Friday, November 28, 2008

Kinda-sorta posting...

Still feeling pretty sick, but I got this email from Carolyn New York I thought I'd share. Basically, it's:

Free shipping on all orders over $20
Free basecoat and topcoat with every order with code FREECOAT
"Discounts on everything" but I can't figure out what's on sale....

I have a few Carolyn New York swatches up on NailGal if you're curious.

My one gripe about this company is that processing/shipping (turnaround time) took a very long time.

Carolyn New York

See you all soon! *passes out*


  1. I really hope you're feeling better soon. Sending you a box of hugs! Take one whenever you need one!

  2. Sorry you are feeling yucky! That stinks. Get well soon!!

  3. Poor sick lady! Whenever I am sick, I think about how nice my nails look and I feel better. That's just because I am vain. LOL. Seriously, I hope you recover quickly. I like to tell people that one of my good health secrets is use of formaldehyde.

  4. Thanks for your sharing and you are very professional in your reviews and swatches. I like the way you polish your nails, they look very neat and fantastic. Do you have your you own tutorial videos on polishing nails? Would like to learn from you, hehe... Do get well soon and have a great holiday soon!! Take good care of yourself.

  5. Get better soon scrangie <3

  6. I hope you feel better soon Scrangie :-)

  7. ok so i just went to claires and didnt know they had an extesive choice of polish in crazy colours... also found these polishes that are three layers of colours>??!?!?!? has any one trie these and do they work, i got a christmas one (red,white and green), one thats blue,yellow and lime green, and one thats blue pink and purple but there are many other so go to claire sand try it out, im told you are to never shake these just use them im curious its so cool.

  8. oh also has any one heard of eva garden by paolo guatelli, its real pricy in the salon but i got #18, it a crazy orange with like orange shimmer that changes kind of, its pretty. but has any one actually heard of this company and if so what have you heard about it,

  9. Sanna, awwwwe thank you <3

    Katee, thanks!

    Tarotbydiana, thank you :) LOL I'll have to start using that! I rarely get sick, so when I get sick it's pretty bad. *sigh*

    Ian, you're welcome! I don't have any videos yet! Not sure if I'll ever do them- I don't have a video camera and I hate the sound of my own voice, lol. Thanks :)

    Carla G, awwe I'm working on it, lol :D Thank you <3

    SiennaX, thank you!! *decides to live in plastic bubble forever*

    Danielle, I have been DYING to see those! Someone posted about them a while back and I've been curious ever since. I'm rarely brave enough to go into the mall, so I have never actually seen them in person :(
    And I've never seen that brand you mentioned, but it sounds really cool... Sounds like a color I would love! I'll have to look out for those, I bet there are a lot of nice shades! :D

  10. they aare nice but i cannot get RBL so i figure these are 17.99 they better stand close to them because ive neveber tried RBL,and i wish i had your address loll i would send the triple ones to you! for sure! maybe i oculd send them to a secret location? lol o0oh scangie i hope you get better . no more bubble living we like you out of the bubble :(

  11. i cannot find post/Swatches anywhere onthe 3in1s scrangie or claire's polish...hlp

  12. Girl, feel better and post some pix of your kick-ass nails! I would, at great personal sacrifice, be willing to hold your bottle of nail polish. Maybe, a vintage Kyoto Pearl, Opal, or (yawn, act like I don't care) LITTLE RED WAGON!

    ok, A guy can dream.


  13. did you hear about RBL selling all their shades in one go? $750 though....ouch!

  14. Feel better soon! I'm sad you are so sick!

    I can't imagine what these look like on the nail:

    [that was a link to Claire's 3-in-1 nailpolish]

    this blog almost never lets me post signed in to LJ--weird!


  15. Danielle, thank you :D I saw the Claire's polishes on Makeup Alley, I'll have to see if I can find the link... Gonna go look for it :)

    Scott, hahaha thank you! :D

    Sara, OMG that's amazing! All that polish in one box, wowwie! But the price, OUCH!!

    Firepail, I've heard that before (about the LJ sign-in)- must be a problem with blogger :(
    I'm dying to get those Claire's polishes, looks like I'll have to be brave and go to the mall :D
    Thank you :)


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