Monday, November 3, 2008

Konad and Everything Zen Day

Enough bitching for now, how about something happy?

Here's a Konad design I did a couple days ago!

Nicole Black To The Future and Blues In The Night (I forget which hand is which) with two amazing Viva La Diva polishes which were a gift from the ever-lovely Sanna of MakeupMyLack and a Konad plate that I can't remember the number for. My memory seems to be failing me a lot lately!

If it looks beat up, smudged, chipped and ruined, that's because it is! I didn't think to take a picture of my mani until after I had gutted and carved pumpkins, which could be one of the ultimate manicure destroyers I've ever encountered.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, it was Gavin Rossdale's birrthday last week! You may be thinking, "Scrangie, why would care about it being Gavin Rossdale's birthday? " and the answer is, you don't! But I wanted an excuse to tell a story about some of the happier times in my life.

You see, I used to be the #1 crazed psychotic obsessed Bush fan, and every year I would celebrate each of the band members' birthdays.

One year, when I was in Junior High, my best friend and I skipped school on Gavin's birthday. We were walking around in a grocery store when we ran into one of our teachers- Mrs. Ammons- who was known for being a bit strict. Why she was shopping and not at school teaching, I have no idea. She saw us and we had to come up with a quick excuse for why we weren't in school. We told her that it was a religious holiday, so we took the day off school. What religious holiday falls on October 30th? Why, Everything Zen day, of course. Ah, those were the days.

While I'm not a crazed fan like I used to be, Gavin will still always have a special place in my heart. And I can still recite unlimited amounts of useless Bush trivia that no one but me thinks is interesting.

Ten Little Gavins feeling fine
One got too high and then there were nine

Nine little Gavins messing with fate
One fell off the stage and then there were eight

Eight little Gavins on their way to heaven
One got lost and then there were seven

Seven little Gavins in those Rolling Stone pix
I accidentally cut ones head off and then there were six

Six little Gavins trying to stage dive
One got attacked by mad chicks and then there were five

Five little Gavins repeating the line "I am a whore"
One got taken literally and then there were four

Four little Gavins playing with me
I must have been dreaming cause there were actually three

Three little Gavins playing a kazoo
One got sucked in and then there were two

Two little Gavins, what could be more fun?
One fell off the bed and then there was one

One little Gavin laying on my bed
When I entered the room, I dropped dead


  1. OMG Scrangie, I was totally in love with him in middle school. I still think he is totally hot. I love that story about you skipping school. That is hilarious! Any luck w/the ebay thing?


  2. p.s. scrangie, do you mind if I link to you on my blog under "my favorite beauty blogs" section?

  3. :D
    I'm so glad you like them:)

  4. Like the nail art!

    And I must confess, I was a big bush fan too, at least I thought I was until I read your story, You are the biggest bush fan....

  5. Mmmmm, Gavin....He still looks hot, and good on Gwen Stefani for landing him. They are such a good looking couple, although I liked her better with No Doubt.

  6. I thought there was gonna be something about Bush when I saw Everything Zen. Gavin was pretty hot back then. I still like Bush though. Oh and the Letting the Cables Sleep video...I like too.


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