Saturday, August 1, 2009

Upcoming Posts?

Okay, so I won't be around long enough to do an actual post today, so how about some nice bottle pictures?

All of these are things I'm trying to swatch for upcoming posts. Some are new, some are old, some are harder to find. Personally, I love looking at bottle pictures... maybe I should do some more often!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. wow i feel so special! i get to be the first to comment!! i had the flower looking nail polishes (the very first one in the box on the left). but it dried out so quickly for some reason :(

    i can't wait for your swatches!!

  2. I'm drooling here! want them all! the lechat shades looks gorgeous! can't wait to the swatchs...:-)

  3. Ah Scrangie! I almost bought those LeChat Disco Tech's this morning. I'm partial to bottle pics myself, especially with glitters. There is nothing more satisfying than a fabulous glitter packed bottle pic. Serious bottle pr0n. Oh, its MissHavisham by the way. (Jen in real life) And those Goldies too..I'm peeved they don't make polish anymore, the ones I bought at Marshalls have top billing atop the helmer due to incredible cuteness. And I'm not usually a sucker for cute. Give me a KO bottle any day...but the Goldies are irresistible.

  4. OMG is that a BLACK French tip pen?? :) I love bottle pix too, and these are all delicious!

  5. You've given us much to look forward to! I just ordered some LeChat so I'm anxious to see yours :)

  6. OMG i need the Lechat diso pretty

  7. Oh dear sweet Jesus!! I can't wait for swatches!! Yours are always the best, and these look like the kind that I'd see at the store and stand there forever trying to decide if they would look as cute as they look in the bottle!

  8. Where did you get those LeChat polishes from? There is one website I know of but they don't have pics. of most of them. Can't wait for the swatches!

    That Eyeco pic. cracks me up. For nasty nails??

  9. oh I can't wait to see the Eyeko polishes. Espec the disco one! Have a good weekend Scrangie!

  10. I'm very interested in seeing and reading about all these special polishes. I've never seen any of those. I must be living under a rock.

  11. Oo! A lot of pretty nail polishes to look forward to! Can't wait to see :)

  12. Ok, those polishes in the 3rd picture look extremely awesome. What brand is that? I think you should swatch them first. :)

  13. Those Goldie bottles are adorable. They have nice figures.

    I love scented nail polish! I am so curious about the set from Claire's.

    Eyeko's packaging excites me!

    Glitter is a profound reason to wake up in the morning.

    Bottle pics! Yes!

  14. Hi Scrangie, please show us those Konad Princess polishes very soon! I am making a Konad order in a week or so, and would love to see those colors swatched. (I might want to add a few to my order) Which color is the first bottle? Jungle Green?

  15. Looks like an interesting selection of colors. The Eyeko polish bottles were rather amusing. However, I can't say I agree with the the "Vampy Polish" being for nasty nails. When someone says "nasty nails", I think dirty and fungus infected.

  16. i am really interested in hearing your opinion about the eyeko polishes, people love them but i can't get the hang of them!!! i have the pastel polish (light blue) and the pretty polish (light pink)

  17. Ru, haha, awesome!

    Inbal, they're all so pretty!

    Anonymous, they're so sparkly and opaque, some of my favorite glitters! I got a lot of mine from Bath and Body Works when they cleared them out and got the rest at Marshall's :D

    Lina-Elvira, it is! It works pretty darn well too! :)

    Mary, yay, I love them all!

    Mama Jen, you do, they're soooo good!

    MariahGem, haha, awwe! Thank you! That makes me really happy!

    Danica, lol, I think it's kinda funny :D

    Jennifer, I actually got mine from a beauty show that I went to in March and I haven't gotten a chance to swatch yet >.<

    Cacauate, the Disco is my favorite one!

    Lucy, they're really nice and opaque and such cool colors!

    Nail Fanatic, I hope I can get them all posted soon!

    Faith, that's Eyeko! :) They're really cute, I have them all photographed, I just need a chance to post 'em :D

    Paintedladyfingers, haha, indeed they do! I love scented polish, I impulsively buy every one I find to make up for the great ones I threw out in the 90s :(

    Anonymous, I believe it is Jungle Green :) Will do these soon, I'm going to be doing a lot of Konad stuff soon!

    Deb, I thought it was funny- I think "Nasty" like... naughty sexy nails :D

    Patricia, those were the only ones I had trouble with! The other ones were great, but the pink and blue were really difficult to apply.

  18. I can't wait to see those aah!

    The last sets of polish are such cute bottles.

  19. Ah! I can't wait to see the Disco Techs! I have been plotting buying them myself! Glitter = *drool*

  20. Squeal! I *heart* those Konad colors! Can't wait to see the swatches!

  21. Oh That's something to look forward to:D have a great Sunday!!!

  22. looking forward to the konad swatching.....
    how/whe do you take time to swatch, photo, edit photos, & post!? oh yeah....all AFTER waiting fo rthe nails to dry!

    oh you BUY all these polishes? not only would it BE a full time would TAKE a full time job just to support such a habit? oh do tell your secrets!.....,, really- tell me
    lol (well, silly evil laughter)

  23. oops forgot to click the follow comment thingy...below i mean

  24. Hey Scrangie :) I too am excited to see all these swatched and this is a HUGE tease LOL I also had another question about which brand of glass nail file you recommend. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Have a great rest of the weekend!!

  25. Hi Scrangie!
    I hope you can help me.
    I'm about to order some Zoya, and I wonder if Zoya Indigo and Zoya Ibiza (from Dare) are dupes?
    I already have Indigo but haven't tried it on yet. Do you think I should get Ibiza to or are they too alike?
    Thank you, your blog is great!

  26. i love those konad colors - are they new?

    i like the claire's colors too but have found that i don't like their consistency or finish... would love to see your post on it :)

    the black french tip pen looks heavenly


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