Friday, September 25, 2009

Stila 24k Collection

Stila recently released a few products that all contain real 24k gold. The gold is supposed to have 'skin revitalizing effects' but I just think it looks cool! All of the products go really well together, and they're not glittery like I had expected. Just a really delicate, textured shimmer.

There's the Golden Noir Smudge Pot, the Charmed Eyeshadow Palette and 24k Glaze.

Here's the Charmed Eyeshadow Palette... (which appears to be 50% off right now)
Edit: I just noticed that it's $5 cheaper on $10 for the palette, that's almost like stealing it, LOL

There's a dark golden warm pink shimmer, a bronze-gold shimmer, a teal/aqua shimmer and a black with red pearl. I've looked everywhere on the packaging but I can't find any names for the shades, so they may not actually be named. The texture is true to Stila standards- SUPER soft, smooth, silky. The teal and the black are not very pigmented, but the gold and pink are super pigmented. The look I've been doing with this palette is the pink on the lid, the black in the crease and a little of the gold in the inner corner. I took a picture of it but I can't seem to find it... When I find it or remember what I named it, I'll post it. The other look I've done with this is Gold all over the lid, black mixed with gold in the crease and the blue on the lower lashline.

The Golden Noir smudgepot. I love this. It's so cool. It's a matte black gel liner with big flakes of gold that ACTUALLY SHOW UP!!! The texture is more dry than a MAC Fluidline but not as dry as a Smashbox Creme Liner. It sets pretty quickly so you're not accidentally wiping it off when you try to curl your lashes or rub your eyes later in the day.

This is the Stila 24k Glaze in Brilliant Pink. Unfortunately, I can't find this anywhere online, I didn't realize it but it must have been limited edition. It will likely end up at BeautyCrunch or the CCO at some point, so I don't think it'll be too hard to find.

The 24k Glaze came in a bunch of shades, but this one really stood out to me. It's a deep, bright pink. Not neon-bright, but it definitely adds a little freshness. It's packed to the brim with fine shimmer pearls- a lot like a MAC Dazzleglass. This isn't the standard Stila Lip Glaze texture, either. It's sort of thin and silky, not really thick and sticky. It does need to be re-applied often. It smells really good too, like a... nondescript fruity cake smell? I enjoy it. The only thing I don't like about this gloss is the packaging- yes, it's adorable, but the twisty part that you have to turn to dispense the product leaks. Gloss oozes out the side of the packaging. It's a very flawed design, as I unfortunately discovered by reaching into my purse to pull out a hand full of gloss.

Are you guys Stila fans? I'm a Stila fan. Have you seen THIS????

I think I'm about to faint. Is it getting hot in here???


  1. I just bought my first Stila product. I got the Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eye Shadow Palette. I am impressed with it. Besides being a great bargain ($28 for 12 shades), the shadows are so soft and silky.

  2. I have a few smudge pots from Stila. Hands down, best eyeliner ever!

  3. I recently got Charmed and love it! I should really have more Stila :)

  4. You temptress you! I'd love to get those holiday smudge pots. I have the Barbie Loves Stila and I think that's about it. I do love their shadows. The texture is what I love. I will be checking out more things in the future.

  5. Oh yes... I have been a Stila fan for years! Around 2004, I used to visit their free-standing boutique EVERY WEEK for a year. It was a sickness, I'm sure of it.

    I ordered the holiday smudge pot set yesterday since my old smudge pots dried up. Plus, they're small pots so I might actually use them up!

    Buy them, Scrangie! Use the code FALLSHIPPING for free shipping until 9/27. :)

  6. BIG Stila fan. Got the Charmed palette back when they first mentioned it on Twitter. Love the smooth texture on the shadows but the shades just aren't for me. I'm really eager to try Smudgepots - can't believe I haven't yet! Definitely have my eye on the Barbie palette - would love to see you swatch that!

  7. Oh, thanks, like I needed you to enable me in even more categories! :P

    I do love Stila, too, and these are lovely!

  8. Stila has left the UK :(

  9. I have seen these on Youtube and they are so gorgeous.

  10. Dear Scrangie

    I'm a loyal reader of yours. My boyfriend always comments that why am I always reading that same site. I have gotten so much help, information and inspiration from you.

    Mut dearest Scrangie, at times you make me go crazy. You show me these incredible new things and I get so excited and full of joy, until the harsh reality hits me. I live in Europe, in Finland, and let me just tell you, it ain't easy finding things that I want. Usually I return to my other dear friend ebay, but even that doesn't always help.

    So I ask of you, could you some day write a list of good, trustworthy webshops that deliver internationally. I know it might be a lot of work but Scrangie, that's all I ask of you.

    (I wanted to buy the Scrangie from rbl so bad, but they charge 38 dollars from shipping. Do you hate us Europeans back there?)

    With Kind Regards


  11. Stila's lipglazes are my favs, next to MAC's glosses. What can I say...I love 'em. I like the way the gold shows in the smudge pot.

  12. I would love to see a pic of the 24k smudge pot as part of an eye look! Does the gold show up? Does it "soften" the black? (Black eyeliner tends to look harsh on me.)

    The holiday smudge pots look fantastic!

  13. Real - no wonder they went bust in the UK!

    I just got my first Stila products (3 x lip glosses from a swap with Mary) and so far it is love!

    Those smudge pots look amazing :)

  14. I love stila smudge pots! I have saggy eyelids and very watery eyes so liner is such a nightmare til I got a few of these. Those new colors look exciting :D

  15. You want Stila deals? I've got a Stila deal for you.$sessionid$YNRIKAQSIX1T2CV0KRTQQAQ;jsessionid=YNRIKAQSIX1T2CV0KRTQQAQ?categoryId=A17&id=P246608

    Both full size products for $10! I thought I was seeing things! And the bronzer isn't that horrible orange you get a lot of times; it's just plain natural looking (matte!) tan. Love it.

  16. I've always wondered when makeup companies market their products to contain 24k gold.. Karat is a weight unit and somehow I don't see them using that much on one item. So the 24k is used on what..?

    I love Stila's lipglazes. They are a bit sticky, I admit, but they look so nice and glossy...

  17. I don't own any Stila products as of yet... but I may have to try that smudge pot. It looks really pretty!

  18. Who doesnt love 24k? even if it isnt jewelery ;) Great post!

  19. I got a Stila discovery kit off of that included major major mascara, lip glaze, gel eyeliner (really a cream not gel) and all over color in Peony. I can tell you right now if I'd paid 20 bucks for the lip glaze alone I'd be extremely pissed off as it was nothing special, not worth 20. Since it was part of a kit and all of it was 29 bucks it was a good deal for all of it.


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