Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"New" Sinful Colors Glitters for Fall 2009

I say "new" in quotations like that because even though they were just added to the displays, I feel like I've seen these before. Some of these might have been renamed, or maybe re-released from the old Sinful days when all the colors were awesome and came in round bottles and not this weird onion shape... Anyway, here are the ones I picked up- not sure if this is all of them or not!

All About You. A really fascinating gold combination- it has very small, fine warm gold glitter and then some slightly larger sized coppery gold glitter. Really gorgeous in the bottle. It looks cool on the nail, too, but it seems to lose some depth. I think this is four coats, Sinfuls are usually really sheer.

Call You Later. Light, yellowy-golden green glitter and larger medium grass green glitter. I love this! Green glitter! This is a great layering glitter because it's not too dense to cover the base color. My friend loved this one over purple on me. I prefer it alone, but there are so many layering possibilities. This is four coats, it is sheer.

Frenzy. A red-toned purple and blue glitter combination. This is similar to a lot of other polishes, but this one also has its own distinct features. Frenzy is an even mixture of the two colors and the two glitters are also the same size. This is three coats, it's slightly less sheer than the others.

I Love You. Sweet merciful crap. PURPLE GLITTER. Real purple glitter!!!! With slight duochrome!!! This is a color I've been waiting for for a long time. This is very fine, shiny purple glitter with slight gold duochrome in a deep purple jelly base. So many "purple glitter" polishes I buy end up being gross grey-lavender glitter in a murky grey base (LA Girl and Nubar come to mind first) but this one is all purple. It is glorious. We're best friends now. Three coats.

I Miss You. Small silver glitter and a sprinkling of larger holographic glitter in a mauve-purple jelly base. This one isn't purple enough for me but I still like it. I'll never reject a glitter! I bleed glitter. Anyway, this one is also probably better suited for layering as it is rather sheer. I think this is three or four coats. I did these swatches a while ago and my memory isn't what it used to be.

Nail Junkie. Turquoise-aqua sheer base with fine silver glitter and a touch of larger holographic glitter. It's so beautiful. Like sparkling ocean water. I just love to pick up the bottle and stare at it. Why yes, I am easily amused! But seriously. This is awesome. It looks great layered over pretty much everything, and if you can stand having visible nail line it looks good on its own as well. This is four coats.

I'm really not a fan of Sinful's formula, but I put up with it because they have such great colors. I've always been a Sinful fan- I used to have a huge stockpile of Sinful in the 90s. I miss the 90s. Anyway, the formula. It's a little on the thick side and also sheer for these shades so it can be a tricky combination. Let each coat dry for at least a minute before the next coat to avoid that weird gloppy smudgy thing that happens when you try to apply too much thick polish. These also take quite a while to dry. They set pretty quickly with quick dry topcoat but are still dentable for over an hour. When layering, these polishes have no formula problems. One coat will dry quickly and be a good texture. It all depends on how you plan to wear these.

Another score for Sinful. Anyone who gives me glitter gets a gold star in my book.


  1. I am crazy in love with these for layering! Especially Nail Junkie.

    - sybelle

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  3. I am in LOVE with these colours. So jealous. We don't get alot of these brands in Canada (Colour Club, Sinful etc.)

    If anyone knows of an online site it would be greatly appreciated.

    Such gorgeous colours!

  4. You may have seen them in the last couple months if you frequent other polish blogs, I think some people were getting them before others (just seems to happen with Walgreens, finding new polishes is hit or miss), but I *think* they are all new. I picked up All About You at a Walgreens further from my house (versus the one I usually go to) about a month ago, and I know I've seen "I Love You" at multiple Walgreens in the last month or so.

    Funny enough, Nail Junkie seems to be a fairly close match to ChG Atlantis.

  5. These have been out for awhile now, some of them are repromotes. I need to pick up more of these though!

  6. Thanks for showing these!
    I too really love Call You Later. Someone saw a picture of me wearing this and said it was a "Wicked" mani!
    I have Nail Junkie and the Gold one. I think I'll get I Love You as well.

  7. i have the first two, and i like them. i dont have many sinful's, but the ones i do have i haven't had any problems with them application wise.

    missdeecanada: sinful has their own website so maybe you can get them from there.

  8. The only one I don't have is Frenzy. The rest I got last month. I always have my girlfriend check for new drugstore polishes. The Walgreens near me seems to actually get in new colors. Linda always finds the new collections. She is now know as "The Nail Polish Lady". She got that title because of me! So far she hasn't been lucky in finding the Milani glitters and the black witht he glitters. Darn! She passes by a Walgreens and a CVS so that's why she gets to do the searching. They all look gorgeous on you. I also bleed glitter! Nail Junkie is my favorite.

  9. When you say about disappointing purple glitters are you referring to Nubar purple rain glitter? Because I've been lemming that one for aaages and it'd be good to know if it's a dud.

  10. I know this is a stupid question but here it goes...
    I love glitter on my nails, same as you, but lately I've been avoiding it because it takes soooo long to remove it... Do you use smth special or do you really have the patience to rub it off?

    thank you!

  11. I miss the 90's, too. Everything was covered in thick glitter in the 90's.
    Call You Later and Nail Junkie look awesome.

  12. Ahh, a purple and glitter junkie after my own heart! Yeah, not really 'new' since I bought a bunch of these like a month ago, but who cares, they deserve to be in the spotlight! 2 coats of Frenzy is amazing over purple, FYI ;)

  13. Maybe try a different base - for example, a deep purple for the I Love You, that way you avoid layering so much with a sheer. Will it change the color? Maybe, but it will avoid making the polish way too thick. Cheers!

  14. i love that nail junkie! i layered it with aruba blue from etsy and it gave a lovely mermaid shimmer :)


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