Monday, August 2, 2010

Nubar Venetian Glass Collection Fall 2010

EDIT:  Sorry... have no idea how I managed to type "2008" up there... O_o

Finally.... Nubar's fall collection! I know, I'm probably the last person to post this... Sorry :( Not intentional! Just kept getting sidetracked by other things!

This collection is inspired by beautiful Venetian glass.

Arencia. Deep red-orange glass fleck shimmer. The flecks and particles seem very golden and have a little hint of a pink duochrome in this shade.

Bronzo. Soft rusty bronze glass fleck. Maybe another way to describe it would be dirty red-coral? I usually think of bronze being browner and not quite as red, this might be more copper-bronze.

Caramello. Oooh pretty. I think this is my favorite of the collection. Really rich sparkling caramel golden-brown. Orange tones. Reminds me of fall!

Oro. Very orangey-yellowy gold glass fleck shimmer.

Rosso. Medium red glass fleck shimmer.

Vaso. Light lilac purple glass fleck shimmer. This one has a soft silvery look to it. Purple-silver fusion.

Verde. Smoky blackened blue-green and gold shimmer fusion. Not as sparkly as the other shades. Similar to Zoya Edyta, but Verde appears to have stronger green tones to me.

Vino. My second favorite! Rich burgundy wine with a slight hint of brown. The glass fleck pearls in this have a pink duochrome like the ones in Arencia!

The formula on these was good! A little on the thick side but very opaque. I didn't have any application issues. Nubar's formula is pretty consistent and I think it's usually consistently good. The only issue I had with these wasn't related to application- some of them dry quite dull- which really is a non-issue because I never skip topcoat, but I did need to use topcoat in my pictures and thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm torn on this collection. On one hand, I love the super pretty glass fleck finish. On the other hand, I feel like there's no variety. It seems like nearly all the colors are orange, gold, red or a variation on those colors. When I think of Venetian glass (or Murano glass) I think of bold bright colors in patterns. I think of swirling veins of gold, orange, yellow and brown glitter encased in glass... but I also think of really rich blue and yellow and orange! I think this collection is missing that typical Venetian glass blue. And I'd just really like a glass fleck Nubar blue. :)

Despite the lack of variety in shades, these do make me think of Venetian glass and the colors are pretty nice though some of them do appear kinda dull and not as sparkly, like Vaso and Verde. I think they're just too opaque and dense and it drowns the shimmer because it's so packed together. You don't hear me say this often but I wish they were more sheer! I think they would sparkle more that way. Think of the Milani Molten Metal collection- sheer but super sparkly.

Lots of glass-fleck style polishes coming out this year! Interesting!

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. I agree. I love the glass-fleck, but not a lot of variety, color-wise. Great swatches, though. I'm not in love with any of them, but that's okay :)

  2. I love Verde and Vaso! I really wish there were more greens and blues in this collection.

  3. They are pretty, but I agree. Where's the blues & greens? Thanks for the swatches! :-)

  4. Great swatches, I love Vaso and Verde! Fall 2008??

  5. I love Verde and Vino, they look amazing. Great swatches! :-)

  6. I understand your feelings about the color variety. Too many reds, oranges, and yellows. I have a gorgeous Murano glass pendant that is a swirl of cobalt and sky blue with copper flakies in it. I would love to see a polish inspired by that.

  7. I agree...these are all very pretty, but no blue? Seriously?! *sigh* Okay then.

  8. I love the swatches! Always flawless.
    I bought Verde and Vino already. I loved Verde (with TC, that is), and even though the finish is very nice, you're right, there's no variety. Pity, cause they could have done turquoise, blue, green, etc!

  9. If it makes you feel better, I never mind if your swatches are late because I love seeing them anyway =D. I just want the light blue purpley one. Vaso. That's the one that to me most feels like glass and stuff

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  11. I'm so glad your later with posting this collection. Nubar has a 20% off sale. Now I know which ones to buy. I was going to get the whole collection but have decided against it. I''m going to pick up Carmello, Verde and Vino. Those are my favorites.

  12. So is glass fleck a new formula? I really like these colors!

  13. Yawn. I like Nubar, but these are really boring colors.


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