Friday, August 13, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX Comparisons

Once again I'll out the cart before the horse and post the comparisons before I post the real swatches.

As soon as I saw these I knew they were similar to a some of this year's new releases. The only comparison I haven't done is Out Of This World versus Zoya Julieanne and Mimi- my mom has my bottles of Julieanne and Mimi. (Which she loves, by the way)

EDIT:  Pretty in Dayton has a great comparison with Julieanne! 

Left to right (ring to index): OPI Designer Series Magic, Sally Hansen Ultra HD Laser, Orly Lunar Eclipse.

You can see that they're not quite identical. Minor differences between each of the colors. OPI is the darkest and has the least duochrome, Sally Hansen is the lightest, most sheer and has the most duochrome and the Orly is in between. Orly has good opacity and a good amount of duochrome.

Have a look at the level of sheerness:
Left to right (index to ring)- All one coat- Orly Lunar Eclipse, Sally Hansen Laser, OPI Magic.

Lunar Eclipse, Laser and Magic at two coats. You can see that the OPI is almost entirely opaque with the Orly just slightly more sheer.

Left to right (ring to index) China Glaze Zombie Zest, SpaRitual Optical Illusion, Orly It's Not Rocket Science.

As with the previous one, pretty close but no exact matches. While Optical Illusion and Zombie Zest are definite dupes, It's Not Rocket Science is different- more opaque, more blue, more duochrome.

To show the difference in opacity:
Two coats each of (left to right) Zombie Zest, Optical Illusion, It's Not Rocket Science. You can see how much the Orly stands out here in terms of opacity. Wow.

Left to right (ring to index) Zoya Charla, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Orly Halle's Comet.

These are all so close it's hard not to call them duplicates, but as you can see in the picture, there are minute differences. Charla is bluest. OPI is lightest. Orly is greenest. Zoya has the most sparkle. Orly seems most opaque but very similar to Zoya. Here's one coat of each:

Left to right, one coat: Zoya Charla, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Orly Halle's Comet.

I was expecting the Orly ones to be really sheer, but they surprised me by being the most opaque of all! Bonus.

And these were sent to me for review. Still workin' on finishing my full swatches and perhaps compare the Zoyas with Out of This World. Whew!


  1. Thanks for doing these comparison swatches! They were VERY helpful for determining which ones I'm going to buy!! :)

  2. I knew some of them were dupes before I purchased them. I really don't care anyway, instead of buying backups, I buy dupes.

    I am slowly becoming an Orly fan and this collection as a whole is amazing, dupes or not.

    Thanks for posting this for those who do care about having dupes.

  3. I can't say I see much difference between them at all.

  4. Somewhere in the world there is a manufacturer with a huge vats of these glassy particles and this manufacturer is selling them to all the nail polish companies who are coming out with the same darn polish all year long.

    When will it end????

    I actually want the green Orly, I've got SH HDs, which are close, but I kind of want some Cosmix.

    ChG Halloween seems vital to own for the purple glitter.

    Man, think of the frankens if we could just get our hands on those raw particles!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for posting!!!

  5. I went looking for these at Sally's earlier this week and all they had in were the plastics. I really hope they're not *that* far behind in getting new stuffs in. :(

  6. Definitely getting It's Not Rocket Science and Lunar Eclipse because I don't own the dupes. If my bottle of Catch Me in Your Net runs out I'll probably pick up the Orly as a back up. OPI already discontinued CMIYN.

  7. Collection of dupes!! I guess it's hard to created something original when there is so much out there.... Thank you for the comparaisons they are really helpful !

  8. Thanks for the comparisons...they're all beautiful, but they're also so similar that even though they're not exactly, I can't appreciate the differences enough to justify owning more than one of each set (and I already have some of the close dupes!).

  9. Thanks so much for the dupes! I only need to buy two of the colours now :) Saves me money :D

  10. Thanks so much! I know this much be a lot of work. You just saved people a lot of money!

  11. Neat, I really like the comparisons with just one or two coats to show us how opaque they are or are NOT! Great idea :)

  12. Oooohhh, thanks for doing comparison swatches. Some of the orly polishes definitely reminded me of the newer Sally Hansen HD series, so I'm glad to see that SH Laser satisfies my lemming for a duochrome blue.

  13. Great comparisons!
    I am awaiting the Cosmix series, should drop on my doormat next week...And since i don't own any of the compared polishes i wont be having any dupes/lookalikes Yay!!!
    But even if i would have dupes, i still would want all the cosmix obsessive is that lol!

  14. Great comparison. Really helpful, thanks!

  15. Thanks for the comparison! Squealing from seeing the Comet.

  16. Great comparisons! It's nice to see Orly coming out with these neat colors. And I don't think Sally's is too behind on these polishes, the initial release date is in September.

  17. Thank you so much!!! I've been waiting for these for so long. Esp. the Zombie Zest/Rocket Science/OI one. So helpful. Orly all the way (I just might need to get ZZ too, because of the name). Your blog is fantastic.

  18. I didn't think I needed INRS, but I guess I might now! Thanks for doing this, great job as usual.

  19. Thanks for the comparisons, and for noting the differences between the similar colors as well!! (The comparisions of opacity levels is very helpful.)

  20. Thank you for doing this!! Very helpful!

  21. Thanks for the mention, Scrangie! You are awesome! :)

  22. I might just buy the whole Orly collection. I don't have any of the dupes. Thanks for the comparisons.



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