Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Shades from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ('OCC') has just released a few new shades of nail lacquer! The cool part is that they call correspond to a matching shade of Lip Tar (which is just about the coolest lip product ever, but that's a review for another post!) so you can match your lips and your nails exactly.

To see the rest of the shades:

Click here for Blackboard, Dangerous, Grandma, Traffic, Swamped (Swamp Thing), Wasabi.

Click here for Anime, Bone Daddy, NSFW (Lucretia), Rhythm Box, Spanglemaker, Uber.

Anime. Medium neon pink. I reviewed this one previously, so click the link above for the full review. I need to make a correction, though! Last time I mentioned that the name was being changed to Pageant- it isn't! Well... maybe it was? I think it used to be Pageant but now it's Anime? Well, doesn't matter... This retina-searing hot pink is Anime and you'll see Pageant below.

Conquest. Pale beige. This is a very milky, delicate looking shade. It seems to be maybe an antique white or a cream shade with a few drops of peach- at least I feel like it has a peachy look to it!

Fondue. Melted chocolate. This is gorgeous for fall. It really does remind me of melted dark chocolate! It's not the power of suggestion. This is a chocolatey shade for sure.

Hush. Girly peachy pink. This is a really cute and flattering color. It reminds me of MAC Seasonal Peach's baby sister. Very soft and feminine. It also has a bit of a retro look to it.

Pageant. Intense fuchsia. This is *almost* neon. Almost! It's really bright! Bright, yet, somehow soft looking at the same time. It's noticeable but not neon.

Petty Beige. Creamy light brown. This reminds me of a few things... Caramel... mustard... Band-Aids? I love these unusual golden shades. They're so fascinating! On certain skintones this would probably be a nice nude or neutral but on me it's more of a conversation piece.

The formula on these is good. The formula is on the thin side but is nicely pigmented. Not streaky! The only one that gave me a little trouble was Conquest, it seemed thick. Conquest is probably meant to be worn as a sheer, but you all know how I feel about wearing sheer polish, so I did three coats. If you choose to wear it sheer, one coat would be fine. They vary in the amount of coats needed for opacity. Anime is the sheerest and Pageant is the most opaque (you could get away with one coat). The drying time is good- I'd say it about average- not long, not lightning fast either. All around, it's a good quality polish.

Now we've seen both ends of the color spectrum- the funky shades like Blackboard which are my favorites, and the more toned-down 'natural' shades like the ones seen here.

Overall, I've really loved everything I've tried from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. The quality is great, the color selection is great, and HELLO! Blackboard! Enough said.

The nail lacquers can be purchased here, and if you want to check out the matching Lip Tars (which I highly recommend because they ROCK), click here. Also, all of Obsessive Compulsive's products are vegan and cruelty-free.


  1. I just put in an order for these earlier this week. Out of curiosity, did they send these to you via Parcel Post too?

  2. Wow these are pretty! I esp. like Hush & Fondue.

  3. I love Fondue! super hot!

    thank you for the fantastic swatches


  4. I really want Anime as a lip gloss...and maybe the black and white. Those look good for Halloween.

  5. My God - Anime is super-bright!

    I think I need a bottle of that... :-)

  6. I have all of these except for Petty Beige because I thought the color might look weird on me. I was confused over the whole Anime/Pageant thing, but it doesn't matter, they're both pretty. Especially Pageant. I've fallen in love with this brand, I have nearly half of their nail colors and want most of the other half. And more Lip Tars, of course. Wow.

  7. everytime I read a blog entry of yours I am so envious of the AMAZING nail polishes you have over in the States!

    Can't wait to come over next month and buy polish by the truck load!

  8. Is there a colour close to Hush that I can find in the UK? I've looked for Seasonal Peach and can't find it anywhere...

  9. Fondue is gorgeous, I love these!

  10. I've never heard of this brand! Thanks for sharing these swatches!!!

  11. I almost ALWAYS go for cremes in colors like blue, green, and purple, but I'm really loving Petty Beige! I'm going to have to order a few OCC colors when I'm not planning a move and thus feeling guilty about spending money.

  12. Very nice! Fondue looks awfully like MAC Deep Dark Delicious - do you consider them dupes? Even with their recent improvements I'm not thrilled with the MAC formula & an alternative for this color would be a nice find.

  13. Not bad shades at all, who would have known that OCD could have such nice colors


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