Thursday, August 20, 2009

Urban Decay Overload

Okay, this is the last day of the Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale (30% off!!) so I've swatched another large chunk of my Urban Decay collection!

Be forewarned: This is very picture heavy. Here we go...

24/7 Pencil Liners. Left to right, starting from the top: Electric, Covet, Deviant, Lust, Yeyo, Bourbon, Lucky, 1999, Stash, Zero. I love these things. I've finished maybe 7 or 8 Zero pencils....

Liquid Liners in Ecstasy and Minx. The best liners in the whole universe. Ecstasy is like Nubar Pasadena Purple in liner form. You need these.

Urban Ammo Shadow Box Palette. Left to right, starting from the top: Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Grifter, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Sin.

Wallpaper Shadow Box: Grind, Shotgun, Last Call, Asphyxia, Uzi, Shattered, Midnight Cowboy, Chopper, Smog. Lots of repeats in these palettes. Asphyxia and Shattered are duochromes, Grind, Shotgun, Uzi, Chopper and Midnight Cowboy have lots of glitter.

Skull Shadow Box: Twice Baked, Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Grifter, Chopper, Vert, Oil Slick, Shattered, Blunt.

Some shadows from my Vault:

Purple Haze (matte), SWF, Blaze, Foxy (matte).

Eldorado, Urb, Chronic (matte).

Sellout, Midnight Cowgirl, X (super cool duochrome).

Acid Rain, Jones, Vapor, Gash, Flash.

Wicked lipstick, Ozone lipliner (can't see it but it's there!), Gash Lipstick, Gash Lipliner.

Look at the cool Urban Decay Logo and dagger stamped into the side of the lipstick. Nice touch! These smell and taste like pipe tobacco.

Sin Primer Potion, S&M (Sephora Exclusive), Heat Deluxe Shadow, Fishnets Deluxe Shadow.

Ink For Eyes: Binge, Loaded, Empire, Pyrotechnics. Honestly, I think these are awful. They don't work for me at all. They're sheer (these swatches are four coats of liner), they never set so they melt and smudge all day, it's hard to apply them and the colors don't show up- they just look dingy and dark. I'm returning mine.

Blushes: Score, Quickie, Fetish, Exhale. Love these. These are my favorite blushes.

Big Fatty Lip Plumper, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Asphyxia Lip Gunk.

Ultraglide lipgloss: Deep, Heat, Gash, O, Heavy. My Deep is totally defective- the part where the cap screws on is detached from the tube and leaky :(

And, just for fun, how about a trip down memory lane?

Vintage Cream shadows: Moonshine, Gotham, Midnight Cowboy, Knee High, Go Army, Purple Haze (cool duochrome!)

Vintage Liquid Liners: Chains, Smog, Thames, Shattered, Speed, Crash, Spare Change, Urban FX, Metal Head glitter liner. Some of these were dried out. I think Thames is growing something :O

When I went to remove them, this happened and it looked pretty cool:

And, just because I can:


  1. Love the Urban Decay porn. I ordered an embarrassingly large haul:

    All three fall lipsticks
    Eyelash PP
    Lip PP
    Roach lip pencil
    Foreshadow palette

    I was going to get Electric 24/7 liner, but they sold out. Grrr. Do more makeup stuff! You know you want to.

  2. I love Urban Decay !!! I have the Mineral make up , but I need a lil more coverage , debating if I should splurge for the cream to powder compact or get a liquid foundation ....

  3. Wow, you have a huge collection. Why am I not surprised? :P There are so many gorgeous colours. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to a lot of cosmetics. Have you ever got red, dry, swollen eyes from wearing an eye shadow? It's just awful! So far the only eye shadow I can wear is by Marcelle.

  4. Tox rox and so do you. Thanks for the nail shot.


  5. Gah, every time I see Urban Decay I am overcome with sadness & anger at their stupidty for no longer making nail polish! I mean, that's pretty much where they started back in the day.

  6. Love Toxin! It's such a pretty np! :)
    Colette, they are bringing back np for fall/winter. I think they are going to have them in sets, but don't take my word for it.

  7. S & M is one I almost bought for the name alone! Fishnets is gorgeous. The Gash and O gloss are gorgeous.
    I have 3 lipsticks just purchased in this most recent FF sale, Naked, Gash and Jilted, along with the lip primer potion, but they sort of smell/remind me of caramel?
    That nail polish is gorgeous!
    I am such a fiend for purple and purple duochromes!

  8. Oooh, sweet! There's a lot of stuff I have, and a lot I want to add to my collection. Based on your swatches there are several of the Deluxe shadows I've just GOT to get. Cannot wait for the new UD polishes!

  9. MAN I love UD. I placed an order at the beginning of the F&F event which included two lipsticks and a boatload of eyeshadow. Your blush swatch makes me wonder if I should have picked up some of those as well.

  10. Oh dude. I LOVE those Liquid Liners and 24/7 Pencils. I really should have ordered some stuff.

    Gawd and those Ultraglide glosses. <3

  11. I love UD. Too bad it's not available in Germany anymore (when it was I didn't care for cosmetics - my fault :D). I'd love to get my hands on some Toxin polish, too, it's freaking awesome. The only UD polishes I own are Kiss, Brick House and Bruise and I love them all, I just wish they wouldbring their polish line back to life.

  12. I miss old-school Urban Decay. I love them now, of course, but they used to have so many awesome, fun colors.

  13. LaLa - that is great news, even if it will probably be a little dangerous for my wallet!

  14. love your swatches, please do more makeup posts if you can :)

  15. Urban Decay rules, I need more of this stuff in my life!

  16. I am completely addicted to UD liner!
    and you are such a tease with the UD np...can't wait for the rerelease!

  17. This post makes me wish I'd picked up more from the F&F sale. I already got two palettes (including the Deluxe one that I've been lusting after), a new Sin eyeshadow (my favorite!) and a liner. Their eyeshadow is hands-down my favorite, and the 24/7 pencils are amazing!

  18. Thanks for the heads up on the Friends and Family sale! I'm just upset that they finally made the Book of Shadows Vol II available today (the day AFTER the sale)! But I was able to get some awesome stuff!

  19. Thanks for the swatches of the 24/7 pencils. Oh and I have to get myself the liner in minx! Really nice swatches :)

  20. UD has the best customer service ever. You should email them about the lip gloss, they might be able to do something for you. I bought a brush set a couple of years ago and one was just loose and wiggly and they replaced it.

  21. So many awesome photos! Thank you. I love your nails - the touch of shimmer is beautiful.

  22. Sorry to hear that the Ink for Eyes liners didn't work for you. Another review I read mentioned that the liner would ball up as it was applied. When I looked at them at Ulta, they didn't seem as nice as I had imagined. The liner looked like it wouldn't apply smoothly.

  23. I wish I'd done more ordering from the sale. I'm so overwehlmed by all the gorgeous colors that I forgot what I'd ordered. I never remember names. I did buy the palette with the wooden top and bottom. I've used it once and love the shadows. I never used Urban Decay much. I heard how good the liners are. I bought the two in the little coffins. I haven't tried them yet. I bought the green and I think purple. I also bought the Urban Ammo Shadow Box. I do have one lipstick. I love the logo on the lipstick itself and also the dagger.

  24. Omg! I love love love Urban Decay! Thanx for showing me this!!

  25. I LOVE UD's 24/7 pencils. I'll need a new Zero pencil soon. Also love Flipside and Bourbon.


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