Friday, August 13, 2010

More Aromaleigh Swatches

I think these are the last swatches I'll be able to do before Aromaleigh closes for good (which is in about two days), so if you're thinking of ordering I hope these will help!

So sad.

Anyway. Here's Bette Noire (BĂȘte Noire). Cool name. Even better shades.

Sabine, Solange, Viviane, Jolie, Lisette.

Colette, Mirielle, Bette, Chantal, Ambre, Aurelie, Darcelle, Amarante.

And some random Elemental Lustres and a random Gothic Lolita:

Flash, Blast, Psyche, Teddy Wisp.

Don't forget to click the images to enlarge and view more detail. Lots of cool blue, purple, copper, gold and pink sparkles in these.

I'm also currently working on these:

So stay tuned for that :D


  1. I must know what polishes those are!

  2. Are those the Cosmic FX?! The Aromaleigh swatches are all so pretty - sucks! Thanks for the teaser.

  3. Yay Cosmic FX! If I understand correctly, she's quitting Aromaleigh because of the drama that happened between her and that one Stardust cosmetics chick?

  4. OMG the Orly FX are so hot! Lovely Aromaleigh swatches, too :) I will miss AL :(

  5. I JUST discovered Aromaleigh myself recently and have fallen in love with their eyeshadows! I'm actually, uh, stocking up on them now. Like, big time. I figure I never use anything so I won't be sad about using up anything I get... might as well just haul a ton of eyeshadows from them before they close, right? Right. No nail polish for flinty this month! ;)


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