Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nicole by OPI for Fall 2009

Here are two of Nicole's new shades for fall. I hear that there are also two glitters that go along with these- a star-shaped glitter and a holo glitter- but I haven't been able to find them! The glitters were spotted recently in Canada so maybe they'll make their way here soon.

Violet Vibe. Light, frosty, pearly purple shimmer. A purple with more pink tones. It's like an almost pastel version of Nubar Pasadena Purple. Same kind of soft pearly finish. This one was kind of tricky for me to apply. It's thin and frosty plus it's on the sheer side... Not a good combination! I think this is three coats.

You're Blue-tiful. Bright sky blue frosty shimmer. I don't know why my hands look so red in this picture... that's bizarre. Anyway, I really like this polish! I always tell myself I have a million blues and they're all so similar to each other, but every time a new blue comes along I go "Ooooh!" and have to have it. I just really love blue polish! And this is a nice one. Much more opaque and lots easier to apply than Violet Vibe. It's still kind frosty/pearly but not as much as Violet Vibe.

I can't wait to see the glitters in person... I'm a sucker for glitter. I need glitter. I put glitter in my oatmeal.


  1. These don´t look fall to me, but I love the first one! Beautiful :)

  2. Could you possibly do a comparison swatch of You're Blue-tiful with Zoya's Jo and Tallulah. I have Jo and I am curious about the other two. I love blues too. Purple, green and blue are my favorite makeup and polish colors. Feel free to put other blues on the other fingers if you are able to do a swatch. Thanks and I love your blog :)

  3. Oh very pretty! I'd love to see the glittery ones if you'd be able to find them :)


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