Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Color Club Fractured Crackle Topcoat Collection 2011, Part 2

The first half of the Color Club Fractured crackle topcoat collection is here. The second half of this collection contains some more colorful crackle topcoats.

Kiss And Break Up. This one is a purple/fuchsia shimmer crackle topcoat. It's on the sheer side and doesn't seem to crackle as much as the ones in the first set.

Splitting Image. This one is an iridescent, shimmery turquoise-blue crackle topcoat. The little bit of green shimmer in it is really pretty. Like Kiss and Break Up, this one is rather sheer and I had a hard time getting it to crackle.

Tattered In Gold. Tattered in Gold is a light champagne colored gold crackle. It's a foil finish and is the most dense and opaque color of the three.

The application on these was just as nice as in the first half. The only difference with these is that the purple and blue ones are very sheer and don't seem to want to crackle much. I'll have to give them another try, but the few times I used them they just didn't want to crack!

Overall, I liked the black, silver and white from the first half more! These ones are very pretty color-wise, but I just can't get them to crackle as much as the other three.

Also, a bit of news: Color Club has renovated their website and now has an online store at

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. I like crackle polishes, but I think because every brand is putting them out, it's making me feel a little cracked out.

    Cool colour combinations you chose for the blue.
    - Mary

  2. Um - someone should let Color Club know that selling $3 polish on their site for $8 (!!!) isn't going to generate a ton of business. Looks like they're following the Kleancolor model of internet sales.

  3. I think the crackles that have the best crackle effect is from LA Splash. I LOVE their black crackle more than any of the others.

  4. Some don't seem to have cracked as much. Pretty still.

  5. I think I like the first set better too.

  6. Wow...CC - an on line store! Finally. At least for those of us who have zero places to buy Color Club.Not a fan at all of their crackles.

  7. I'm happy with my Sally Hansen Crackle Topcoats. I doubt if I'll be buying anymore crackle polishes.


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