Friday, April 6, 2012

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Collection Spring/Summer 2012 Swatches and Review

PIXI Beauty has an adorable new collection out now called PixiGlow. The packaging is not only beautiful, but it manages to have a Tinkerbell theme without looking like play makeup. Disney fans are likely going to love this.

Ingredients / Item Descriptions

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette, $34

This set of five shadows, five lipcolors and a three-color highlighter is housed in a light green rubberized palette with an image of Tinkerbell on the front. The left and right halves of the palette (containing the shadows and glosses) slide apart to reveal the blush/highlighter in its own chamber underneath. The palette also comes with a full-sized mirror under the lid and three cosmetic applicators.

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Catching Shadows Crayon in Beaming Reflection, $18

This is a shimmery gold cream shadow pencil. It can be used as liner, as an all-over shadow color or as a base for powder eyeshadow. It has a stiff-feeling cream to powder type texture.

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Straight On Till Morning Liner in 2nd Star Twinkle, $14

The shade is a deep olive green shimmer on a blackened green base with a good amount of tiny gold glitter.

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink, $16

The Magic Tink Tint is one of those pH-reactive lip balms that are really popular right now. It goes on clear and then changes gradually to a pink tint. The texture is harder than a normal balm, but melts as you apply it and leaves behind a smooth, thin, non-sticky layer of balm. It has a mint scent with a slight cooling effect.

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Fairy Dust in Moonlight Luster, $14

This is a loose shimmer powder. The shade is a light, sheer creamy white with gold shimmer and a slight reddish iridescence. It comes in a spill-proof jar with a sponge-tip applicator.

PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Nail Colour in Pirouette Pink, $8

Pirouette Pink is a light neon pink with smooth gold shimmer. The formula is a little thick and very streaky. This is four coats plus topcoat.

What I liked:
  • Very, very cute packaging.
  • The Fairy Dust shimmer powder is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. The little sponge tipped applicator fits perfectly and the shimmer blends smoothly and adds a subtle brightening effect.
  • The Magic Tink Tint is awesome. It turns exactly the right color of pink for me and has a hydrating texture. Not too much shine, not sticky or waxy. Love this.
  • The glitter in the Straight On Till Morning pencil is actually visible on the eye.
  • The shadow colors in the palette are beautiful.
  • The blush/highlighter in the palette can be used as eyeshadow.
  • The Fairy Dust powder can be used over shadow or lipgloss to add a little iridescent shimmer.

What I didn't like:

  • The shadows in the Fairy Face Palette don't apply smoothly or blend well. The lighter shades are slightly chunky (think baked shadow) and the darker shades are muddy. They also don't adhere well to the lids, leaving patchy areas.
  • The Straight On Till Morning liner is smooth, but has poor color payoff. It's not the inky, opaque, super-pigmented formula the other Pixi Silky Eye Pen liners have.
  • The polish is very streaky.
  • The lip colors in the Fairy Face palette are hard and waxy and sit on top of the lips in an odd way.
  • The blush/highlighter is extremely frosty.
  • The Catching Shadows pencil doesn't glide smoothly, feels a little sticky and is hard to blend.
  • Everything here seems really expensive for a mid-range-turned-drugstore brand. The quality of the items does not seem to match the price.

Overall, while I think the packaging is amazing and everything in the collection is just beautiful, I honestly don't feel like the quality is there in the products. It pains me to say that because I think this collection is absolutely adorable, but that was my experience with it. The shadows were the most disappointing to me because they look fantastic in the pans, but they applied flaky and patchy. Also disappointed that the liner had poor pigmentation, something I was not expecting because the other Pixi liners are insanely opaque and pigmented. I do really love the Magic Tink Tint and the Fairy Dust shimmer powder, so it's not a total disappointment. The polish is really gorgeous and glowy, I'd still buy it despite the streaky formula. In fact, I'd still buy everything in this collection if it was about half the price. But, at the higher-end prices they're charging for these, I'd really recommend swatching the testers in the store to make sure you're okay with the formulas before buying.

The PIXI Beauty PixiGlow Collection is available now online at Pixi Beauty or in-store at Target.

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  1. Dying to have a look at this collection :) the nail polish in particular is amazing x

    1. It is really cute in person- definitely go check it out at Target as soon as you can!

  2. I really like the polish. it is so bright and cherry. And the fairy dust is something I am going to check out. I like that is is golden. Will add warmth to the face.

    1. The Fairy Dust is great. It does make a good cheekbone highlighter, too, forgot to add that. I mostly use it on the inner corners of my eyes and it's perfect. Really like the Magic Tink Tint a lot too, but it's more expensive than the Sephora balm that's pretty much the same thing with less cute packaging.

  3. This is a great review-- thank you!

    Just FYI-- the Target website has a $3 off "designer cosmetic item' coupon, good for Pixi. That'd really take the price down on that nail polish. =)

  4. I love the gold shadow pencil and the lip balm pencil - so so cute! Great review :) x

  5. I was disappointed in the one Pixi palette I bought a few years back. So pretty to look at, but just not good color payoff or texture.

  6. Ohhhh... I'm more into nail polish than makeup (way more), but I was really liking all the swatches you were posting. So sad to hear the shadows don't work all that well. Do you know of a similar color palette in another available brand?

  7. Thanks for the review. These look really cute, but for the prices you would expect a bit better quality. I am such a sucker for cute packaging, too. I'm probably the ones the advertiser's love to target!

  8. I am dying for that polish! Oh man. I hate streaky, but I'd put up with it for that color!


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