Friday, November 21, 2008

Comparison: OPI Paris Couture For Sure and Color Club Magic Attraction

I'm pretty crazy about holographic polishes, and just as crazy about glitter, so when a holographic glitter polish comes out, I snap that sucker up without even blinking. Holo. Glitter. Good stuff.

Anyway, I got a request to compare these two holo glitter polishes:

Index and middle finger: Color Club Magic Attraction
Ring finger and pinkie: OPI Paris Couture For Sure

Slightly different angle and lighting:

OPI Paris Couture For Sure is one of my favorite polishes of all time. It's a smooth holographic silver glitter. It's different from other holo silvers like China Glaze Sexagon because it's definitely glitter particles as opposed to the smooth foil-like particles that make up the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes and OMGs and OPI Designer Series.

Color Club Magic Attraction, the star of the Color Club Glitter Vixen collection, is a dense, thick, chunky holographic silver glitter with a hint of lavender or lilac tint to it.

The biggest difference between these to is the density. OPI Paris Couture For Sure is thin and smooth and requires three coats for opacity. Color Club Magic Attraction is extremely thick and dense and only really needs two coats, but is really pretty opaque with just one.

The size of the glitter particles is also different- Paris Couture For Sure has very fine, irregular shaped particles, and Magic Attraction has larger round glitter pieces.

Magic Attraction appears to have more 'fire' in these pictures, but Paris Couture For Sure is just as sparkly. Paris Couture For Sure will sparkle more in low light than Magic Attraction, which is one reason why I love Paris Couture For Sure so much. In low light, Magic Attraction can seem like a flat silver/lavender glitter.

Both are extremely nice polishes, but you'll have much better luck finding Magic Attraction. OPI Paris Couture For Sure has been discontinued for quite a long time, but it still shows up in stores and online every now and then. Magic Attraction was just released in Color Club's fall/winter 2008 Glitter Vixen collection, so it's readily available and as far as I know, not limited edition.


  1. I'm shocked! This is exactly my current dilemma! On my current wishlist stands: "Color Club Magic Attraction OR OPI Paris Couture For Sure?" I swear! So thanks a lot! I think Magic Attraction is a winner for me.

  2. This is perfect! I have a related story. I work for a drag queen (though he is not in drag at work). He called me at home today and said: "This is Santa calling". Then he told me he bought me the whole Color Club Glitter Vixen collection. OMG! Yay! I love blingy Santa!

    I am going to use Magic Attraction as tips for a funky french. I don't have OPI Paris Couture For Sure, but there is never too glitter polish ever! I'll be on the lookout. :)

  3. Anniemal, BOTH! :D Hehehe ;-)

    Katee, I agree, I need backups! I've already gone through about half of my PCFS bottle!!

    Tarotbydiana, ahhh how awesome! :D I wish I worked for a drag queen- we could share makeup tips. I *love* drag makeup. I wore Paris Couture For Sure as a funky french for my wedding, actually!

  4. Paris Couture For Sure is now my absolute favorite holo polish. I have already grabbed 5 bottles from ebay, and want more just incase I need them in the future!

    I also own Magic Attraction, but it is too glittery and chunky and the first time I wore it, it took so long to take it off. PCFS is so fine and smooth, and not at all "glittery" and it is just SO pretty! I LOVE IT!

  5. I like OPI Paris Couture For Sure better! It's so gorgeous! And of course harder to find hmm... *lol*

  6. Ooo I like the OPI One I have never seen it before! I'm sad its discontinued lol ;(

  7. GoldenAnkh, that's what's so awesome about PCFS, it's soooo smooth but soooo sparkly. I love it to death!

    Sanna, I think I like it better too, it's so smooth and silky but still sparkly :D

    Lydia, it's really nice and worth looking for! I'm thinking it was never a very heavily sought-after polish because I spot it every now and then online and ebay and occasionally in stores :)

  8. Thanks for your comment! :)

    I love them both, CC looks more sparkly. Ah, they are calling my name.

  9. Hi Scrangie
    your blog is very pretty!
    I have added a link on my site!
    Bye bye from Italy!

  10. i love them both!!! i'll have to add them to my wishlist!

  11. This is the first of me seeing a good pic of OPI Paris Couture For Sure. Crap I think I might want it.

  12. Green-eyed Fairy, you're very welcome! I just loooove your nails!! :D

    Astasia, thank you, thank you! I will go check out your site :D

    Sara, yay! They're sooooo pretty, you will love them :D

    Hailey, it's definitely worth tracking down, I've never paid more than retail for mine :D

  13. Hi Scrangie, I love your blog. Could you do a swatch comparison between OPI Paris Couture for Sure and OPI DS Coronation please? Thanks a lot!

  14. Holographie, you got it :D Will post this one soon!


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