Friday, February 11, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Truth

I *almost* didn't get this because the colors seemed bland online, but since I liked all the other palettes so much, I decided just to get it anyway to see if it was better in real life. It is.

The Kat Von D line always has really nice packaging. This is the outer box! It's so nice. It opens like an accordion to reveal this:

The palette, wrapped in grey metallic paper and sealed with a shiny gold sticker. My paper got a little crinkled and ripped. Aw. That's okay, you have to rip it in half to get to the palette anyway.

This is the front of the palette, almost just like the outer box. I like the old antique keys and the gold lettering. Were they going for a bit of a steampunk theme or something? I like the keys better than the previous tattoo designs.

Shadow names and ingredient label. Just realized that I should have turned this the other way because now the names are in backwards order.

The palette in artificial light and natural light. Left to right: Sugar Skull, Long Distance, Snake Eyes, Finland (cream shadow), Prague, Galeano, Rehab, Sister.

Sugar Skull, Long Distance, Snake Eyes, Finland, Prague, Galeano, Rehab, Sister.

The pigmentation is pretty good. Much better than the last palette (Adora). They're really soft and silky and easy to blend, just like all the previous palettes. Thankfully there's only one useless cream shadow in this palette, but I'd rather that number be zero.

I put together a quick look with this to test out the application, and I'm quite happy with it!

I know, I know. My brows look freaky. I'm trying to make the front part thicker so I'm growing them out.

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugar Skull on inner third of lid
Long Distance on middle of lid
Prague in crease and on lower lash line
Sister on browbone
Smashbox Artificial Light
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (the glitter was leftover on my brush from something else I'm reviewing)
Cover Girl Lash Blast

Everything went on easily, good pigmentation, smooth texture, maybe even a little too smooth because I had a lot of powder loose in the palette after applying. Easy blending, too. The only thing that seems wrong to me is that the bright green shade, Long Distance, starts fading right after I apply it. When I first put it on my lid, it's vibrant light chartreuse, but then it starts to look less bright almost immediately after, so I find myself wanting to pack on more and more shadow to get the intensity back. I'll have to try this with Urban Decay Primer Potion to see if it's a primer issue.

This palette is really springy. The greens and blues are crisp and the purples are soft and romantic. This doesn't seem like the rest of the dark, edgy, colorful palettes Kat/Sephora have done, but it's still nice despite the change in theme. I'll have to try out the rest of the colors soon, and figure out what to do with that damn cream shadow that's taking up space in the palette.

Oh yeah, this palette comes with those weird brushes like all the other ones. They're completely useless for applying shadow, but they're GREAT as lip brushes and concealer brushes! So, I guess they're not completely useless, only useless in context.

Interestingly enough, the Truth palette isn't listed as limited edition on They should just make them all permanent! You should see the dent I've put in my Gypsy palette. Should have gotten a backup.


  1. You do such a beautiful job on your eye makeup! Gorgeous!

  2. HOW do you get such great eye pics?! Mine always end up so awful.

  3. NeutraKris, awe, thank you!

    Jade, you know, I don't really know how! I just take like 30 pictures (with Macro) and pick whichever one comes out best, but I'm still learning!

  4. Ahhh that green is awesome!

    Do you think it's worth owning it if you already have the Memento Mori palette? It looks like a few of the colors are similar...and I know that Sugar Skull is in both. (Not that I wouldn't own two of that's awesome.)

    I might just buy it because it's got keys on the outside...and I'm a wee bit obsessed.

  5. I totally agree that the Kat Von D make-up range has nice packaging. I have one of the older palettes, Beethoven, I love it!

  6. Coloque um TRANSLATE no seu Blog, facilita quem não lê em Inglês, assim como eu rsrs

  7. I wish I didn't dislike Kat Von D (for some reason *coughjessiejamescough*) this is such a lovely pallete!!

  8. On second thought, maybe that's ok for wallet is better off w/o me wanting more makeup than I already do.

  9. I believe this is limited edition, as I contacted sephora and got a response "At this time this palette is limited edition, but in the future we may add it to the permant line".

    So take from that what you want.

  10. Love the eye makeup. I love the green.

    And stop worrying about your eyebrows, girlie. They look fine! <3

  11. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been debating this palette for the past week or so, now I know I need it!

  12. When I saw your post on this new Kat von D palette, my heart skipped a beat. Didn't know this was out! The colors are so beautiful and I love the packaging, too. Thanks for sharing swatches and your opinions on it!

    But...*sniff sniff* it contains bismuth oxychloride, the one cosmetic ingredient I'm allergic to! WHYYYY? :( No palette for me.

    Well, I'll enjoy this palette vicariously through you.

    P.S. Awesome eye look!
    - Mary

  13. Do u use any special lighting? Ur pictures turn our great. Mine are always crappy.

  14. I'll have to buy this! I own all the rest of them. What is it about Kat that makes us want to order everything she makes? Crazy. Can't wait till her show starts up again.


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