Thursday, February 5, 2009

Color Club Spring 2009: Catwalk Queen

All of these spring pastels are really depressing. Year after year after year we get the same old boring, lifeless pastels for spring...

Luckily, we have Color Club to save us!

They've released two collections for spring that literally made me jump for joy. Sure, there's some pastels, but they're different. Different and awesome.

Take a look for yourself, you'll see what I mean!

Catwalk Queen. Good gravy, this is one of the hottest purples ever! It's a rich, dark, vampy purple with dense particle shimmer. Super sexy, not at all spring-like and right up my alley! I'd say this is a must have for purple lovers- it's a dark purple that still looks purple and not black!

Fashion Addict. Different lighting and angles to show just how insanely holographic it is. HOLO!! FOR SPRING!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! Fashion Addict is an amazing light purple holo. It's extremely dense and blindingly prismatic.

Front Row Diva. A lovely, unique light grey with a tiny touch of purple and a beautiful pearl finish. For those of you confused about the difference between frost and pearl finishes, this is a perfect example of a pearl finish. It looks like expensive grey pearls on your nails!

Ready To Wear. A sheer, pearlescent pink/grey near-duochrome. Very dreamy and romantic. This picture is three coats, and you can tell that it's nearly opaque. One more coat might have made it totally opaque, but I actually like the sheer look of this. It even looks nice with just one coat.

Runway Muse. It's not really obvious from my picture, but this is a strong aqua/pink/silvery duochrome. Very seashell-like. Gorgeous. Reminds me a lot of the rare, discontinued OPI Think It's Pink?. It gives me the impression of a layer of sheer, dreamy fabric. Fairy colored. This is extremely pretty on it's own, but it's even better over black. I'll get to that in part two.

Vintage Couture. A mod lilac-baby-pink creme. Very pretty and delicate, but kinda 'edgy' at the same time. It's so stark and strong that it's very unusual compared to the types of pinks you usually see.

This collection is amazing. I'm floored by it!! I'm so utterly impressed with Color Club- they tend to be more daring, more fun and definitely not afraid to take a chance with their colors. I love them for that. And this is only one half of what they've released for spring!

Application was perfect. Great formula on all of them. The only one that gave me a little trouble was Vintage Couture, because after I applied the second coat, it kept wiping away a spot of polish at the cuticle and leaving a little bald spot. This was fixed with a third coat. A little annoying, but not a deal-breaker for me.

Fantastic collection, I love every single color.

Aren't you curious about part two? The second Color Club spring collection? Stay tuned :)


  1. I want them allll. Not sure if I should be happy about that or just really sad for my credit card! Thank you for your wonderful swatches!

  2. Oh wow!
    I've never tried color club but now I want them all except the creme!

  3. Hey, Scrangie - great posts on these collections. Where can I get them, besides online?

  4. I love the colors over black! Ever since I saw Misa's Sugar Sugar collection over black on The Polish Addict, now I know what to do with those sheers cluttering up my collection :D Does Catwalk Queen compare to China Glaze Midnight Ride, FingerPaints Black Gumdrop, Essie Sexy Divide or Chanel Vendetta? The differences that I found are that Midnight Ride and Black Gumdrop are both black-based; Vendetta is a purple base and Sexy Divide looks like a brighter Vendetta.

  5. AMAZING! Where can I find these online?

  6. Is Fashion Addict at all similar to OPI Sand-erella?

  7. This collection has changed what I feel about white polish. I could do something with these!

  8. Geez, these are lovely!
    How does Catwalk Queen compare to Essie Groovy Grape?

  9. I want them. I need them! Both collection!! Can hardly wait!

  10. how similar is cc's gray pearl color compared to opi moon over mumbai? i love ur pics! there are defiently some colors i am already puttig on my w/l... :D

  11. I know you are so so busy but if there is anyway you could take pics of the 4 sheer colors layered over the pink creme? I'm so curious and of course I would be forever grateful if you can. Thanks so much!

  12. WOW! Scrangie, My heart skipped a beat and I hyperventilated when I scrolled down and saw you wearing Front Row Diva. Runway Muse & Vintage Couture are both pretty, as well. Thanks so much for swatching.


  13. Is there an OPI polish similar to Front Row Diva?

  14. StarsInMyEyes00, lol thank you :)

    Steph, aren't they HOT?!

    Phyrra, Oh, they're so good and they have so many good colors!

    *jen, thank you :) They have been seen in random beauty supply stores, but I have only had luck ordering them online.

    The Asian Girl, Let's see... I think it's more purple and bright than Midnight Ride, brighter than Black Gumdrop, darker and and more shimmery than Sexy Divide, and brighter and more shimmery than Vendetta, but a deeper tone :)

    April, try :)

    Prairieskys, it is similar in color, but I like Fashion Addict much better because it's punchier and not sheer.

    Katee, they're awesome!

    Tarotbydiana, I love white polish for layering but I don't often wear it on its own, but now I have the sudden urge to!

    Vanessa, Catwalk Queen is lighter and more purple and doesn't have that glowy/golden shimmer that's only visible in sunlight like Groovy Grape has

    Sminkan, you will rock the heck out of them :D

    Ocelot1, I feel like it's lighter and is missing the neat blue/purple subtle flash that Moon Over Mumbai has :)

    Sarah, I can do that :) Might take me a while though!

    Scott, hahaha thank you so much! You're a sweetie!

    Molly, it seems really similar to Seagullible, and I think there's another but I can't remember at the moment...

  15. where can we get these latest color club collections? they dont seem to have them on 8ty8beauty :( im most interested in the fashion addict holo, thanx - eLLe

  16. I am totally addicted to your site. I actually LOLed at your "good gravy" comment! I am actually buying these colors for me on ebay because they look absolutely stunning... as do your nails!!
    Love love love your work.

  17. ElleD, try Head2Toebeauty :)

    Anonymous, haha, thank you! You may want to check out head2toebeauty or 8ty8beauty before ebay as they may have a better price :)


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