Friday, February 18, 2011

Stila Make Me Blush Set

This sold out really fast. I've only had it for about two weeks, and when I went back to looking for it, it was already completely gone from the site! So... guess I'm a little late posting this... Oops!

It's still pretty to look at, except for the hideous box it comes in:

Really, could they have picked an uglier box? I don't understand this! They need something pretty to store it in, not this generic cardboard abomination!

This is what the items look like when you free them from their brown paper prison. Make Me Blush blush, Higs lip glaze, Kisses lip glaze.

Here they are up close, Hugs on top, Kisses on bottom. Hugs is a sheer red with tiny gold shimmer, Kisses is a fleshy nude pink creme. These are both minis.

Oh man, it's so pretty. Look at that gold sparkle.

Looks shinier in natural light. The gold is sadly just overspray, but it's really really nice overspray. I touched it gently to see what it looked like and it's so bright and sparkly. The powder itself is so gorgeous, but the compact it comes in is ugly! Plain black plastic, generic looking, plain round shape and clear flip lid. I know it's just packaging, but compare it to the Happy Boosters- those have a pretty powder and a pretty compact, why can't this?

I haven't swatched this yet. To be honest, I can't. It's too pretty. I can't bear to mess it up by touching it! I bought the Physician's Formula Happy Boosters to wear, and I bought this just to look at... Maybe I'll wear it one day. But thinking about smearing all that pretty gold foil makes me sad!

I've only worn Kisses lip glaze and it's very nice. Standard lip glaze formula, nondescript sweet scent. The color is great on me, it's a slightly warm nude pink that doesn't make me have corpse lips, I'd love to buy it in a full size if they ever made one!


  1. I'm pretty sure stila does that with the packaging because they recycle a lot of their packaging. Cute colors!

  2. The Stila palette is so pretty, I have it and the Happy Booster. Beware the first time you use the Stila one, the gold is quite dark

  3. The impression on the blush is just so pretty! I don't blame you for not swatching it yet, it's one of those ones that you just want to look pretty for anyone who happens to see it! lol!

  4. Recycle some where else. Not on their products. It makes them look ugly and I wouldn't buy them unless I knew what good products they are. I agree, hideous packaging.

  5. Ah I bought this on a whim when it came out. I haven't touched it either cause it's too pretty. LOL

  6. Oh my goodness. I didn't even realize this was out until last week and it was sold out and I am SO sad. :( I hear Physician's Formula has a similar dupe though? So I might end up trying that out.

    Lovely pictures though!

  7. I don't mind the brown paper packaging... I kind of like it, actually!

  8. I had to LMAO @ "cardboard abomination"! Haha.

    I think all their packaging is the same though. :s I don't mind it only b/c I've grown accustomed to it. But jeez.. they could have at least used black cardboard or something so it doesn't look so cheap.

    I wanted this blusg just b/c it looks so prettttty. If you love this one you need to see the Physicians Formula Mood Booster blush. *dies* I thought it was an expensive brand when I looked at it just because it's made so cutely.

  9. I with ya on all levels - I think the packaging is pretty hideous and it would cause me immense pain to disrupt the lovely embossed golden hearts. I think I would just like to look at this and keep it...lolz, is that weird? Wanting a beauty product just to possess it bc it's beautiful/chamring/lovely and probably never use it?

  10. Stila's packaging doesn't phase me. I have the feeling if they made the cardboard better looking, they'd jack up the price a bit, and since I always recycle that part of the packaging...I think it's fine the way it is. This was an easy skip for me because I would have been too afraid to mess up the blush and I hate click pens with a passion, LOL.

  11. I guess the hideous packaging makes the makeup compact stand out. Least I hope that's why they did that.


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