Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nubar Spring Garden Collection

Have you seen this yet? If not, I'll post it here...

I can't help but think of this Chinese restaurant I used to go to when I see the name! Now I'm hungry!

Click to enlarge, of course...

The Spring Garden Collection

Take a leisurely stroll down the Earthen path through The Spring Garden, the scent of Pink Lily in the air. The fresh colors of early Spring abound, with the soft green of the Baby Sprout, gentle shade of Blue Hydrangea, delicate Yellow Primrose, silky Purple Aster, fresh White Peony, and the lively Honeysuckle, each enhanced with the elegant sparkle of Dewdrop.

Always free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, the nail lacquers in nubar's The Spring Garden Collection are:

1. Pink Lily – vibrant pink creme

2. Earthen – subdued earthen grey creme

3. Baby Sprout – soft pastel green

4. Blue Hydrangea – muted pastel blue

5. White Peony – ivory creme

6. Yellow Primrose – delicate pale yellow

7. Purple Aster – dusty pastel purple

8. Honeysuckle – cheerful honeysuckle

9. Dewdrop – fine glitter top coat

nubar nail lacquers feature an ergonomically designed cap and a 299 bristle brush built for comfort and performance.


  1. Yay! So happy to see all these cute spring colors!!

  2. I'm kinda thinking that just me?

  3. I love Baby Sprout and its super pale soft green shade.

  4. Growing up, there was a huge white Honeysuckle in our neighborhood, so seeing that pink keeps making so like a double take. Still, they're all really pretty. Can't wait to see swatches to see just how pale they really are.

  5. Ooo I love them all! They would be perfect for a rose manicure xoxox

  6. Super shades, for the present my favourite spring collection of all brands.

  7. Wow these are all so pretty! I love pastels. I want them all! :( xx

  8. You just had to mention Chinese food, didn't you? Now, I am drooling and can't think of anything but my favourite local nosh, Beijing Garden. *sigh... hungry*

    I am also drooling over those beautiful pastels.

  9. These are pretty!

    How is the wear with Nubar? Shipping polish is never cheap, but I find their shipping prices so high that I've yet to bite the bullet though this collection is tempting.

  10. Looks gorgeous!
    I do love me a pastel colour.

  11. Thanks, Pantone, now "honeysuckle" will always mean pink.

    The names make me look forward to spring.

  12. Yay! I know pastels aren't everyone's thing, but I love them. Looking forward to these!

  13. Yay!! SPring colours! I'm so happy, this means -30degrees C is soon history.


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