from the Catwalk Queen collection, it's quite different. The shimmer particles are what make this polish really special. They're like... little... balls? Shimmer balls. Tee hee!

Oooooo La La. Beautiful, clean, crisp white pearl. A white that's opaque without being chalky, it's softened by the pretty pearl finish. Very wearable even by itself.

Oui! Oui! Oui! A sheer, shimmery silvery/green/blue duochrome. Another seashell type color that looks incredible over black. Like its Catwalk Queen Cousin, Runway Muse, Oui! Oui! Oui! reminds me of OPI Think It's Pink?/Sea The Change?.

Revvvolution. Yes, three V's. I like saying it... Revvvvvvvvvolution. Hehe. This is a stunner. A heart-stopper! A true black holo, like OPI My Private Jet but BETTER! It's so dense and smooth that you can get away with one coat, whereas My Private Jet needs three or four. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge hit. It's too beautiful to ignore. Color Club did an amazing job on this shade.

Where's the Soiree? The only disappointment in this collection. From the Polish Addict's promo pictures, this color looks like it was supposed to be a black with shimmer or glitter, somewhere along the lines of Misa Wishing On A Star. But, unfortunately, Where's The Soiree? is just a plain black creme. It's a nice black creme, but not what I was hoping for based on the promotional images. Maybe they had to change it at the last minute. Ironically, this is the only one that gave me trouble with application- it was rather runny and watery and kept pooling at my cuticles. Had to redo it three times.

Worth The Risque. Gorgeous. It seems like I'm repeating myself a lot with these collections: gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, spectacular, sexy, fantastic, wonderful. All of the above are true for any polish in both Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale, so it bears repeating. This is a perfect silver holographic polish that's much, much more dense than any holographic polish I own. It's perfect and beautiful, and like the other Color Club holos, blinding.

And, because they were just begging to be layered, here's the sheers from Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale layered over Where's The Soiree?

Index: Runway Muse
Middle: Ready To Wear
Ring: Femme Fatale
Pinkie: Oui! Oui! Oui!

See how spectacular they are layered? It really brings out all the colors of the duochrome polishes and makes the shimmer in the sheers stand out.

I can not even express to you how positively thrilled I am with the new Color Club holos. This is the first time I've ever seen them do a holographic polish and they totally nailed it. Perfect in every way. I hope there are more Color Club holos in the future! They rock!!

Application on all of these was perfect, with the exception of Where's The Soiree?, which was watery.

I haven't used the holos with Konad yet, but they seem like they would be perfect. I'm going to try it as soon as I can find where I left my stamper....

Overall, both Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatal are awesome. Amazing. Breathtaking. Color Club saves spring! They've delivered us from the usual blah colors and given us something new and interesting. I think it's my top spring collection. Zoya Twist and Misa Living On The Fast Lane are tied for a close second. But, it's hard to compare this collection to the other spring collections because it's so different. I love different.

If you've never tried Color Club before, you really must. They're such high-quality polishes and they have some of the most unique and amazing colors (Glitter Vixen, Dance To The Musique, Neons, remember those??) but they are extremely affordable. High-end quality for a low-end price. You can't beat that.

*sigh* So pretty....

(With a spring collection this amazing, I'm dying to see what they have planned for summer!)


  1. oh man I thought I would be able to skip some of the sheers until I saw them over black!! *swoon*

    I might need this whole collection. thanks for the pics!

  2. Where can you buy Color Club? Is it strictly online or do some stores carry it?

  3. Exactly what L said. I was thinking of just getting the 3 Holos and the dark purple until I saw the sheers over black pics.

    I am just going to cave and get both collections!

    awesome pics as usual. :)

  4. Is Worth the Risque the black creme or silver holo? You refer to both colors as Worth the Risque. Further down, you mention that Where's the Soiree? gave you trouble. You mentioned that the black creme was the one that gave you trouble, so is the black creme called Where's the Soiree??

  5. L, aren't they purdy? :D

    Ashley, some nail supplies and beauty supplies carry it, but generally there is a bigger/better selection online :)

    Steph, you need 'em :D

    Angel, they're all very, very cool :)

    Deb, omg thank you for catching that! Worth The Risque is the silver holo, Where's The Soiree? is the black creme :) I will change that right now, lol. Sometimes I feel like no one ever reads what I write, they just look at the pics. Thank you :) <3

  6. Hi Scrangie. Where and when can we buy these? Thanks!

  7. where do you get these!? is there a certain website online? i need those holos in my life

  8. So, is Worth the Risque more like Paris Couture for Sure? It kind of looks like it is, based on your pictures. I am still buying it when it is available online, but I am wondering if I will be disppointed because the Nfu 61 is da bomb!

  9. Thank you so much for the swatches! I cannot say enough how I appreciate your time and efforts.

    These 2 collections are just stunning.

  10. Color Club has done it again! I'm not the biggest fan of sheers, so at first I thought I could get away with just getting the holos and the opaque colors, but then I saw the sheers layered over black, and now I want every polish from both collections (except for the black creme.) Can you recommend good black creme shades to layer with?

  11. Oh, wow! I cannot wait for these!

  12. LMAO I only just realised there are two CC Collections for Spring hehe

  13. I must have Revvvolution, and Femme Fatale to layer over black! Damn, that's hot!

  14. Are these pictures even real? It's so amazing I can't even believe it exists. These two collections beat OPI Southbeach with a rainbow platform shoe.

