Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wet n Wild Color Icon Golden Goddess Palette Holiday 2010

The Golden Goddess palette. All of the palettes that I found early in my search were smashed and broken! It must be the soft texture of these shadows. Cause they are soft.... Soft and creamy and buttery. Such a nice texture for so cheap (inexpensive) of a shadow.

This one might be my favorite of all of them. So versatile. I've used it a lot already. So easy to use and wear!

The package. So warm and magical looking.

Inside! White gold shimmer, gold shimmer, copper shimmer, golden peach with glitter, metallic bronze, deep plum-brown with gold glitter. All of the shadows except the dark peach and brown have a shiny metallic sheen to them. The pencil is a deep bronze shade.

Look at those sparkles....

Swatched dry, no primer. See how nice the pigmentation is? The colors look a lot different on the skin than they do in the pan.

On the eyes:

Didn't take many pictures of this because it didn't turn out as nice. I did this look for four days straight, but on this day I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and it made my blending suck.... Too Faced Shadow Insurance forever! Long live the Shadow Insurance!!

This was:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
White gold shade on inner lid
Metallic bronze mixed with copper on middle lid
Plum/brown on outer lid and lower lashline
Bronze eyeliner from the kit
Little bit of Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Baked over the bronze liner
Dab of Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder in 02 over the white gold
Cover Girl Lash Blast

The shadows are really sparkly and glimmering on their own already, but adding a touch of Diamond Powder puts it into sparkle overdrive. Have I mentioned how much I love the Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder? 02 (a white gold shade) is one of my must-have products. It's a really tiny yet extremely shiny/sparkly microglitter, similar to a MAC Reflects glitter, but finer and not gritty feeling. Not much fallout when you apply it, which is rare for a glitter, it seems to stick perfectly on its own without any help from primers or sticky adhesives. The jar is so small it's almost microscopic, but it lasts forever even if you use it every single day. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about the Wet N Wild Palette.... Oops... But I do really love that Diamond Powder...

Another winner from Wet n Wild. You can't beat the value of this thing... $5! Good quality! Flattering colors! I'm just still so impressed by this. I picked up one of the non-holiday ones (Lust) at the same time I bought this one, but I haven't worn it yet.... Will have to see if it's the same nice silky quality.


  1. These colors look so gorgeous on you!

  2. The colour really suit and I think this is my fave out of the whole collection follwed by Night Elf!

  3. Gorgeous colours - your eyes look stunning. :)


  4. *****STUNNING!!!!*******

  5. Made the blending suck? Yeah right! You totally killed it yet again. Love that plum color - really brings out your brown eyes.

    - Mary

  6. This is the most usable to me. Love all of the shades. In these photos your blending and all over makeup look damn good to me. Stop being so hard on yourself. Your gorgeous also!

  7. I agree on TFSI! I hate UDPP. It makes my shadows look like crap! I also looove this palette. I'm a cool toned girl so I was really surprised when I loved this one! The colours would work on anyone, really.

  8. OMG this one is awesome.
    Do you now if i could get these palettes in Germany?
    Have a nice day, Lisa

  9. I love the look you did with it! These palettes were elusive to say the least...I was very lucky to get this one as well as Night Elf and Sugar Plum Fairy.

  10. I love that look!

    I'm so sad we don't have these palettes in Finland. We just recently got the regular Color icon ones so these will probably be launched a year from now or something :(

  11. I passed this one up today and got Sugar Plum Fairy instead. Must.go.back. Gorgeous eye!!

  12. I just picked up one of the non-holiday palettes (the plummy one) and I can't wait to try it out.

  13. Gorgeous palette, love the color and their pigmentations!

  14. This looks amazing on you. I love the golden shimmer.

    I'm in the anti-UDPP camp as well. It makes me itch :(

  15. I'd only recently tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and it's the best.stuff.EVER.

  16. I just subscribed to your blog! You're eyeshadow looks amazing! =)

  17. where can you find this holiday palette? im searching for stores online like walgreens or harmons and can't find it :(

  18. Really beautiful. Wonderful job with application and blending. My 17 yr old daughter will LOVE this! Great stocking stuffer. Thanks for sharing.

  19. really, really want one of these. nobody in my area carries Wet N Wild like they used to. booo!


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