Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: Demeter Fragrance Library Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I'm a huge fan of foody fragrances- vanilla, marshmallow, almond, honey, all that good stuff. Every time I see a new fragrance with some sort of foody or gourmand note listed, I have to try it. So, when I saw Demeter's new Reese's Peanut Butter Cups fragrance, I immediately bought it without a second thought. It's supposed to smell like Reese's, how could that go wrong??

Well, unfortunately, what I thought was going to be an awesome scent turned out to be one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled.

I did have my qualms about smelling like peanut butter- chocolate I have no problems with, but smelling like peanut butter is a little weird, unless you're Iggy Pop or something. But, I like the smell of Reese's, so it was worth a try.

The minute I sprayed this fragrance, my nostrils were filled with this horrible stench of burning plastic and breakfast sausage coated in Ovaltine. Yum.

Once the alcohol had evaporated, I was left with this frightening fake plastic pseudo-foody bitter rancid smell.

I didn't immediately wash it off- I understand that fragrances need time to develop, but this one didn't change. Unlike other Demeter fragrances which last no longer than five minutes, this one lasted for hours. Yippee.

Not only does it not smell like Reese's, it doesn't smell like chocolate, and hell, it doesn't even smell good! It's sharp and bitter, and while the 'idea' of chocolate is hiding in the background of the fragrance, there's no comparison to the real thing. No peanut butter, no chocolate, just weird melted plastic stink. The closest scent I can compare it to would be those Creme Brulee type fragrance oils, where it has this bad burned plastic smell, like when you accidentally melt Tupperware.

Demeter is usually excellent at duplicating lifelike scents in perfume- I have tons of Demeters that are lovely- Tomato, Riding Crop, Mesquite, Ginger Ale, Flower Shop. All of those are really realistic and quite pleasant. Why they released this tragedy of a fragrance, I'll never know.

This is a truly horrible fragrance and you can bet I'll be returning this to Sephora. I rarely return things, but this is just bad news.


  1. Oh my God! That sounds just disgusting! Just reading your description of the fragrance makes me want to barf.

  2. Well all I can say is...yuck! That sounds horrible. I have their Gin & Tonic scent and I love it, it smells exactly like a Gin & Tonic, which happens to be my fav drink!

  3. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

    I strongly dislike chocolate/peanut butter combos as it is, but I cannot believe someone would bottle up that smell and sell it.


  4. Well, the bottle is cute. I wonder if it could be staging a war with your chemistry. If there is anyone handy you don't like and won't need to spend time with for more than a minute, by all means spray away.

    I think I'll stick with my BPAL. It gets me into enough trouble!

  5. Remember that scents react with everyone's body chemistry a little differently. Perhaps its just not

    My favorite chocolate fragrance is Thierry Mugler's "Angel."
    It's not pure chocolate.. has patcholi too, but...
    Ah.. I just float away in paradise.

  6. that bottle just got me SOO so bummed about this review :(

  7. Eeeek...this is one to stay away from. I don't know that it is an issue of body chemistry, as I can think of some other scents that smell like that directly from the bottle (MAC MV2 is one of them).

    Too bad, because I was looking to get this for friend who is a Reese's fanatic...but I would like to keep her as a friend :).

  8. ugh, that doesn't sound very tempting huh

  9. It sucks that it stinks. Like you, I'm a huge gourmand scent fiend, and when I saw the pic coming upon your page I was excited about your review...well, that's one scent I'll be skipping. Can't win 'em all. =(

  10. It's too bad the some of the newer Demeters are so far inferior to the originals, like the ones in your collection. Those were developed by Christopher Brosius, who is a master at capturing realistic scents. I'm not sure who is the current "nose," but they need to try again! The Reese's scent sounds nightmarish!

  11. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Actually, I have never had any luck with Demeter products. Perhaps it's body chemisty, as other commenters have suggested, but the scents always turn plastic-y and gross on me, like you described the Reese's as smelling. :(

    I had the Pumpkin Pie scent, but it's so repulsive on me, I trashed it.

  12. These days Demeter is real hit and miss. You pegged some of the best - Tomato (a favorite) and ginger ale, gin and tonic, earl grey are all very nice. I bought some small ones recently and hated most. such a shame for a great concept. they've lost their quality control.

  13. Atomica, it's pretty bad. Now I keep catching a whiff of it everywhere since the bottle leaked! Agh!!

    VampyVarnish, I am usually very tolerant of most fragrances I don't love, but this one is just icky. And Gin and Tonic is my favorite drink too, how cool! :D

    The Asian Girl, I find the smell of the candy to be pleasant but this perfume was not! Ick!

    Tarotbydiana, that is true. However, this smells pretty much the same as it does in the bottle- it seems stable at least, lol. I loooooove BPAL! I spend way too much money on that stuff, it seriously cuts into my polish budget lol

    Sage1, I do agree with that, but I can't imagine this smelling too much different on someone else, but worth a try! Someone may like it much more than I do :) I also like Angel, but I have a big love-hate relationship with it. Some days I adore it and can't get enough, some days it makes me sick!

    Danielle, aweee I'm sorry! I know that fragrance is really subjective, so you might end up liking it, but it smelled soooo bad to me. I had such high hopes for it too!

    Katee, definitely! *hides under bed* MAKE IT GO AWAY!!

    Melli, I agree. This one smells the same in bottle and on my skin and Demeters aren't known for morphing much, but I'll give it another try just to be sure!

    Sanna, not at all, icky >.< (Hope you have a very happy birthday!! <3 )

    Outspokenwallflower, yay another Gourmand fiend! *high five* HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way :D

    Kerri, Christopher Brosius is a GENIUS. GENIUS, I TELL YOU! His work is incredible and it's a shame the new Demeters don't even compare to his creations. CB's Burning Leaves Absolute is stunning.

    Allison, I didn't like the pumpkin pie either. I found it strangely bitter. Most of the Demeter I've tried (I have probaly 25 or so) I liked but there were a few gross ones (Salt Air = Fabric Softener?!), luckily they only last about 5 minutes, lol

    Deepo, I agree, very hit or miss. I think the originals are really great, remember Thunderstorm? Perfection! The new ones, I can't say so much for :(

  14. Ugh screw Demeter. I did their packagaing years ago and they ripped me off!

  15. Aprilrobin, that's HORRIBLE!!! Ugh, now I'll think twice about buying another Demeter :(


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