Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kat Von D for Sephora True Romance Palette in Mi Vida Loca for Spring 2012 Swatches and Review

There's a new Kat Von D for Sephora palette out... So of course, I had to have it. I can't resist those things. They're like Kryptonite to me. Anyway, the brand new Spring 2012 palette is called Mi Vida Loca and it's a lot different from the previous Kat Von D palettes.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette is one of the new hinged metal ones, not the old rubberized ones. It's embossed with the words "Mi Vida Loca" in a rainbow gradient. Very pretty.

The inside of the box has a little rainbow surprise, too. I love little touches like this.

The ingredients. Please enlarge to get a better look at the list.

The new metal palettes swing open all the way, and the lid contains a full size mirror.

The shades are: Swan Song, Marya, No Regrets, Drama For Yo Momma, Mad Max, Dublin, Sparklehorse, Altruism.

Aw yeah.

The palette also includes a mini-sized Autograph Pencil eyeliner in Wonderchild.

Swatched over bare skin, with flash and without. Swansong, Marya, No Regrets, Drama For Yo Momma, Mad Max, Dublin, Sparklehorse, Altruism.

What I liked:
  • A lighter, more colorful palette than the usual subdued vampy shades we get from Kat Von D.
  • Eyeshadows feel soft and smooth.
  • Pretty packaging.
  • Contains an eyeliner pencil instead of those tiny, useless brushes they used to come with.
  • Swansong is an awesome pink/white duochrome.
  • The eyeliner is smooth and has pretty good pigmentation.

What I didn't like:

  • Some of the shadows feel powdery, like they may not adhere well. They also didn't seem very pigmented swatched on my arm. I have not used these on my eyes over a primer yet, so I have to reserve judgment on that.
  • The metal palette feels flimsy; the spring motion is sudden and a little violent... Bad combination.
  • My clasp arrived broken so my palette won't even stay closed unless I set something on top of it.
  • The colors are not neon as described. They're closer to pastel than neon.
  • The trough for the pencil isn't deep enough so it rolls away when the palette springs open.

Will have to test this out a little and try some looks with it. I think I have to exchange mine, though. Can't have a palette that won't stay closed!

Released alongside the Mi Vida Loca palette are these little gems:

Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer in Wonderchild

Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer in Mad Max

Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer in Sparklehorse

Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer in No Regrets

Do those look amazing or what? Glass-fleck duochrome brights? I'm really excited about these. They were out of stock when I ordered my palette, otherwise I would have grabbed them. They're $12 for only 0.25 fluid ounces, so they're a little pricey, but they look great. Even if the bottles do look a little like these.

So... off to use this palette on my eyes. Will report back!

The Mi Vida Loca palette is available now at Sephora, $34.


  1. I love the rainbow packaging - very pretty! But, darn, I checked the ingredients (thanks for posting them, by the way) and saw that it contains one of the ingredients my sensitive eyes are allergic to. Sigh...

    It's cool how they got rid of the small brushes. (I would use them for my lips instead of putting on eye shadow.)

    Those polishes look cool, but I'm not willing to drop that much money on such tiny bottles unless they end up being ridiculously unique multichromes or holographic polishes.

  2. This is what I like about this palette: It is one dollar cheaper than her usual ones, so now, I get to buy a bar of candy after getting my makeup! lol :)

    Thanks for the swatches, :D

  3. My friend posted a pic of this on FB and while I love all the colours, they don't look pigmented enough to stand out on my dark skin. Let me know how they work for you:) I love the nail polish though but they're a little steep for the amount you get.

  4. Really pretty colors, though I don't know how practical the palette is - it's not really a palette you can pack around to make 'practical, everyday' looks with... lol, but beautiful nonetheless :)

  5. I am gonna head to Sephora and get wonderchild like yesterday

  6. Thanks for the awesome review! I was excited to see some brighter shades from this range, but seeing them swatched I think I'll pass. Gorgeous polishes though! I wonder at their quality.. you will have to do a review if you get any of them! =)

  7. I just posted that I wanted to get this palette. Thank you for the honest review. I had the same problem with the Kat Von D romance palette.The colors would barely show up on my lids. The colors were pretty just so soft you couldn't see them. When I saw this I thought NEON like Sugarpill or something crazy like that.You are right they look pastel from your swatches.

  8. I don't even wear makeup and I want to see that eyeliner pencil! What a GOOOORGEOUS shade. The nail polish (now that's my thing) looks great. :)

  9. Wow what a strange thing to see an Estonian band in your post... Hi from Estonia! :D I'm usually a lurker and don't comment but this just required a hello :D

  10. Big fan of her shimmery shades, not so much the brighter pastel/neon ones. I've grown used to the spring loaded palettes, so I'm prepared every time I open one now.

    Much prefer the autograph pencils, they have amazing pigmentation!

  11. The Wonderchild lacquer looks lovely!

  12. The colors are pretty but I am always disappointed when shadows are described as neon and then they fall short. Still a very pretty spring palette though!

    I had a mini heart attack when I saw those polishes! They look gorgeous! But $12 for a polish that is the same size as the Petites (.25 fl oz)? That's painful. $12 should = a full sized polish. Or at least something close to a full sized polish. :/

  13. i love this palette :) e the nail polishes are wonderful

  14. This whole collection looks amazing. All the Kat Von D cosmetics I own were given to me by a friend and I love them (I have a eyeshadow palette and 2 lipsticks).

    I want the polishes, but at that price I'll wait for a review/swatch first before I buy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh no, I'm trying not to buy makeup. I just can't resist these palettes! Love Kat Von D's palettes. Even if they aren't great I still have to buy them. When I use them I feel all rocker chick & wicked. I'm not but I can feel it when I use this makeup.

  16. Totally offtopic, but I had to mention. Wow, vanilla ninja picture - it is Estonian band and I am from Estonia. Atm they are not together anymore, Lenna (girl with black hair) is most famous in Estonia and I think that she is the only one still pursuing the singer career. :D


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