Friday, August 27, 2010

BB Couture For Nails Butterfly Collection for Spring 2010

Again, super behind on posting these! But I don't think they're limited edition, so I suppose there's no need for rush... Beautiful collection, take a look!

Caterpillar. Another one of BB Couture's amazing greens. This is a lighter shade of green, slightly muted, yellow-toned with tiny gold sparkles. Definitely reminds me of a caterpillar, I'd say that name is right on!

Emperor. The only one in the collection I'm not crazy about. It's a peachy pink with subtle shimmer and it's not quite right on my skintone. Not really exciting, more of a conservative soft and delicate shade.

Horned Devil. Dude. Dude! LOOK AT THIS!! It's freakin' HOT!!!!! I can't really contain my excitement. I feel the same way about BB Couture Sex on the Beach, too (and I'll post that shortly). It's one of the things that I consider to be BB Couture's signature- that teeny tiny green/gold super sparkly glitter. I don't see any other brands use it and BB uses it in a lot of their polishes and it's just so special. It looks especially incredible suspended in this red-orange jelly.

Painted Lady. Is has that same glitter as Horned Devil, but less of it and instead of a jelly it's in an orange creme. Still gorgeous, very striking and fresh and fun, but not quite as sparkly as Horned Devil. More of a subtle glitter look.

Peacock. Peacock? This name doesn't quite seem to go with the color! When I hear peacock I think of the bird, though I'm aware there are a few butterflies referred to as "peacock" (but I always thought those were orange?) Though I was inspired to search for a yellow peacock butterfly due to this polish and apparently sometimes Swallowtail butterflies are called peacock. Anyway, the name doesn't really matter cause the color is beautiful. I don't care what it's called. It's a soft yellow and it screams SPRIIIIIIINNNNNG!!! *covers ears*

Skipper. Funny... Skipper is a great name for this polish. Not because of the butterfly, but because it totally reminds me of the other Skipper- you know, Barbie's little sister? It's that perfect plastic Barbie pink that I remember from my childhood. Has a hint of blue sparkle to it. Very stereotypical 'girly' pink!

The formula on these was great. The only one that gave me trouble was Peacock, but it's yellow and yellows are notoriously bad so I'm not going to fault them for that too much. All the rest were on the thick side but applied evenly. Three coats of everything pictured here. Drying time was a little longer than the BB Couture For Men line (am I imagining this? The Men's ones dry so much faster!)

I love BB Couture. It seems like every collection they do lately has a glitter and a green in it. They're so creative, too, especially with the colors they release for BB Couture for Men. Keep the glitters, duochromes and greens coming and I'll love you forever, BB!

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. I'm so glad you swatched these. I have them all but peacock and I love them all. BBC is so creative. Now I want to have spring and summer again, but oh well.

    Can't wait to your other BBC posts!

    Thanks again :)

  2. Oh wow, I love the gold sparkle in Caterpillar!

  3. I love the BB Couture formula. Caterpillar and Horned Devil look exceptional on you ;)

  4. Caterpillar and Horned Devil are amazing! I still haven't purchased any BB Couture polishes yet.

  5. Holy crow...I forgot all about Skipper!!! These are colors that scream 'Spring!'

  6. Skipper and Emperor are gorgeous.

  7. Horned Devil = want, WANT, W-A-N-T!!!

    These are all gorgeous!

  8. I don't think I own the whole collection. I definitely have Caterpillar. I'm wearing Sex On the Beach right now. First time I'm wearing it. It's gorgeous. I agree that BB Couture should always have a green in their collection. I will always be buying them! Might have to buy some more of this collection.

  9. I love Caterpillar and Skipper. Thanks for the great swatches, Scrangie!!

  10. What a gorgeus green color! I love it!


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