Saturday, February 7, 2009

SuperStar Nail Lacquer Spring 2009 Collection: Rising Star Couture

I recently got a chance to try a few polishes from SuperStar's Spring 2009 collection, Rising Star, and I'm very pleased with them!

SuperStar is a small polish company that has some really great unique polish colors. I've previously reviewed some really nice neons from SuperStar, and these new spring colors are just as bright and flashy, but with some added oomph!

As you all know I'm a huge fan of duochrome/iridescent polishes, so as soon as I saw these colors I knew we were meant to be.

Orangeu An A-Lister? A super-bright neon coral-orange with an overlay of silvery iridescence. Bright and cheerful but with a kick! The silvery pink flash makes this a really unique neon. This color is very difficult to capture on camera because it's so bright. It's a little darker and a whole lot brighter in real life. This picture I took indoors shows just how much it glows:

Park Avenue Purple. A bright, shimmery purple with blue overlay. Really, really gorgeous. Not quite a true duochrome, more of a purple with blue iridescence. The base of this is a nearly-neon purple, and the blue shimmer adds a cheerful punch to it. Another very bright, attention-grabbing shade.

These colors are very welcome during this season of boring, drab pastels. All of SuperStar's shades are a little bit glam, a little bit edgy and above all, fun. They have duochromes, glitters, neons, greens, metallics, not the usual lifeless pink-red-white-beige shades that we're constantly being bombarded with from polish companies. I'm especially digging the neon-duochrome and neon-holo glitter combinations released in the spring collection.

The formula and brushes are excellent. I had no problems at all with application, the texture of the polish is very smooth and it dries quickly. Quick drying polishes earn big points with me!

I really appreciate SuperStar's love of color and their willingness to release fun, funky and fascinating shades instead of the stereotypical spring-summer-fall-winter 'required' polish shades. Neon raspberry with glitter in spring? Hell yeah! Metallic silver in fall? Right on!!

Another thing worth noting about SuperStar: they listen! When I had originally reviewed my first polishes from this company, a lot of people voiced their opinions about the SuperStar website being difficult to navigate and not being the most user-friendly site in general. SuperStar listened, and has completely re-designed their website with a colorful, spunky look and an easy to navigate format!

So just a reminder to all of the lovely people who read my blog: Your opinion matters! If you want something from a polish company, ask! You never know who might see your comments, and you could inspire wonderful things.

Anyway, SuperStar nail lacquer is available at the brand new SuperStar website. They currently have 24 shades which retail for $8.50 each, but if you pick five colors you can get them all for $35 with promo code 5for35.


  1. I saw your fist post for "SuperStar" and thought the colors were very nice. I have seen a new mention on a different blog and I think I'd like to try this line. Nice pictures (as always).

  2. Another lemming is born. Coral!!!! Now I have to decide on the other four I'm going to order.

  3. I love Park Avenue Purple and I really want the one called razzberry or something close to it. I just couldn't find 3 more that I liked enough to buy the 5 for $35. I'm kinda upset, but I guess I'm saving $. :(

  4. I am wearing Orangeu An A-Lister right now and I love it so much! Such a fun bright color when it is sooooo dreary outside. I also love that purple. So gorgeous! I think I'll have to pick that one up.

  5. Both are head turners! Gorgeous colors.


  6. I LOVE the first two nail varnishes. such a pretty pretty colour :) very feminine and perfect for all season.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely nail varnishes.More power to you !
    I love your blog. AMAZING !!!!

  7. I just love Orangeu An A-Lister. Do they ship to Sweden?

  8. Orangeu an a-lister looks amazing :D I wish I wasn't so stingy with my money right now :( Oh well, have to make do with your superb swatches I suppose :)

  9. Hi Scrangie,
    Could you compare Park Avenue Purple to WnW's Eggplant Frost?

  10. Love the colors. I agree with you about unique colors. I grow weary of season after season of the same shades of red, pink, white, and beige. I understand that many people wear these shades as part of everyday, work-friendly manicures, but do we really need hundreds of versions of them? Bring on the "crazy" colors!

  11. I neeeeeeeed that orange like whoa. So glowy!

    - sybelle

  12. Where can I get SuperStar nail lacquers?

  13. Denny, they're really nice!

    Tifflet, hehehe :D

    Nessa, Not even Gucci Green or Ari's Amethyst?

    Katee, I love them!

    Scott, thank you :)

    Luckymirai, awwe thank you so much :)

    Lina, ooooh I'm not sure, I'll have to check the website!

    Lina-Elvira, it's good be be stingy sometimes though :) Orly Hot House Flower may be a little harder to find but cheaper :)

    Katey, Sorry Katey, I don't have Eggplant Frost :(

    Deb, exactly! How many variations on beige can humans create?!

    Sybelle, I loooooove orange... A LOT!!

    Diann_co, isn't it purdy? :D

    Irene, last line of my post:
    "Anyway, SuperStar nail lacquer is available at the brand new SuperStar website. They currently have 24 shades which retail for $8.50 each, but if you pick five colors you can get them all for $35 with promo code 5for35."


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