Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ozotic 534 Swatches and Review

Ozotic 534 is another of the new "Mish Mash" holographic multichrome shades. It's similar to Ozotic 533 in the colors is flashes, but it's more purple than blue.

Ozotic 534. 534 is mainly a blue-toned purple that shifts to blue, pink-red and gold-bronze depending on the angle. In addition to the multichrome color shift, it's loaded with some chunky holographic particles that give it a full on rainbow effect in bright sunlight. Really stunning to look at it as it flashes all different colors.

Ozotic 534 over Black. Since it's sheer, layering it over black or a coordinating opaque base color can intensify it and help with opacity. I personally don't really like layering duochromes because I feel like it destroys the depth of the color, but in this case it does really bring out the color shift more. The black base changes the overall color a bit, but if this was layered over a matching opaque purple it might look a little closer to bottle color.

Formula's the same as 533: thick, runny and very slow to dry. Would recommend waiting a good five minutes or more in between thick coats to ease drying time and prevent bubbling.

You can find a variety of Ozotic shades, including this one, at Llarowe (US), Harlow and Co. (Canada) and Picture Polish (Australia).

(This was sent for review.)


  1. Omgosh this looks incredible! Wish it were easy to find here in the UK!x

  2. caught my eyes! =)

  3. Im so addicted to duo chrome...wish I lived in the US so I could get my hands on the best!
    Beautiful! x

  4. Hellcandy, Abbi Fay- don't feel jealous, we can't get them here in the US either! We have to order them online from overseas, but most places ship internationally so you can get them too :)

  5. I really love this and the others you have posted! Multichrome and holographic together is amazing! Thanks for posting- I would have never seen anything like it!

  6. These are amazing looking. I believe I need them all.

  7. Fabulous!! I had never heard of Harlow and Co. before, you just made my night :) Going shopping now!


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