Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing with Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock

I have this thing about blue... I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I probably mention it every time the topic of blue eyeshadow comes up. I just have a hard time wearing blue eyeshadow. But then there was Futuristic Glamrock. Futuristic Glamrock changed everything.

This was my first time using it as a main color:

My skin always looks so orange and red with the flash... But, these were taken at night and natural light wasn't an option.

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock wet on lid
Black shadow in crease (can't remember which, may have been Stila Ebony.)
Fyrinnae Bifrost on lower lash line
Kat Von D Liquid Liner in Black Metal Love
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

I'm not sure if you can really tell from these pictures, but Futuristic Glamrock is made of tiny iridescent sparkles. It's mainly a light turquoise blue but it reflects a deeper blue at some angles and purple/pink at other angles. It's way prettier than I ever imagined it would be. I don't know why I waited so long to get it. Bifrost is also spectacular- yellow with subtle iridescent multicolored sparkles. For some reason this look reminds me of ska. One more thing worth mentioning: the cashier at the grocery store- who was actually in the next lane, not my cashier!- came over to tell me how crazy she was about my blue eyeshadow. She said she loved the color and had one sort of like it that was almost gone. I wish I could have talked to her longer about it but she had a lot of customers in line. This cashier usually compliments my nails and makeup... I bet she's one of us!

The next day I was feeling like I needed a little more color, so I tried this combination:

I think the purple shadow brings out the purple color shift in Futuristic Glamrock. You can see it a little in the first flash picture, in the shadowy area near the outer crease.

This was:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock wet on lid
Fyrinnae Danse Macabre wet in inner corner
Ben Nye Amethyst in crease and lower lashline
Fyrinnae Bifrost on lower lashline
Milani Eye Tech liner in Black
Cover Girl Lash Blast

I love Futuristic Glamrock and Danse Macabre together! They're both duochromey-iridescent and they totally play off of each other. I need a full size Danse Macabre, it's so freakin' gorgeous. Bright grassy green with yellow gold pearly duochrome. Super smooth and amazing pigment.

Now I have a question for Fyrinnae fans. Love Potion. What do I use it with? Every look I try to do with it ends up looking bland or just odd. I can never think of what to combine it with to make it shine. I need ideas for combos! I'm mystified by this color.