Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneak Peek! Barielle Shades Summer 2009

Summer's looking pretty good so far...

Swatches coming soon :)

(Two greens!!!)


  1. Oh, nooooooo. I'm having another "I want them all" moment. Great for my nails, bad for my wallet. These look amazing.
    Will you be swatching the Barielle spring collection? At first glance it seemed like a meh collection but it's growing on me!

  2. that blue and pink!!!

    *dies a little bit more inside*

  3. Holy shizz I need them all.

    Barielle needs to ship to me. Not fair.

  4. Vesper, I probably won't be swatching the Barielle Spring collection, I'm not sure how I feel about it! Not enough color for me :) I think the Polish Addict might be doing it soon.

    Andie, lovely bright colored ones :D

    AprilRobin, sooo happy about those! Right up my alley!

    The Asian Girl, hahah they are sooo cute!

    Megs G, another shockingly good collection from Barielle, this makes me excited!

    Mazoo, they do!!! Maybe they'll start selling them there if enough people ask for them... ;-)

  5. Ooh! Looking forward to the swatches. The 4 on the left are calling me.

  6. I am so excited for these! I usually fall asleep through the spring/summer collections but this is exciting! Two green cremes waiting for the Konad!

  7. The colors are so gorgeous. Looked through their shades on the website, they are really getting better and better with every collection they put out.
    Heard form Barielle on Twitter and they said it was only US at the moment! I think I need to start a business importing cool brands (Misa, Barielle, SpaRitual, ChG, CC etc.)
    But my Misas are on the way - am so excited :-)

  8. Oh, I've seen them before, they look great:)
    Summer 2009 can be a pretty awesome polish-summer:)

  9. They are all so pretty and summery.

  10. The purple looks lovely! Can't wait to see swatches :)

  11. back and so excited to see everyones posts!!!i know i probably wasnt noticed as MIA,because i lerk a lot of blogs and dont post, but i sure missed you guys! my house was robbed on christmas, and so were my PS3's, which means no inernet and the insurance company is not co-operating so no nail blogs,it was horrible. So, at work i entered this draw (i work for AT&T so lots of compuers) and won a computer for 25 dollars!! woot... these colors are freeeakin gorgous Scrangie :)

  12. It's like candy, like easter eggs, like Barielle had a little window into what would make me go eeeee!

  13. Do you think these will be available at CVS??? I hope so because my carried the last collection

  14. Scrangie--Put that Pink one on!


  15. Paz, workin' on it :)

    Tarotbydiana, I just tried these with Konad and they work amazingly well!

    Ane Kristine, that is a fantastic idea!!! I know that would make a lot of people very happy. In the meantime, we can only hope they will decide to ship internationally!

    Sanna, I hope so! I can't wait to see the rest of the summer polishes!

    Rmcandlelight, I agree!

    Pixie, if the sun would cooperate with me I'd have them up sooner lol <3

    Danielle, OH NO!!! That's horrible!!! I'm glad you are okay though! I missed you, it's good to see you again!

    HoneyHoneyNY, hehehe I love your description :D The names are all candy-themed too! How fun!

    Abby, I'm almost positive they will be!

    Scott, yes sir! :D

    Dee, aren't they dreamy? *sigh* :)

  16. Ooh, I think that's the closest color I've seen to Carolina blue! And it's creme! HAVE TO HAVE!

  17. Ariel, ooh neat! Misa also just released a similar shade, I can't remember the name (it's really long lol) but it's a soft sky-baby blue :)


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