Monday, August 23, 2010

First try with The Falsies....

Well... here it is. First attempt with a new mascara! I usually have trouble when I first use a brand new tube of mascara and then it usually evens out by the third or fourth time I use it. I'm on my fourth try now and it has gotten better, but my first try was pretty scary looking.

This was:

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Aromaleigh Viviane applied wet on lid
Stila Ebony in crease
Aromaleigh Mirielle on lower lash line and over Ebony in the crease
Stila Wheat highlight
Milani Liquif-Eye in Gold
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express mascara

Eek... it looks like I have a grasshopper leg or something coming off of my eye! When I first applied it to my lashes it immediately clumped them together into four groups... like four clumps of spikes... it was odd. I kept brushing through with my lash comb but it was removing too much mascara and made my lashes look skinny and short. So, after fighting with it for ten minutes or so I ended up with this compromise- short but dark and clumpy lashes!

Second time wasn't so good either, I'll post that in a bit. Third try was marginally better but I forgot to take pictures of it!

The eyeshadows were pretty at least. So much beautiful sparkle in those Aromaleigh shades. Shame. *sigh* Oh, and the eyeliner? Milani Liquif'Eye? Phenomenal. I like them even better than Urban Decay 24/7s... they just don't come in as many colors. I've been meaning to review them. They're awesome, total drugstore hidden gem, I can't believe they're under $7!


  1. Oh dear! That is GORGEOUS SHADOW ruined by funky mascara for sure! I'm glad you said the grasshopper legs thing because I thought it reminded me of the fly legs lashes that were going around and I didn't want to be the first to say it. I will stay away from this shadow.

    Seriously, though. I want to pick your brain about shadow combinations. I find you very inspiring!

  2. to say that i don't want to try falsies haha it's gotten such mixed reviews and i'd rather just stick with my fave combo: lashblast and voluminous

    oh and i LOVE the liquif'eye liners! the black stays better on me than 24/7 =]

  3. Worst mascara I've tried in a long long time. :(

  4. Love the gold eyeliner! You have pretty eyes x

  5. This is what we used to refer to as "Tammy Faye" lashes: spiders attached to eyelids! Not good! It's such a shame because the rest of your eye look is so beautiful.

  6. yeah...i used this mascara for a bit; it was good the first couple of times i used it, then if i wiped tha mascara a bit as usual, it either didnt deposit much mascara or it went on very unevenly. if i didnt wipe the mascara at all, then its a clumptastic disaster. the search goes on...

  7. The shadow combination is amazing! It really makes your eye colour stand out especially with that pop of gold liner. Shame the clumpy mascara ruined it - Falsies hmm false advertisment maybe not false lash effect! xx

  8. haha the eyeshadow is amazing, and i dont mean to be rude but the eyelashes remind me of this

  9. I hope you do a review on the eyeliner soon. I love liner and wear it always. Aromaleigh has some beautiful shadows. You do beautiful eye makeup with them.

  10. Pretty colors and I like the eyeliner.

  11. I love your make up. And I adore that mascara, it's my current favorite one!

  12. hiya, know its one of old posts, but just to share my experience, im using falsies over any lengthening mascara (im using gosh) and a tiny touch of thickening over a base of ur lashes, or add a drop of glycerin to it, it wont clump and will glide a bit smoother.... xoxo


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