Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New OPI Designer Series Shades for Fall 2009

A little while ago, OPI released two new gorgeous shades to the Designer Series line. The OPI Designer Series is known for being holographic, so that's what I was expecting. I was surprised to see that these two shades were not holographic, but holo or not, they're beautiful.

Since I couldn't get one good picture of either of them, how about a bunch of crappy pictures of both?

Glow, outdoors, overcast.

Glow, with flash.

Glow, indoors, ambient light.

Glow, dim sunlight. OPI Designer Series Glow is a copper-gold-bronze metallic fusion. It's made up of lots of little metal platelets, all of different shades and they combine to make a super-sparkly warm-to-neutral light gold and copper shade. It can take on some orange tones depending on the light, as seen in these pictures. It can also look more neutral and golden. It all depends on how the light is reflecting off the metallic particles. Even though it's not holo, it's ridiculously beautiful. It sparkles like crazy. As a bonus, it behaves like a glitter but it's not a glitter so there's no difficult removal process.

Mystery, outdoors, overcast.

Mystery, with flash, blurred to enhance shimmer.

Mystery, indoors, ambient light.

Mystery, dim sunlight.

OPI Designer Series Mystery is a deep translucent or jelly-like purple base with tons of gold shimmer flakes. It's not glitter circles- they're tiny, super thin little flecks of gold. Irregular shapes. Smooth, not bumpy. On the first coat you can see that the base is a vibrant blue-toned purple with glistening gold dust. I like the way it looks with one coat, but I hate visible nail line so I do two. With two coats it becomes a deep vampy purple jelly with a large amount of gold flakes. This is unique in my collection and it's beautiful to behold.

The formula on both of these is consistent with previous Designer Series shades. Thin, smooth, very quick drying, easy to apply. These are very opaque, pictured above are two coats of polish. Some of the previous Designer Series shades needed three or more coats depending on the shade. There really don't need more than two but would probably look even better with more. I had zero application issues.

While I am a little disappointed that OPI didn't release two new holographic shades, I still love these. They're unique and sparkly and are both something I would actually wear. I think they would even look good together, either as a mani/pedi combo or with some nail art. In fact, I think I'm going to try that. Maybe a funky french.

Maybe OPI will do some more holos next year. OPI, if you're listening, I want the smooth linear holographic effect of the original Designer Series polishes, and this time I want darker shades. A dark purple, a bright yellow (not gold), a true red (not coral or pink), a dark green and possibly a true orange (also not coral or pink).

What? A little wishful thinking never hurt anyone ;-)


  1. yes! darker holos! I bought Mystery online and was a little sad it wasn't a holo, but still like it. I want a dark violet holo and a dark purple holo. also a dark forest green, a dark swamp green, and a bright seagreen holo. although I would also love a dark green version of Princesses Rule.

  2. Looove Mystery, I think I'll be getting that one.

  3. LOL Scrangie, even your crappy pics are pretty damn good =) (Good enough to distract me while at work LOL).

    I think I prefer Glow out of these 2 ... I wish OPI would re-release some of the earlier DS polishes ... the ones I never knew about until I started blogging & now can't find anywhere =(

  4. OMG I want that mystery shade like woah!! It looks like the universe, lol!

  5. I love Mystery! Do you know any good retailers online where I could find it?

  6. Here's hoping that OPI listens to your request :)

  7. I am loving mystery, this may be my first OPI DS shade, Thanks for the great swatches as always!

  8. Hey !
    It's been a loooong time that I come on your blog and I really loooove your nails, and all your photos ! I'm also a "Nail Addict" and I often go on your blog when i wanna buy a new polish to see the color on nails. I have put your link on my proper blog ( If you don't want to see your link on my blog just tell me and I will delete it.
    Thank u for all these beauuutifuuul photos !!!

    PS : excuse me for my bad english, but i'm french ^^

  9. Scrangie, THANK YOU!!!
    I hope that OPI listens and creates those shades you (and everybody else) want!

  10. Ah, we have both been out taking ill lit photos. Thankfully readers don't disparage us for the sun not being out. Whew!

    I am profoundly interested in Glow. Metallics are so striking on the nail. I always feel like I am wearing extra jewelry when I paint on a metallic shade.

    Mystery is quite intriguing. I love polishes that have names like Mystery. It usually means they will be unusual in a delightful way.

  11. I recently purchased Mystery and it is absolutely stunning.Thanks for the swatches!

  12. Love your review/article on the DS and especially your holo suggestions! :D

    I'm so disappointed in Mystery *sigh*

  13. Glow looks fantastic, does it have a foil finish? I'm always on the hunt for foils!

  14. Glow looks really interesting. Mystery reminds me of "Baby, It's Coal Outside".

  15. Dear OPI, why only two additions to the Designer Series? And why are you so resistent to greent? We love green. Scrangie loves green. Everyone is embracing the wonderful green phenomenon, and all you do is grudgingly give us Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. Please give us more greens. And more sparklies. And more holos. Thank you.

    P.S. The flakes are pretty awesome, though. But you could do so much more!

  16. OPI listen to Scrangie! She knows color. Look at the beautiful color she did for RBL! I agree with all your wants. I would also love a green like Princesses Rules, yea firepail! I still want these. Wish I had all of the DS series.

  17. I totally agreed with Scrangie!OPI need more green in their DS series!

  18. When is this collection coming out? i am all over Mystery:) YUM

  19. I love the looks of Glow! So pretty!

  20. Oh scrangie you truly have done it again. I've ALWAYS adored your nails from when i first started following your blog about 1 yr ago, i think you have the best natural talons on the blogesphere lol! (polishaddict's nails are a close 2nd)

    but anyway you had me sold on GLOW,I got a bargin off ebay for £10.98 as its a staggering £17 full price...i think your pix were perfect & i love that u took so many.My collection of OPI' and CG's continues to grow as a direct result of observing your lovely swatches!my wallet is disleased but i love my nails so so be it!

    BTW I await your FAQ nail care section you said u intend on doing. I may also have some tips of my own to add, have you heard of a brand called Mavala? Its worth a look into.


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