Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interesting nail-related articles!

While I'm on vacation, how about I link you to some nail posts written by someone else? I just read these articles by Darren Garnick and I found them to be very interesting!

While I don't do politics here, this article that features the fantastic Stephanie of Polish Addict is quite interesting! Did Pro-Obama Manicures Sway the 2008 Election?

Another nail-related article is: Are Fish Pedicures Cruel To The Fish?
I've always been on the "it's not cruel, fish like eating that stuff " side, but lately it seems I'm in the minority. And for the record, I would totally get a fish pedicure. It sounds too wacky not to try. Snake massage as well.

And here's a cute blurb on OPI's Russian Collection.

I love seeing nail-related content on decidedly not beauty-related blogs!


  1. LOVE that first nail art/Obama article! Good find!

  2. I'm in the same camp as you are when it comes to the fish pedicures. As far as I can tell, the fish are no more distressed by nibbling on feet than they would be if they were in the ocean nibbling on food brought to them by divers/snorkellers. But snake massages? *shivers* I think snakes are pretty, but they're cold!

  3. i see 2 shops here called 'Happy Feet' and 'Fish Spa' and though they only provide relief by laughter (makes you laugh); one of the shops use cheapest breeds of fish - Unfortunately one of my friends contracted a fungus at her toes; luckily the manicurist spotted it during a pedicure and started treament with fungus-fix. so please reconsider dipping your feet in unhygienic water with other people's icky epithileals, bacteria, fungi & germs.

  4. that Biden manicure terrifies the crap out of me.

  5. Thanks for the add, Scrangie! Hope you are enjoying your vaca.

  6. So what do you think of Darren's orange toes? I think it's cute!

  7. Katee, thanks!

    Shryh, I'll try anything once :)

    Fudge, oh no! I had no idea everyone shared the same water... I just figured they scooped some fish into a bowl! Yuck!

    Aprilrobin, lol it's terrifyingly hilarious.

    Michelle, I love em! A lot! Darren rocks!


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