Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Kiss Catwalk Nails Collection Decals

You may remember me mentioning these Kiss nail decals in my Valentine's Day post. They deserve their own post, they're so great. They might have replaced those Fing'rs EDGE skull designs as my favorite decals...

The only name I can find on the package for this style is "Action" so I'm going to assume that that's what they're called. There's a number on the front, so that could also be the name of the style. I have no idea. But this is what they look like:

It comes with four sheets of decals. Each clear sheet containing the stickers is placed on top of a square of pink paper so it makes this pretty colored stripe effect in the package.

On the back of the package there are some ideas for combining decals to create new designs. There's also some really obvious directions.

Click this to enlarge. There are four distinct styles on each of the four sheets. Skulls, crosses, flowers, hearts, squiggles. The skulls are really cool because...

...When you look up close, the banner across the heart says "Rock, Kiss, Love" in hologram lettering! You may have to enlarge that picture to see it. The writing is SO SMALL, I'm amazed that they included that tiny detail. I love them for it, even though rock kiss love makes no sense.

Some of the decals have little metallic "gems" (they're really just flat shiny areas) on them in addition to the matte coloring, another nice touch.

Here I am wearing one of the floral-squiggle-gem decals over Trind Caring Color CC134 (I'll be reviewing this line soon!). The top picture is after a day and a half of wear, the bottom picture is freshly applied.

One thing that I really love about these decals is that the clear backing portion is 1) small and 2) really clear. This allows the design of the decal to be the main focus; you don't see a thick clear-ish outline around the design to distract you.

The decals are very thin and delicate but they also adhere really well, a fantastic combination. They lie completely flat, blend in with your polish perfectly and don't peel or curl up.

Honestly, I can't think of anything I don't like about these. I love the designs, the construction of the decals, the coloring, the packaging, the wear time and removal... They're just really damn good decals.

I guess I can think of one thing I don't like- the confusion about the name! Is the name 54031 or is it Action? Is it neither? What is the name?!

And maybe I suppose they're a little close to Ed Hardy territory, but whatever, they're awesome looking skull nail decals!

I don't remember where I got these... It was either Walgreen's or Meijer, but they sell Kiss decals everywhere so you shouldn't have a hard time locating them.


  1. An even more burning question to my mind is, "How on earth does one apply these things?" It seems so complicated! If only there were some directions...

  2. Barilla, ugh, I know! I'm SO CONFUSED!! What do I do with these?! WHY ARE THEY ON FIRE?!?! D:

  3. I'm always confused when I buy "decals" only to get "stickers"...I like water decals because I can move 'em around til I get 'em where I want them.

    But since you say these are easy to remove (if you're happy with removal, that is how I interpret it) then I'll give 'em a try.

    These are fun, I haven't looked at Kiss stuff in a while but maybe these just replaced the last "Catwalk Nails"? Or maybe they are "In Style"??

  4. aw that looks so pretty!and got loads of nice stickers! i needa stock up on some of these babys :) x x

  5. I've had these and used these for a couple of months now. I even wore two of those skulls already and I never noticed the words 'rock, kiss, love'.. never! I just ran to them to check and it's actually there! Omg I can't believe it..

  6. I love the purple polish! cant wait for the review

  7. I need more decals like I need another hole in my head but I need these. And I am going to hunt them down and have them for my own.

    You are an evil, evil enabler. lol

  8. I'll have to try this Kiss brand, I got some Broadway (I think?) ones from Target and I dunno if I did something wrong but even though I thought they were flat they got ripples in them and I had to redo that nail. Any tips or is it just crummy stickers?

  9. I bought some Kiss stickers just before Christmas and tried them on the other day. They are really awesome! :)

  10. These are nice! I was skeptical about decals - I didn't want to look like an idiot - but you have totally changed my mind! I picked some up but have not yet used them, I think that's what I'll be doing tonight. :)

  11. Yeah these decals do have a Ed Hardy vibe to it but I tried some Kiss decal that I bought awhile ago and I really like them; I think I might pick these up too.

  12. I love your blog! and I recently tried the black crackle myself! I linked your site on my post!

  13. These are wicked cool! I have a few decals but haven't used them. I always forget about them. Love the designs.

  14. I got these after seeing them the first time on your blog. I don't think I noticed the writing either.


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