Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Color Club Master of Disguise for Halloween 2009

Of course, by now you all know how crazy I am about seasonal-themed things, especially Halloween nail polish... Here's another cute set I love from Color Club!

Here's the little set. Isn't it cute? These are minis. Ghost of Chance, Abracadabra, Taboo!, Master of Disguise.

Ghost of Chance. Pure white creme. This is pretty much your standard white creme. Good formula, fast drying.

Abracadabra. Orange glitter in an orange jelly base. This is awesome! Orange glitter! This is really unique as well, I've never seen another polish quite like this one. Also looks great layered.

Taboo! Deep shimmery blue based purple. This picture lies about the color. It's really purple. You know, cameras and purple, that thing. This is a reminiscent of OPI Ink or Color Club Electronica, to give you an idea. Super, super pretty.

Master of Disguise. Black creme. A basic black creme. This could be a re-named Where's The Soiree? but I find the formula of this one to be better. This wasn't watery or sheer, in fact, it was dense, smooth and opaque. *Almost* a one-coater.

Here's Abracadabra layered:
Abracadabra over Ghost Of Chance.

Abracadabra over Master Of Disguise.

Abracadabra over Taboo! This one looks really cool in person but the photo doesn't really capture it.

Cute cute cute!! I love Color Club.


  1. SUPER fab swatches, as usual!! Love 'em!!! I really love the orange (I have been on the hugest orange kick lately) but I wish that we could give some different releases in Halloween packs besides white and black cremes. All of them have that: OPI, China Glaze, Color club... please give us something new! I don't need so many blacks and whites, and I have no choice but to get them if I want the other polishes in these sets! *sigh*

  2. This is so hot! Love the whole colletion :)

  3. I love that you post so often. It means I get a regular treat reading your blog - thank you.

    I love these Halloween sets but many of them I have not seen in Canada. Good thing you have given me time to find them.

  4. Great swatches! I love abracadabra, it is so pretty!

  5. ooooh! lovely!!! I LOVE seeing Halloween makeup kit displays at the drugstores, it gets me so excited for the upcoming holidays ;D


  6. The blue is my pick. It's amazing!

  7. It seems like I've been seeing a lot of fun glitters lately. And it's not just regular glitter either. I've seen a lot of unusually shaped and sized glitter. Heck, I was in Hot Topic the other day, and they had some polishes I hadn't seen before. They had holographic bar glitter in a black base!

  8. That set looks great on you! Esp the glitter!
    hmmm.... is it me or does it seem like everyone is jumping on the glitter bandwagon?! BUT who cares! LOVE GLITTER!

  9. Love the orange glitter! My Where's the soirée WAS nice, smooth and almost a one coater... strange!

  10. If it isn't too much trouble, could you tell us how many coats of each you used?
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  11. sometimes i just don't like you... you know.. those days when i've exhausted my spare change and part of my rent money to make a purchase of some more china glazes and OPIs....

  12. I just got this set. I just wish they'd leave out the black and white. Don't we all have enough of them? How about some green or something else. Your nails look gorgeous in them all. I love abracadabra over the black and white.

  13. I am so jealous of your nails and all the different colors and brands of nail polish that you have. It all seems so perfect. I have naturally pretty long nails but I have a problem with them breaking especially at the corners, do you have any suggestions? Also, what do you suggest for keeping nail polish from chipping? And lastly, whenever I go to buy nail polish in CVS, I end up breaking the banks. How do you find affordable yet amazing quality polishes?

  14. I really dig Master of Disguise. Black is really hot when used on pretty, feminine, manicured nails. Not so much when it's a goth accessory.



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