Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Swatches and Review

Magnetic polishes are super popular right now and drugstore brands are starting to jump on the magnetic polish bandwagon. Never being one to miss out on a trend, Sally Hansen has introduced their very own line of magnetic polishes. The Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color collection consists of eight colors. I'm missing two (Kinetic Copper and Red-y Response) and haven't been able to find them, but I have the rest of the shades to review.

Each bottle has a color-matched wavy-patterened wrapper over the cap with a clear portion over the bottle. This is a removable safety seal. I'm really happy about this particular feature because it means one, no one can use the polish in the store, and two, no one can steal the magnets. Well, I mean, they can do those things, but you'll be able to tell.

Each bottle features a wave-patterned magnet with a cuticle guard on a removable overcap, just like the Nails Inc. and Color Club magnetics.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Electric Emerald. A midtone green that starts out light and frosty but separates into dark green with sparkles with stripes of lighter silvery green.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Golden Conduct. Seems more bronze than gold. Has a lot of really pretty microglitter in it that becomes extra noticeable after the magnet is applied.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Graphite Gravity. Looks like a charcoal shimmer until the magnet is applied, at which point it transforms into matte black jelly with silver metallic waves.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo. Cool indigo blue that shows lots of purple shimmer and a hint of purple duochrome when the magnet is applied.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Polar Purple. Mauve purple metallic with little bits of microglitter.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Silver Elements. My favorite one. Looks like a silver foil normally, but applying the magnet causes it to separate into silver metallic waves with silver microglitter on a black background in between.

The formula on these was good. A little thick, but nothing unusual for a magnetic. They apply smoothly and dry quickly. The magnetic effect somehow doesn't seem as strong in these as in some of the others I've used, but they're really not bad at all. The magnet seems very strong, just like the Nails Inc. one. I used three coats of polish plus topcoat because they dry to a satin finish. That's also why some of the colors look streaked- I didn't wait long enough to apply my topcoat.

Overall, very good. The Color Club Magnetic Force polishes seem slightly stronger to me, but the Sally Hansen ones work just fine and are much easier to find than the Color Clubs. My favorite colors in the collection are Silver Elements and Graphite Gravity. All the colors look good as regular polish colors without the magnet, so that's a bonus.

For some more detailed instructions and answers to some common questions regarding magnetic polishes, take a look at my magnetic polish FAQ.

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  1. They seem to have very strong and definite lines, I'd be interested to see if they remix like some of the others you've tried. I especially like the Indigo.

  2. How do they remove and how durable are they? I've only tried the Boots 17 version and it peeled off after a day and what remained stained my fingers very badly on removal.

    Also, is it true that all magnetic polishes are made by the same manufacturer? The bottle here looks very similar to the Boots and Nails Inc ones and the colours are similar too.

  3. I really like the Golden Conduct! Very pretty swatches!

  4. Oh, I like Silver Elements, Graphite Gravity and Electric Emerald. Golden Rose has something similar to Silver Elements - a magnetic polish under number 202.

  5. I haven't tried CC ones yet but of all the others I've tried SH gives the most distinct pattern (I think the magnet is really good).

  6. I really like the green! The sparkles are so pretty :)

  7. Your nails are always flawless, Scrangie! :) Thanks for showing us photos of these colours.

    You know, even though I like the way the effects look on the nail, I never got on board the magnetic polish trend. It's probably the only big nail trend I passed up. But I do love admiring it on others! Beautiful!

    Hope you're doing well, Scrangie! :) Have a great evening.

  8. Those are my two favorite as well!! I've been (very successfully) avoiding these due to the price tag but those two colors are ridiculous. Stunning. Going on my wishlist!

  9. Your magnetic nail photos are what got me into nail polish. I literally hadn't painted my nails in 9 years when I saw your pictures and thought "What?! They make magnetic nail polish, too cool!" Now I suddenly have a little nail polish collection, five of which are magnetic and three are holos.

  10. Polar Purple looks VERY similar to Lippmann's Berry Metal.

  11. Polar Purple looks very similar to Lippmann's Berry Metal. I know I'm commenting late, but I've been on a serious hiatus and came back to check out your blog to catch up!

  12. I've got Kinetic Copper, and while it's not all that different from the "gold" color I'm enjoying it. With the waves, it looks almost like tiger's eye. The waves did blur after a few days, but the effect remained.


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