Monday, December 20, 2010

Swatching My China Glaze Collection, Part Two

Ready for more? I'll pick up where I left off alphabetically. I still don't know how to organize the rest of the swatches once I finish them. I probably won't be able to get sunlight swatches like these again until spring, so I might have to put the project on hold for a couple months. I want them all to match!

Lady Sings The Hues. Another neat duochrome in the 'hue' series.

Liquid Leather.

Mer-Made In The Shade. Extremely sheer, this is five coats.

Modern Elegance.

Mr. And Mrs, Mr. And Mrs. over black. Very sheer. Cool duochrome, though.

No Name Yet. (That is actually the name of this polish.)

Orchid Shadow.

Patent Leather.

Pink Underground.

Pin Prick. (Backstory: I only bought this because it was listed as "Pink Prick" on TransDesign's website, and while I was disappointed that the name is actually Pin Prick, the color is completely awesome.)



Princess Grace.

Pure Torture.

Purple Rain. (Note: It's not purple.)

Reggae To Riches. SO COOL OMG


Royal Tease.

Secrect Peri-Wink-Le. (It is actually spelled S-E-C-R-E-C-T on the label, I didn't typo that.)

Secrets. The secret is that it's frosty!

Sex On The Beach.


Still more to come!


  1. Love all of these! My fave is Reggae to Riches though :)

  2. Must go and check my Per-wink-le label! Loving Reggae.

  3. many of them exactly?
    patent leather looks fine to me :-)
    but also orchid shadow and liquid leather :-)

  4. You brought alot of lemmings for me. A lot of these I don't have. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Just checked mine is spelled (secret) peri-wink-le. I wonder is there 2 versions?

  6. Mr. And Mrs. over black looks amazing.
    I have Reggae to Riches and LOVE it.

  7. I read another blog that had that same typo on the Secret Periwinkle bottle! Huh, maybe CG shipped a bunch out before they realized their typo, cause mine is spelled correctly O.o

  8. WOW! Sooooo many swatces! Love them!


  9. Oh you dirty minded girl! Pink Prick would have been a good one. Someone must have thought it was funny to enter that on the website. So nice to look at all those older polishes.

  10. Reggae to Riches OMG! And Secret Periwinkle is one of my favorite polishes ever!

  11. you know I just checked my bottle of secret periwinkle and it's misspelled as well! I luv the "no name yet" as well.

  12. Pink Prick I lol'ed to that one. Reggae to Riches is OMG SO COOL like srsly. I love it!

  13. So, are these all d/c'd? There are several I love that I'm not finding on the 'net anywhere.

  14. my favorite are: modern elegance, no name yet, pure torture, revolution, and secreCt periwinkle

  15. Lol, you should just call it Pink Prick, way cooler name.

  16. I love the Reggae to Riches. I always fall for those kind of pinks.

  17. I have Reggae To Riches in my untrieds. It won't be untried for much longer, I can tell you that much!

  18. Thank you for swatching these! Love to see all these lovely shades. Many of them first time!

  19. I love Mr and Mrs over black so much! <33

  20. i love that you're swatching your ChG collection! i lol'ed at "No Name Yet" and i think "Pin Prick" is an awesome name, even though it wasn't what you expected

  21. My periwinkle is spelled "secret peri-wink-le" so at some point they corrected it lol


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