Sunday, November 2, 2008

eBay Scumbags

Wow, some scumbag has stolen my images, cropped them down to remove my watermark, put their OWN watermark on MY picture and is using them for auctions on eBay!

That makes me FURIOUS!!!

I do not make money from my website, and someone stealing MY hard work in order to make money for themselves?? Disgusting. It makes my blood boil.

I know it goes without saying, but DO NOT USE MY IMAGES ON EBAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!

You all know I'm a nice person and if you ask my permission to use my images, I'll most likely say yes! You don't even have to ask me first as long as you credit me for it. To see my pictures altered and used like this just... ugh. It makes me feel awful.

If anyone wants to see this scumbag's auction, I'll post it, but I didn't want to give them any advertising. They don't deserve one red cent for stealing my pictures.


  1. What bugs me is that you can report an ebay auction for people selling copyrighted materials, but there are SEVERAL sellers stealing NP images and there's no way to report that. It's infuriating.

  2. Grapejlee, there is a way to report it, I'm pretty sure. You can choose "Seller copied listing" and there's a section where it says that the seller stole images from another website or user.

    I've been filling out the "seller has stolen my intellectual property" form in hopes that it will get them to remove my images. :( :( :(

  3. Good for you, I think you should....

    who ever it is should be made aware that the pics need to come down asap!

    I cant believe the nerve of some people! What a tool!

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous and infuriating. Why do people feel entitled to things simply b/c they are on the "internet" and not physical items (i.e. they wouldn't go to your house to steal your pictures but taking them from a website is "okay")? Stealing is stealing and something needs to be done about the rampant picture-stealing and even blog-entry-stealing that I see so often. :(

  5. Hey Scrangie,

    One time someone stole one of my pics. I emailed them that if they didn't remove it I would report them. It worked - they removed it. Did you contact the seller to let them know it wasn't OK?


  6. I agree, I think that you should contact the seller through their ebay site, and tell them you don't want them to use your pictures. We can hope they did this out of ignorance, instead of malice. Although, it does seem like it would have been a great opportunity for the seller to ask you for permission, and then state in their item description, "as seen in Scrangie".

  7. Well... you can always use programs like Auctiva that makes all your photos and words non-copyable.... (is that a word?).

    Also... when you take a picture, right click on it with your mouse and choose PROPERTIES and then... add in your name to it or your e-bay ID.... its quick to do. Most people when they steal pictures do not take the time to change teh properties, only to crop it enough to pass copyright infringement laws. But if you could "show" e-bay your name ID on the picture then they would know for sure.

    With Auctiva I am able to put up to 24 pictures up and frankly, I dont care if people steal my pictures. I get notes from people asking. They generally sale their items for more than we do, I know because they have purchased their fabrics through, with or from us.

  8. When I say to Right Click your mouse on the picture > Choose Properties > Place your name into the Properties area. This is NOT a watermark. This is like your bone structure of your body, unless someone knew to check the properties they would not know to change them.

    Go into your photo's, right click - see what identifiers your art program places into them. Then check the art of these other people by right clicking. If their art matches your art then you pretty much have proof to tell e-bay when you call them on their 800 number. The person you speak to can then take immediate action on your behalf. At the same time, write to them and let them know that you had them reported. Dont give them a chance, heck..... they will just do it to someone else. its like letting the thief off easy. Would you do that in real life? Someone breaks into your home and takes your purse. You gonna go knock on their door and say hey give it back? no way. You gonna go through the proper chain of command so that you remain legal and non-reactionary.

  9. Deborah, I was just so shocked to see that they cropped my picture to take off my watermark! How... despicable!!!

    J, isn't it awful? What is the world coming to?? I can't believe it. If they would have asked my permission I would have let them use it!

    Katee, yes, I emailed them, but sadly they have not responded or removed my pictures :(

    Dee, I emailed them first but they have not responded. I have no problem with people using my images as long as they link back to my blog... but this person cropped out my watermark and to me that is just so blatantly wrong.... I normally give everyone the benefit of the doubt but in this case there's no way :(

    Lu, thank you so much! I normally don't mind people using my images- I don't care if they use them as long as they link back to me! I may have to do that.

    I used to add that information in my files (on an old website I no longer have) but a lot of the time the information didn't carry over once it was uploaded so I stopped doing it. I'll have to try again.

    Thank you, though, I really appreciate your input and support!

  10. Thats so lame! This persons eBay stuff should be taken down!

  11. Lydia, I agree! I'm trying my best to get the listings removed, but so far no dice! *sigh*

  12. never contact the seller, just report it through eBay because of anonymity. We felt bad about having marks put against their account when we could simply ask the seller to remove it. Well guess what, they flamed back at us like how dare we tell THEM to do something and claimed that we did not make the original picture blah blah. Within a week we had 3 listings shut down due to anonymous random reporting. Turns out eBay does not really fully look into those reports they just automatically shut down.


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