    Your skittles over black made my head explode. I am going to hunt for my brain matter now. O_0

  15. Thanks for the awesome swatches!!! This is an insanely good collex and I can't wait to order almost all of it. Your pics are so flipping good...I always base my purchases on them b/c they are so true to life. Thanks for all the hard work!!

  16. color club is so fing underrated!!

  17. Rats. I knew I should've waited to place my Head2Toe order.

  18. I also have already ordered from head2toe! Looks like I may have to re-visit them. You do have the most amazing pictures. Great idea putting the sheers over the black. I am learning so many things reading your blog. You are my favorite teacher.

  19. I agree with all the adjectives you could manage to come up with Scrangie! They are maybe the most sensational polishes to come out since the CG OMG collection.

    One question though; Oui, Oui, Oui looks pretty much like a white shimmer in one picture, and like a beautiful turquiose in another (on your pinky). Is there actually THAT much holo color-change to it! Awesome! :)

  20. wow. I hope it was as good for you? ;)

  21. Love these collections Scrangie...I am still on my no buy (1 month and counting) but I will look at these once I break down!

    I also love the look of the sheers over black - do you think they would look good over the white? I have been experimenting with pure white polish as a base, after seeing one of your entries (thanks as always!). I love doing white under fairly sheer gold (Curry Up Don't Be Late) - it is awesome! Love to hear what you think!

  22. WOHO!!! I'm excited:D Awesome swatches as always!

  23. Revvvolution is killing me. I'm so in love with it! I may break precedent and buy a second bottle.

  24. i cannot WAIT to buy revvvolution...i want it now!!! my version of MPJ is a dud. there's no duochrome sparkly action going on! same with black tie optional...there's no duochrome but there should be!!!

  25. How does the holo in Revvvolution compare to My Private Jet? I found MPJ doesn't really sparkle as much as I would like, so I'm concerned about investing in a similar color...then again, it's not very expensive.

  26. is there a specific site where i can order revvvolution? i really want it and i just spent an hour looking on and searching for a site that you can order it from and i had no luck. if anyone could give me a direct link it would be very much appreciated!! thank you

  27. HoneyHoneyNY, would you mind sharing with me where you bought your bottle of Revvvolution at please? Thank you!!

  28. Styrch, Head2toebeauty has them right now, the others should get them soon!

    Sara, Head2ToeBeauty :)

    GoldenAnkh, hmm, I feel like it's closer to China Glaze Sexagon because it has that smooth linear holo look :)

    Masa_inn, thank you so much. That means a lot to me *huge hug*

    Vesper, my favorite black is (don't laugh!) Wet N Wild Black! Opaque in one coat :) My second favorite black is Misa I Will Survive. My least favorite black is China Glaze Liquid Leather.

    Amanda, aren't they beautiful?? :D

    Mazoo, hehehe two AWESOME collections too :D

    Phyrra, I agree :D

    Tarotbydiana, I agree! LOL I always look forward to your comments ;-)

    Clackrock, thank you thank you thank you! That makes me feel awesome! <3

    Anonymous, I completely agree! Spread the Color Club love!!

    Lina-Elvira, it's like OPI My Private Jet times 1000! :D

    Elaine, awee, it's okay! They will stick around.

    Lucy, thank you so much, that is so sweet of you to say <3

    Jason, wow, thank you! :D And you're right- it's pretty subtle on it's own but totally transforms over black :)

    Holly, lol :D You bet!

    Sara, check head2toebeauty!

    Melli, thank you! No buys are tough, I'm on an 'extremely low buy' myself :) I bet these would look really cool over white, actually- I should try it! I love layering over white also, I need to do it more often!

    Sanna, thank you :D

    HoneyHoneyNY, it is just the bee's knees isn't it? I LOVE IT!!

    Sara, oh no! I have heard that OPI has been releasing weird multiple versions of other shades too :(

    Teggy, compared to MPJ, there are a few main differences:
    Revvvolution is much more opaque (one or two coats)
    Revvvolution is much more black (MPJ seems warm black or grey to me)
    I feel like MPJ is more 'sparkly' in the sunlight, but Revvvolution is more holographic but not as shimmery. I don't know if I make much sense, but I can compare them photographically for you :)

    Dori, check! :)

  29. oh my mg!!!!! all the colors are amazing! i am a polish freek my self. i love the matte black. my favorite. **faints**

  30. I'd never tried a Color Club polish, but seeing the holos and how gorgeous the sheers are over black, I had to grab these up. I put on Revvvolution last night and was boggled at how easily it went on and how completely it covered. Thank you so much for posting your lovely swatches -- you made a convert! :D
    --Penemuel on WordPress (can't get the login thingy to work right now)

  31. Have you heard anything about there being different versions of Revvvolution? I just got mine today from Head2Toe and it is no were near as holo as all the pictures I've seen. Fashion Addict and Worth the Risque are awesome, but I'm pretty bummed about Revvvolution.

  32. Anonymous, hahaha, welcome to the club! :D

    Penemuel, yay, I'm glad I could help! Isn't it so silky and pigmented? So wonderful!

    Katrinajoy7, I haven't heard anything officially, but I have seen some people say they got a different version that isn't as holo! It's definitely plausible, it seems to happen a lot with polish companies, but I've never seen Color Club do it before! I'm sorry :(

  33. omggg i was so confused because i didn't know if your nails were real or not until i saw this!!! and that's a compliment! they look thick and sturdy like acrylics, do they ever break?!

  34. Karen, lol, thank you! Yep, they're real and nice and strong. They do break, but not too often :)

  35. I got Worth the Risque thanks to your post and I am so happy with it, thanks. It also makes some beautiful stamping.


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